Minimizing Your Losses in Online Gambling

Minimizing Your Losses in Online Gambling

Posted on 30/06/10 - by Theodor Mavrodis Features

You enjoy gambling, but always seem to lose a little more than you should. Or you’re tempted to jump into the gambling world, but you are afraid of losing your shirt. If you really want to gamble responsibly, there are ways to minimize losses.

You just have to know a few simple steps and stick to them.

Budget Your Bankroll

Before you head out to the casino or set up your online casino account, make up a budget. See what your expenses are for the month relative to your income. Determine how much of that remaining money you can realistically part with and still be comfortable.

That amount is your monthly bankroll.

Set it aside and do not add to it before the month is up. You can subtract from it if you win, but decide now that this is the most you are willing to lose and stick to that.

Apportion Your Bankroll

Now that you have a bankroll, don't blow it all at once. Try to use only a small amount, like 10 percent, for each session. This will further protect you from incurring a huge loss the first time out and being tempted to supplement your bankroll, which is a recipe for disaster.

If your percentage only leaves you with less than 20 bets for the game that you are playing, consider dropping down in stakes if possible.

Play Well

The reality is that casino gambling games are designed so that in almost every case, even if you play optimally, you will lose. The guaranteed betting system that you discovered on the Internet will not help you.

What will help you is learning proper, mathematically verified, correct strategy for each game you play. This will reduce the House edge as much as possible, meaning that you will win more often, and when you do lose, lose less than if you played according to hunches or according to your own random strategy.

Find the Best Online Casino Bonus

If you play casino games online, you will get a first deposit bonus when signing up with a site. Normally you won't get this bonus money right away. To release the bonus you must wager a fixed sum, usually a multiple of your bonus plus deposit.

Even though you have to play for a while to clear a casino bonus, this will add money to your casino account and consequently lower the house edge.

Here we list the best online casino bonus deals. If you chose one of the bonus offers in our toplist, and combine it with sensible strategy and good bankroll management, you will minimize your losses and maximize the value of all bets you make.