US Online Gambling Discussion Further Delayed

Posted on 16/09/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

As far as political news is concerned here at, we are mainly interested in the developments with regard to online gambling legislation. Barney Frank's anti-UIGEA bill has featured our headlines regularly, yet up until now it never gave too much reason for celebration.

Online Gambling Discussion
As the political agenda is filled with numerous challenging issues ranging from the economic crisis to the ongoing war in the Middle East, experts believe the online gambling discussion might be put into cold storage for at least a while.

The cheerful news that Barney Frank was first considering a bold move in February, then was developing his bill during April, and ultimately introduced his Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act in May, has reached us all. Although this process has been going on for almost a year now, little measurable progress has been booked.  

No Change Has Come
Despite the expectation that with the Obama administration would come a more liberal approach to online gambling, reality proves otherwise. Throughout 2009 we have witnessed numerous indictments and seizures of large sums of money resulting from online poker and online gambling activities.

Interestingly enough the UIGEA isn't even in full effect, as compliance with the UIGEA procedures is not required until December 2009. This in order to give the relevant parties the time to develop, implement and execute the necessary safeguards and procedures.

US Online Casinos
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