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But why is it like this, the games are the same wherever I log in from?

Well, even though the game portfolio at a site is the same there are other things you should look at before deciding where to play.

First of all – and this is especially important for U.S. players – the site must allow you to log in, create an account and make a first deposit. Since a lot of sites nowadays don’t welcome American players, this is obviously the first thing you should examine.

Also, it’s good if you can play in your local currency. It might not feel important but our experience says that you’ll have more respect for the game if your “own money” is on the table. It won’t feel like playing Monopoly.

A casino site that focuses on your country will also have payment options that suit you. Making quick deposits and withdrawals are important for casino players, and players in different parts of the world use different banks and online-payment solutions.

These are some of the reasons why you should look at our country-based casino toplists.

They will guide you to the best casino site whether you live in United States, United Kingdom, Canada or Australia.

U.S Casinos

US Casinos

You’ve probably heard enough of it, UIGEA and the other regulations that have made it hard for US players to play casino games online. Here we will try to focus on where you CAN play instead – sites that allow you to deposit and withdraw money and still offer a great gambling experience. If you live in America, this is definitely where you should start looking for a good casino.  We rank the best choices and review every US-friendly casino site individually.

US Online Casinos

U.K Casinos

UK Casinos

Compared to US casino players, People living in Britain have a lot of sites to choose from. You can basically choose whichever site you want. However, the best sites for U.K. players are usually the ones that are based in Europe. When you play at them – sites work under European Union laws – you won’t end up with any nasty tax issues and most of these sites have a strong, solid presence both offline and online. Some of them you’ll even recognize from your local high street.

UK Casinos


Canadian Casinos

Canadian Casinos

Right now, many U.S. poker and casino players have become gambling refugees and crossed the border into Canada. The reason is simple: the gambling climate in the north is much, much more friendly. In Canada, players can choose between a large number of different sites and you should pick one that not only has great games but also support your payment options and perhaps let you play in Canadian dollars (even though the Canadian and US dollar is basically 1:1 nowadays.)

Canadian Online Casinos



Australian Casinos

Australian Casinos

In Australia, the laws around online gambling aren’t crystal clear. But we can say one thing for sure: playing casino games is legal (but offering them might not be.) Anyway, here we list the best choices for Aussie gamblers, sites that have your payment methods, for instance POLi which is very popular in Australia. Most of these sites also allow you to play in Australian dollar and all of them have a wide range of poker machines – Aussie gamblers game of choice.

Australian Online Casinos