This is the list of LG Models Compatible with Wild Jack's Mobile Software.


If your LG phone model is listed here, your phone can be used for mobile casino gambling. If you have a new LG phone and can't find it in the list, your phone is probably too new to be listed here. If that is the case, you can probably use it for mobile gambling anyway.

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LG Phone Model                         LG Phone Model

LG 570V,
LG 8700,
LG B2070,
LG C1200,
LG C2200,
LG C3300,
LG C 3310,
LG C 3320,
LG C3400,
LG CE110,
LG CU400,
LG CU405,
LG CU500,
LG CU515,
LG CU575,
LG CU720,
LG CU920,
LG F2100,
LG F2250,
LG F2400,
LG F3000,
LG F9100,
LG HB_620T,
LG HB620T,
LG KB770_orange,
LG KC780,
LG KC910,
LG KC910_Renoir,
LG KC910_Vodafone,
LG KC910i,
LG KC910V,
LG KE260,
LG KE500,
LG KE600,
LG KE770,
LG KE800,
LG KE820,
LG KE970,
LG KE970_1,
LG KE990,
LG KE990D,
LG KF300,
LG KF300_Orange,
LG KF310,
LG KF310_,
LG KF510,
LG KF600,
LG KF600_Obigo,
LG KF690,
LG KF700_Orange,
LG KF700C,
LG KF700-O2,
LG KF750,
LG KF750_Orange,
LG KF750_Secret,
LG KF750_V1,
LG KF750V,
LG KF755_Secret,
LG KF757_Orange,
LG KF900_Prada,
LG KG_810,
LG KG130,
LG KG195,
LG KG200,
LG KG200j,
LG KG220,
LG KG220/,
LG KG225,
LG KG240,
LG KG 245,
LG KG290,
LG KG290/,
LG KG296,
LG KG300,
LG KG300j,
LG KG320,
LG KG 800,
LG KG 800_MIC,
LG KG90,
LG KG920,
LG KM501,
LG KM900_Orange,
LG KP130,
LG KP170,
LG KP170_Orange,
LG KP199,
LG KP200,
LG KP202,
LG KP202/,
LG KP202_Obigo,
LG KP202_V10b_Obigo,
LG KP230,
LG KP235,
LG KP235,
LG KP260,
LG KP265,
LG KP270,
LG KP320,
LG KP500,
LG KP500_Orange,
LG KP570,
LG KS360,
LG KS360_Orange,
LG KS360_Teleca,
LG KT520,
LG KU250,
LG KU250/,
LG KU311,
LG KU380,
LG KU385,
LG KU450,
LG KU580_Orange,
LG KU730,
LG KU800,
LG KU970,
LG KU970/,
LG KU990,
LG KU990/,
LG KU990_Orange,
LG KU990i,
LG L1150,
LG L600v,
LG LG KC910_Renoir,
LG LG KF700,
LG LX260,
LG LX570,
LG LX600,
LG M4410,
LG M6100,
LG ME550,
LG MG200,
LG MG800,
LG MG810D,
LG LP7200,
LG P7200_B,
LG Prada_KE850,
LG S5100,
LG S5200,
LG TG800,
LG TU515,
LG TU550,
LG TU550/,
LG TU720,
LG TU720/,
LG U250,
LG U250/,
LG U300,
LG U400,
LG U8110,
LG U8120,
LG U8130,
LG U8138,
LG U8150,
LG U8180,
LG U8200,
LG U8210,
LG U8290,
LG U830,
LG U8330,
LG U8360,
LG U8380,
LG U8500,
LG U880,
LG U890,
LG U900,
LG U960,
LG U970,
LG U990


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