Tournament Blackjack at its Best - Rushmore Casino

Tournament Blackjack at its Best - Rushmore Casino

Posted on 27/04/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Online casinos are all about the gambling, yet the one casino game isn't quite like the other. Different games demand different levels of skill, and online blackjack is a game that demands a relatively high amount of skill, especially when played in a tournament setting.

Skillful Gambling
It is the combination of the excitement that comes with gambling, and the competitive human nature that make online blackjack tournaments extremely popular these days. While several casinos offer these types of tournaments, supply is limited and thus Rushmore Casino decided to change things for the better with some exciting blackjack tournament action.

Rushmore Casino now is offering a wide range of online blackjack tournaments, both in single and multi-player settings, and is doing so virtually around the clock. The best thing is that these games are available for players from around the globe, U.S. citizens included.  

Getting Started
Rushmore Casino is taking these offerings quite serious and helps to get you started with a nice exclusive 200% blackjack bonus up to $1,000. Next you can earn loyalty comp points and victory points by participating in these tourneys. These can then be used to buy into the weekly Victory Point tournament, with free cash and everlasting glory for the winners.

To make the blackjack battle extra exciting Rushmore Casino keeps track of the score in its current, monthly and yearly leaderboard statistics available at its website.