Win a ‘Billionaire’s Experience’ at Bodog Casino

Win a ‘Billionaire’s Experience’ at Bodog Casino

Posted on 25/01/11 - by Theodor Mavrodis News

Bodog Casino is about to hit a giant milestone – the Billionth Blackjack Hand ever dealt in its casino – and celebrates this by giving away $1,000 cash prizes in the run up to the ultimate hand and two so-called ‘Billionaire’s Experiences’ as the main prizes.

The Countdown -$1k Cash Prizes
As we speak Bodog Casino has dealt over 981 million Blackjack hands over the course of its existence. For every millionth hand leading up to the Billionth Blackjack Hand a $1,000 cash prize is awarded.

The Billionth Hand
The $1,000 cash prizes are just to build up the excitement, and the player that is dealt the Billionth Blackjack Hand will win the ultimate prize: the choice between two Billionaire’s Experiences.

Monaco Grand Prix Weekend
The first Billionaire’s Experience is a luxurious weekend trip to Monaco during the 2011 Grand Prix, including a stay at a top hotel in Monte Carlo, five star restaurants meals, and a private yacht at your disposal.

Private Island Holiday
The second Billionaire Experience is a relaxing holiday on a private island in Fiji, where you will stay at the world-class resort ‘the Bure’. You’ll have access to a private beach and spa, and a personal manager is there to ensure you’ll have the utmost holiday experience.

Additional Prize Draw
Another way to take a shot at a Billionaire Experience is to hit Blackjack at one of Bovada Casino’s qualifying games. Each Blackjack will give you one entry for the additional Billionaire’s Experience Prize Draw.