Three Men Arrested for Cheating at Land-Based Casino Slots

Posted on 21/10/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Three men from Pennsylvania decided to give Lady Luck a helping hand when spinning the reels of the slots at the local Meadows Racetrack and Casino. All three have been arrested as a result of the joined efforts from local police personnel and the casino security staff.

Online and Land-Based Jackpot Slots
Online progressive jackpots tend to grow quite large, but land-based casinos also have some nice jackpots up for grabs. The three men found a way to cheat the slot machine's software and produced over sixty illegal jackpot wins for a grand total of $429,000 in a period of two months.

Push the Buttons
The suspects are the 37-year-old Andre Nestor, the 49-year-old Kerry Laverde and 42-year-old former policeman Patrick Loushil. Nestor is described as the 'mastermind' of the team. This man knew exactly what buttons to push in what exact order, to make the slot machine pay out large amounts of winnings counter to the rules of the game.

The spokesperson for the Meadows Casino, David La Torre, complimented the local police force and the casino staff on the way both groups worked together to bust the scammers. La Torre further added that the casino corrected the leak in the slot´s software, and is currently investigating its other slots to prevent similar cases from happening in the future.

Don't Get Cheated
With the odds that land-based casinos offer to their slots players, it is almost as if you get cheated yourself when you play them. In online casinos like Europa Casino you have a 0% chance to hack into the casino software, but you are 100% sure to make the most of your money!