UK Sports Minister Supports Responsible Gambling Associations

Posted on 14/06/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Online gambling, sports betting, bingo and all kinds of other gambling practices are a major branch of business in the United Kingdom. It's only good to see than the UK government uses its influence to stimulate controlling the downsides and risks of these fun activities.

Voluntary Fundraising
UK Sports Minister Gerry Sutcliffe is putting in some extra efforts to support the UK problem gambling associations. Among these measures are the continuation of voluntary fundraising and the remaining absence of statutory taxes.

In this way online gambling operators aren't restricted in anyway as to how much they want to donate to the responsible gambling associations. Otherwise the prospects would hold that that donating operators that were to be levied when they donate above a certain amount, hereby diminishing the overall returns for the responsible gambling associations.   

Responsible Gambling Associations
These announcements were applauded by the Chair's of two important responsible gambling associations, being the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board and the Responsibility in Gambling Trust. Besides these supporting measures, the UK government aims to rearrange these institutions a little bit so a more efficient way of cooperating can be established.

Battling Problem Gambling - A Worthy Cause
We are happy to see that the UK Government takes a proactive approach in battling problem gambling by making sure that dedicated organizations have all the space they need to operate efficiently. Unfortunately we know by experience that these types of organizations are absolutely necessary, if only for
big-betting professional soccer players.