Odds On Software Review

Odds on Inc

Odds On was one of the early entrants in the online gaming software world, starting in 1998, giving them over ten years of experience. In the beginning, Odds On used a JAVA platform to support their real money gaming software, but they quickly transferred to C++.


The current Odds On software (Vegas Technology) is franchised to online casinos by EH New Ventures Gaming. Players can download the casino or play in their browsers using Flash format.

Even those who go for the full download can cherry pick which specific games they wish to download, saving disk space from games that they would never play.


Layout and Structure

Those who are enjoying their first online casino experience will be perfectly happy with the Odds On casino skins, which present an attractive, if not groundbreaking, layout in their welcome screen and on their games.

They will have no trouble finding games either, as a large menu bar on the welcome screen presents all game options. Players who have experience with other online casinos should be generally satisfied with the site's appearance and layout.


Game Graphics and Sound Effects

Odds On software, while aesthetically satisfactory and functional, does not provide the sense of realism that other online casinos do. The sounds have something of an arcade like quality and the cards and chips do not quite look real.

The chips seem flat and the cards look somewhat like a cartoon.

A problem with the Odds On software graphics occurs at the end of a round. Rather than sweeping away losing bets or adding chips to your bet when you win, the game simply stops, leaving your original bets standing, with the only indication that a hand has taken place being the change in your account balance.

This not only hurts the game in terms of realism, it actually slows things down. Players may wait for a considerable amount of time before realizing that a hand is over.


Variety of Games

Odds On software has over 100 games, including dozens of slot options and numerous progressive games. If you're interested in blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, red dog, Pai Gow or any of an assortment of other casino games, Odds On can provide what you need.

If you love progressive games in which you can risk a little to win a huge amount, Odds On has some great options, with total progressive prize pools often in excess of a million dollars.