Top Online Casino Bonus 2017 - Get Yours Now!

Top Online Casino Bonus 2017 - Get Yours Now!

There’s no doubt that one of the easiest ways of increasing your bankroll is by claiming the best online casino bonus you can possibly find on the net. Luckily for us gamblers, the casino realm is full of flashy top online casino bonuses to choose from.

Our Awesome Guide to Casino Bonus Codes Onlinetop online casino bonus

The world of online gambling is a very competitive one. By this we don’t mean it’s competitive for the players, we mean it’s really cutthroat for online casinos. And it’s due to the fact that there’s such an overwhelming amount of them that each and every online casino wants you to register your details at theirs, deposit money and play their casino games. Hence, in order to beckon you through their virtual doors, each one of them tries to make their bonuses stand out from all the rest. For without their customers, online casinos would cease to exist. And without a decent bonus an online casino would have to close down just as quickly as a bar that lost its liquor permit.

The 90s – A Great Era for Casino Bonuses

Of course, when the first online casino bonus deals cropped up online in the 90s, they were indeed the very best thing that could happen to the online gambling community. Back then, it didn't really take an expert to spot a pretty good bonus deal.The fine print was simple and clear. And the online casino bonuses were flashy enough to capture many a gambler’s attention.

Hence, many of us would dive head first into signing-up at the online casino with the best bonus and off we’d go through the casino’s virtual doors with a smile on our face. And on depositing our first bankroll amount using one of the online casino payment options we’d experience a feeling almost synonymous to the feeling we’d get when receiving $200 in monopoly by simply passing ‘Go’ - only world’s better.

Today’s Casino Room Bonus

online casino bonus codesSince the turn of the century, the growing success of online casinos has led to even more of them sprouting up on the net. For the online gambler, this of course means even more online casino bonuses to choose from than ever before. But alas times have changed and bonuses aren’t as clear cut as before as those operating casinos in the ever-changing online industry have gotten wiser and slier in deciding on what types of online casino bonuses along with the amounts they offer to their customers.

Yes, the online casino bonus amounts are way larger and serve to entice you into playing an online casino’s games more than ever before. However, before you make the leap and register your details, you should hold your horses. Remember many of the flashy online casino bonuses out there aren’t all that great. Much of the time, they’ve got fine print attached to them which makes it tough for a seasoned casino player to choose from, let alone a casino novice.

Of course, this is where our casino experts come in to help you choose the biggest and best online casino bonus for you to take advantage of. Now if this is the first time you’ve visited our site, you’re probably asking yourself, ‘Why should I trust this site to help me choose a bonus?’ Well, the answer’s simple really. You should trust us because our team knows what we’re talking about.

We’ve dedicated copious amounts of time to finding top online casino bonuses with reasonable terms and conditions to only bring you the crème de la crème in casino bonuses. So, when you’re here you can ascertain that you’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of fantastic online casino promotions and online casino bonuses.

Why cash in on CasinoToplists's Best Casino Bonus Online? 

Casino Bonuses can give you that extra boost in your bankroll; 

Most online casino bonuses can be used with any game;

The casino bonus’s at CasinoToplists are exclusive through us. 

Understanding CasinoToplist’s Toplist & Making the Most of Online Casino Bonus Codes

In our casino review toplist you'll find the best casino bonuses offered by casinos online.These offers are ranked by the maximum amount you can get after the wagering requirements are met and include comprehensive reviews of all the casinos listed.

Since we’re in constant negotiation with the casinos online we can often offer exclusive casino bonuses, ones that are better than the deals you find anywhere else online - often even better than the offers you’ll find on the casino website itself!

Going after a Bonus? Here’s How to get the Best Casino Bonus Deal!

1. Determine what type of online casino bonus suits your gambling styleonline casino bonus

You may not know it yet, but there are many different bonuses to choose from online. Fundamentally which one you decide to choose is up to you. But before you head straight through the casino’s virtual doors, try to determine what kind of gambler you are and how much money you can alott to your casino bankroll.

So for example, if you would simply like to try out online gambling without depositing money, you can go for a no deposit casino bonus which will allow you to play games using the free money given to you by the casino. On the other hand, if you happen to be a high roller who can afford to dedicate a lot of money to your bankroll, high roller bonuses are proabbly the best option for you.

2. Consider whether or not the Wagering Requirements are reasonable

One of the factors that’s very often overlooked are a casino bonus’s wagering requirements. Typically, you’ll be able to find an online casino’s wagering requirements in the terms and conditions. Wagering requirements are usually represented by an ‘X’ ,which represents your deposit amout, together with a number that represents the total amount you must multiply your deposit by. So for example, if the casino states that you must meet wagering requirements of 20X and you’ve made a deposit of $200, you will have to bet a total of $4,000 to be able to release your funds from the restrictions pertaining to the online casino bonus that you’ve cashed in on.

3. Make Large Deposits if you can afford to

Provided that you can afford to, you should place large deposits in your online casino account as opposed to depositing small amounts of cash every now and again. Why? Well, this is simply due to the fact that you’ll generally be eligible for a larger online casino bonus on making a bigger deposit.

4. Check the expiration date of the casino bonus

Before cashing in on an online casino bonus, it is always wise to check the expiration date of the casino bonus. If you don’t, you just might be in for a nasty surprise provided that you haven’t used up your bonus before the expiration date.

