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Important Notice: Vegas Technology casinos no longer accept new players. For quality slots action, chose a site on another network.

Most of the original software was kept intact, with only a few minor changes. Already in the first year, the company received an award for "Best New Casino Software" from Gambling Online Magazine. Since then, the company has grown further and has released a number of new casino games in the last few years.

Vegas Tech offers a range of very interesting slots with nice winning chances. In addition to about 60 different video slots and classic slots, you have the opportunity to partake in slot tournaments in Vegas Tech's software.

It's one of the best software platforms if you want to play tournaments with large prize pools.

Which slots should you choose?

If you like a lot of pay lines, bonuses, and free spins, you should try video slots. However, if you prefer fast games, fewer pay lines, and simple pay tables your choice would be classic slots.

If you enjoy competing against other players for a fixed amount of money, you have the opportunity to try the latest slot tournaments.

The number of video slots available is approximately 30 and they are all varied. Most of the games have 20 pay lines and you can wager anything between $0.01 and $10 on each pay line.

In other words, you could be playing for as much as $200 each time, and since the jackpots often pay 10,000 times your wager, we're talking big money when you hit the jackpot! I picked a video slot for a closer inspection:

Cleopatra's Pyramid

One of the best video slots at Vegas Tech is "Cleopatra's Pyramid." It has just about everything you could look for in a video slot - bonus games, free spins, and a huge jackpot.

When you get two pyramids, you set off a bonus game. The objective is to make your way through the pyramid, and when you do, you can win lots of money. If you bet the maximum amount, you have a shot at the $250,000 jackpot! Although to win it, you need to wager $10 on each pay line.

If you manage to activate the free spins, you get 15 free games and all your winnings are multiplied by three. Another detail worth mentioning is that the award for five "Cleopatra's" is 10,000 times the wager.

cleopatras pyramid vegas tech video slots

If you like classic slots with only a few pay lines, there are several options at Vegas Tech. Most casino software developers have put most of their effort into video slots, but Vegas Tech is different and offers virtually as many classic slots as video slots.

Moreover, there are five classic slots with a progressive jackpot. The combined jackpots on these machines are currently up to $1,700,000, and the largest jackpot right now can be found on this machine:

Red, White & Win

Do you want to win more money than you need? In that case, you should try Vegas Tech's "Red, White & Win" and put in $7.50. It has a massive jackpot - over $730,000 (Apr 23, 2010) - that pays out when you get three American flags on your pay line.

You can wager between $2.50 and $7.50 and you need to bet the latter to be eligible for the jackpot. Other than the jackpot, the slot machine pays out between two and 2,000 times your wager. Make sure you always bet the maximum to have a chance to win the jackpot.

The last category at Vegas Tech is slot tournaments.

This is a new feature at some casinos - there are still operators that have yet to introduce slot tournaments. Vegas Tech, however, is a leader in this department. You'll find daily slot tournaments at Vegas Tech with large prize pools, but the most popular tournament at the moment is this one:

red white win vegas tech

American Icon 75 000

This is one of the largest slot tournaments offered at Vegas Tech, or any other operator.

It was played between April 16 and April 30 2008 and offered a $75,000 prize pool!

The fee was only $10, with optional re-buys for the same amount. It's played on the new "American Icon" slot machine, one of Vegas Tech's latest creations. It had a $10,000 first prize and paid more than 1500 of the participants.

american icon vegas tech