Craps History

People have been shooting dice for thousands of years. Games involving six sided cubes have taken on all sorts of forms. The game of craps and its unique set of rules and practices have been under development for quite some time.

Online Craps Table

Although casino craps can appear to be a very complicated game, simplified versions of this classic pastime can be seen everywhere.

All that's really needed to play craps is two dice, a few heads and some money.

During World War II, American soldiers would play craps in their downtime. From battlefronts to school yards to street corners, craps has proven to be a malleable form of recreation that can be enjoyed in virtually any arena.

Perhaps Craps Wasn’t Invented

The origins of the game are a bit fuzzy. When you research the history of human recreational practices (like music or games), most of the information you'll find will be prefaced with statements like "no one really know how (fill in the blank) first started."

Humanity's recreational pursuits don't have clear beginnings and endings; leisure activities just sort of blend together through the ages.

As cultures influence other cultures, certain leisurely practices are borrowed, abandoned and augmented. No one can say for sure who came up with what first.

All that can be examined are the similarities that have developed over time.

With that in mind, let's continue.

Hazard May Be an Ancestor

Some sources believe that games of chance played with dice originated in the ancient world, but no one really knows.

However, it's commonly accepted that our current form of casino craps is developed from a game called hazard, which was a popular gambling game that the British enjoyed for centuries.

As Europeans began to show up in other places of the world, they brought their leisurely games with them. Some people believe that the Brits were responsible for bringing this dice game to the states. Others say that the French were responsible for the transfer.

Frenchmen had long been playing hazard, but they augmented the name of the game to craps. The French made craps popular in New Orleans.

Craps Today

Our modern craps table was devised by a guy named John H. Winn. With this new table, bettors had more wagering options. There was a new space added for don't pass bets, so a bettor could now wager with or against the shooter.

With the foundation of Vegas in the 1930s, casino craps really took off.

The craps table is now on

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