5. Take advantage of Game Specific Bonuses

If you’d prefer to play very specific casino games such as Slots, Blackjack, Roulette etc., you’re probably be better off selecting online casino bonuses which are specificely tailored to players who enjoy these types of games. Provided that you’re looking for game specific bonuses, have a look at our online casino games guides which highlight how to play the games along with the best casinos to play specific types of casino games.

Explaining Different Casino Bonus Types

If you’re new to the online casino world, one thing to keep in mind is that there are several types of casino bonuses to choose from. In some cases, some bonuses may suit your gambling needs and intentions better than others. Have a look below to find out more about the different types out there.

 Online Casino Welcome Bonus

Online Welcome Bonuses are probably the most sizeable casino bonuses you’ll ever get.These have the ability to not only make your bankroll that bit bigger, but they also have the potential to change your gambling experience for the better. Our online casino aficianados recommend that you choose the biggest casino sign-up bonus when possible with the best terms and conditions. 

  Match Bonus

A match bonus is one which is generally not restricted to new players unlike sign-up/ welcomes bonuses which are only given to players who have just signed up. In order to claim a match casino bonus, you must deposit your money first. It will then be matched according to the percentage being offered. Match Casino Bonuses vary from casino to casino and typically range from 100% to 500%. One thing to note about these casino bonuses is that online casinos typically have both minimum and maximum deposit amounts be able to qualify for the bonus. 

 Sticky Bonus

A sticky bonus is a non cashable bonus. It’s one that can be bet, however,cannot be withdrawn. So, for example, if you’re given a bonus of $ 400, you’re only given the free bonus money to use at the casino. Hence, provided that you’re lucky enough to win money, you won’t be able to withdraw any of the money.

  No Deposit Casino Bonuses 

In today’s world, there are numberous online casinos which are happy to give you a free money bonus even if you don’t have money to deposit. This enables you as a new gambler at your chosen casino to try out the online casino without having to invest a dime. These free money No Deposit bonuses typically vary from casino to casino. 

 Free Spins Bonuses

For many gamblers playing slots games is amazing fun. And with many online casinos giving away free spins from time to time, playing slots online is more exciting than it’s ever been before. With Free Spins, you have the possibility of winning big without betting your own money. If you’re lucky enough to hit the right symbols, you’ll be able to keep the money. 

 High Roller Bonuses

If you normally enjoy being treated to the high roller life, you can enjoy being a VIP at online casinos too! Our casino experts have highlighted the best High Roller casinos offering fantastic bonuses for you to take your pick from. What’s absolutely great about these types of bonuses is that the more you deposit the bigger and better your casino bonus will ulitimately be! 

 Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty casino bonuses came into existence purely because of two reasons – to retain their original gambling clientelle and to reward all their loyal customers for playing at their casinos. Needless to say, these types of casino bonuses are reserved for players who have been gambling at a particular online casino for a long time and have made frequent deposits.

  Refer-a-friend Bonus

As suggested by the name, the refer-a-friend bonus is one which is given to players who send out invites to friends by emails. Once your friend signs-up to the online casino, you’ll be given a casino bonus provided that you’re already playing at the online casino. 

  Mobile Bonuses

In recent years, Mobile casinos have changed the face of online gambling by offering casino games on the go. And in order to celebrate this, many mobile casinos are offering marvelous bonuses to players who choose to play on portable devices rather than desktop. For the best Mobile Bonuses online, check out our Mobile Casinos page where you’ll be able to see all the bonuses our casino experts have handpicked for you! 

Bonus Clearing Strategy – How to Clear Your Bonus 

1. Select a casino game with the lowest house edge.

If you’ve just claimed your online casino bonus, you should head straight to the casino to start clearing your bonus. In order to do so with ease, we suggest selecting casino games with a low house edge. These include Blackjack, Jacks or Better Video Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Pai Gow Poker and Craps.

2. Play casino games that stealthily contribute to the Wagering Requirements of your casino bonus

Once you’ve selected and cashed in on your bonus, we recommend that you start playing immediately. However, please don’t just pick any game! Always try to choose online casino games that will help you meet your casino bonus’s wagering requirements quickly. Hence, in order to do this we urge you to play casino games with high contribution percentages rather than very low ones. When you’ve cleared your bonus, you’ll then be able to play any casino game that your heart desires to.

A Course in Bonus Whoring

There is a certain type of casino players that have specialized in finding and exploiting favorable bonus deals. These players are often referred to as “bonus whores.” Bonus whores only play when they know they have positive expectation on the money; when the bonus gains them positive expectation. In this article we teach you how to judge when a bonus deal actually can turn the odds into your favor and the casino becomes the long-term loser. If you’d like to learn more about bonus whoring, check out our article where our casino experts explain how to judge when a bonus deal actually can turn the odds into your favor and the casino becomes the long-term loser.

Find the Best Casino Bonus FOR YOU!

It’s sometimes hard to say which bonus deal is the best one – who you are as a player has a big impact on what bonus deal you should choose. Say, for instance, that you have a very tight bankroll and want to make a small deposit, then you should go for a site with high max percentage. If you want to make a bigger deposit and perhaps stay on the site for a while, a high max bonus may be more preferable. Here we guide you to the best bonus based on your player type.

Casino Player Types – Find the Best Casino Bonus for You