Progressive Video Poker Jackpots


Finding a Progressive Video Poker Jackpot

If you play video poker, simply look for the payout on a royal flush. If the payout for maximum coins is a continuously rising number, you've probably found yourself a progressive machine.

Similarly, an online slot machine that offers a rising payout for a rare combination of symbols is a progressive slot. Some table games like Caribbean stud have progressive jackpots built in which you can qualify for by putting a dollar in the progressive slot.

All casinos on our video poker slots toplist offer progressive games. Chose one of them and you'll get access to the biggest prize pools in the industry.

Taking Advantage of the Progressive Jackpot

Progressive JackpotsIn video poker and online slots, playing on a progressive machine qualifies you for the progressive jackpot, as long as you play the maximum number of coins allowed per spin.

If the machine accepts five coins per spin and you play only four, you will not receive the full progressive payout. For this reason, it is very important that you play the maximum coins on a progressive machine.

Keep in mind, the casino takes out a portion of your bet for the progressive whether you are eligible to hit it or not. You want to avoid a situation in which you are paying for a jackpot you cannot win.

How the Progressive Video Poker Jackpot Gets So Big

The progressive jackpot pool gets big for a number of reasons. For one, the odds of hitting the royal flush or other rare combination are extremely long, so the pool can grow for a long time before being hit.

Another reason is that most progressive jackpot machines link video poker slots throughout the casino. Anytime anyone plays a similar machine, a portion of the bet goes into that same pool.

This allows the pool to get exceedingly large before anyone hits it.

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