Virtual Racing Deal for William Hill Casino

Posted on 04/04/09 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

William Hill has jumped on a rollercoaster ride of promotions, expansions and deals to rush to the highest regions of the online casino market. Just recently it announced a new partnership with Inspired in order to provide exciting virtual racing games.

Positive Developments
William Hill is going through a lot of changes these days, yet all of them seem to be quite positive. It recently teamed up with online casino hotshot PlayTech, and also called some handy flash versions of its games into being.  

Virtual Racing Platinum
The most recent news is the partnership between Inspired and William Hill Casino. Inspired is an industry leader in the field of open server-based gaming, which has been seeing enormous growth during last year.

With this mega-deal William Hill will be able to host Inspired's virtual racing game and make it available for all gamblers around the world. Inspired's Virtual Racing Platinum, as the game is called, is one the most advanced virtual racing game on the market today.    

Realistic Horse and Dog Races
Virtual Racing Platinum has many graphical masterpieces like fully adjustable weather variations, improved animations, lifelike advertising billboards and realistically moving horses and dogs.

This deal is certainly something that will allow William Hill to distinguish itself from the vast amount other online casino operators. The virtual horse and dog racing games are truly unique and will offer William Hill Casino players hours and hours of online gambling pleasure.