Thou Shalt Not Gamble - Myths and Fairy Tales

Posted on 22/03/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Did you ever spend some time to check out the content of websites like or Well if you haven't, you didn't miss a single thing. Or at least, not a single substantiated claim or a piece of sound and logical reasoning.

Thou Shalt Not Gamble
The above websites are just two of the multiple Christian websites that are determined to spread myths and frightening fairy tales about online gambling. Take for example this ´nice´ little quote from "Gambling is a social cancer that ravages the communities in which it metastasizes".

These kinds of claims at least give evidence of gross naivety among the once making them, yet on top of that they show the lack of truthfulness and objectivity of these so-called news sources. Websites making these claims and accusations act as if they are based on objective and rigorous scientific investigation, whereas the truth is far from that.

Unsubstantiated Claims
In practice, all that the writers of these one-sided pieces of quasi-journalism actually do is linking together their faulty interpretations of a biased selection of several mainly unqualified studies.

When for example investigating we read how the increase in crime rate from 1976 to 1992 in Atlantic City is instantly linked to the increase in gambling, without checking any other potential causes.

The American People
Luckily we see increasing support for individual freedom both among the American citizens as in the current Obama Administration. The majority of the people looks forward to a regulated and licensed online gaming and gambling environment.

Off course gambling like many entertainment forms has it negative sides, yet ignorantly looking the other way and ban the whole practice altogether is simply not an option. Providing a safe and secure online gambling environment is the best way to let people spend their time and money the way they want, while at the same time staying on the outlook for cases of problem gambling.