Credit Card Casinos

Credit cards are among the most commonly used payment methods at online casinos. Credit card companies are big names with a worldwide presence. More often than not it are publicly traded companies with a solid reputation and excellent customer service.


credit card online casinos

About Credit Card Online Casinos

Most credit card companies have been around for a long while and service millions of customers in almost every country in the world. People who have a credit card use it on a regular basis to go shopping, pay for a dinner, buy things online, or use it when on holiday.

Credit cards are a trusted payment method that people have grown familiar with. This is the number one reason why credit card gambling is so popular and why there are that many credit card casinos.

The biggest advantage of gambling at a credit card casino is that there is no need to register any additional accounts, like is the case when using an e-Wallet. You simply go to the cashier of the credit card casino and fill in the required information. The process is very similar to when you buy stuff online. You provide your credit card number, security number, and expiration date. Once this is done your deposit will be visible in your online casino account in a matter of minutes.

If you’re a US player it might happen that your deposit to a credit card casino gets declined. This can happen because the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) that was passed in 2006 prohibits banks from processing transactions from and to online casinos.

Still, most credit card casinos state that they do accept credit card deposits from US players, and they do. The thing is that the credit card companies perform random checks to see which transactions are online gambling related. Once in a while they find transactions that meet these requirements and they are legally obliged to decline.

This is a game of hit and miss and it is not possible to say at which credit card casinos transactions from US players are declined. As having a credit card transaction declined has no further consequences, we recommend that you try out different credit card casinos to quickly find one that works for you.

Of all credit card casinos the vast majority only offers it as a method to make deposits. Some credit card casinos do actually also offer it as a way to withdraw funds. At these credit card casinos making withdrawals is only possible if you made a deposit with the same credit card in the recent past (usually the last 6 months).

When it comes to credit card casinos there are three major players: MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Follow the links to go to the in-depth articles on each of these three payment options. Please note that Visa and MasterCard are used at almost every online casino, while American Express is less popular for online casino payments.