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Android Casino Apps

There are hundreds and hundreds of casino applications available for Android phones. Some are educational and teach you strategies and rules for casino games while others are produced purely for recreation and allow you to play your favorite casino game whenever you want. The best ones, in our opinion, have elements of both. Below we list the absolute top gambling apps made for Android, review the games and guide you to the Android Market page where you can read more about the games and download them.

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Roulette 2k10 by 1001 Computer Game Labs

android casino apps rouletteThe most debated question in the world of casino games is probably whether or not you can find patterns in a game of roulette? With the app Roulette 2k10 you can try for yourself.

The game itself makes a record of the previous numbers so that you can follow your results and see if various betting systems – such as Martingale, andd'Alembert  – actually work.

Thanks to its fast game play, Roulette 2k10 is the ideal solution to test your bet systems and play a lot of games in a short time.

Place your bets, spin the wheel and try to become the world’s best player.

And even if you don’t believe in systems in roulette, you can still enjoy this game. It’s simply one of the best roulette apps for Android out there.

Roulette 2k10 brings real casino atmosphere to your android device.


Price: $1.43 (Lite version free)
Current Rating in Android Market: 3.8/5


Astraware Casino by Astraware

 android casino apps astawareOne common problem with free-money casino games is that you don’t care about the results. There’s no risk involved anyway. In Astraware Casino, however, this isn’t an issue.

You really want to win.

When you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll get $1,000 to play with – money you need to manage wisely.

In the casino you have eleven different casino games to choose from – Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, Video Poker, Roulette, Craps, Slots and Video Keno for example – and you want to play your best gameall the better you play, the more enjoyable your gambling experience becomes.

You begin at low-stakes tables and machines and get instructions on rules and strategy for each game. In other words, how a gambling career should start. As the game progresses, higher stake games are unlocked, making this a great high roller casino game.

Thanks to this career mode, and the fact that there are many games to play, this is perhaps the best complete casino produced for Android phones.

If you want to learn the rules of the most popular casino games before going to Las Vegas or if you just want some quality casino gaming on your phone, this is a highly recommended app.

Price: $1.99
Current Rating in Android Market: 3.9/5

Rock Vegas Blackjack by Rock Vegas Game

android casino apps rock vegas blackjackRock Vegas Game is an app producer with a lot of games in the portfolio – baccarat, let it ride, keno, Caribbean stud and so on. Here we’re going to take a look at their blackjack game.

Rock Vegas Blackjack is a well-designed, easy-to understand blackjack game.

It follows the standard blackjack rules with the dealer drawing on 16 and standing on 17 and blackjack giving the player 3 to two.

When you’ve downloaded the game – for free – you’ll get a bankroll to start with. And with a little luck (and some decent strategy) you can get this virtual money to grow.

A good thing is that you can view your stats after every session.

Of course, some sort of career mode would be nice, but then again, this is a free game and if you want to learn blackjack or just kill a few hours, Rock Vegas Blackjack is a good pick.


Price: Free
Current Rating in Android Market: N/A

Slots Royale by MyWavia Studios

 android casino apps slots royalePlaying slots is usually something you do by yourself – man vs. machine. Slots Royal, however, is a whole other story.

Here you can compete against your friends on Facebook, compare your winnings and try to reach that #1 spot on the leaderboard.

If you look at the stats alone, you’ll realize that this is a quality slots app. 

Over 1 million people have downloaded it and out of 16,000 ratings, over 9,000 give Slots Royal the top score!

But why is this so successful?

Well, first of all you have multiple games, all with good design and fast and smooth game-play. And if you want to mix it up, the producers just added Jacks or Better Video Poker – the most classic machine around.

But even though the games themselves could keep you playing for hours, the real benefit compared to other slots apps is that you can brag about your winnings on social networks.

Download it and you’re going to try to reach the Hall of Fame for top players. We promise you.

Price: Free
Current Rating in Android Market: 4.3/5

Ultimate Blackjack 3D by UBJ3D

android casino apps ultimate blackjack 3D

Ultimate Blackjack 3D offers a lifelike blackjack game with great graphics. But even though the visual appearance is superb, the functionality is what really stands out.

Since different casinos have different rules in their blackjack games, it’s a big advantage that UBJ3D allows you to customize the rules before you start playing. In other words, you’re allowed to play your favorite blackjack game all the time.

Another plus is the in-game tutor and the strategy table calculator. We all know that blackjack is a great game when played well and a terrible game when making wrong decisions.

Here you’ll learn how to play perfect blackjack in every situation.

This game also makes blackjack social. Not only can you follow your own stats but also compare your results to other players on leaderboards and through the Papaya Social Network.  

You think everything is rigged anyway? Well, UBJ3D’s random-number generator is operated through atmospheric noise!

Price: Free
Current Rating in Android Market: 4.3/5

Blackjack by AHA Tech

 android casino apps blackjackYou’ll get $500 to play with. Sit down at the table and try to make the money grow. But to succeed, you can’t forget about the basic blackjack strategy.

“Blackjack” is a simple and easy-to-use blackjack game where you can learn how to play good blackjack.

It comes both in a paid and a free version.

The only difference between the paid and the free version is that the paid version keeps track of your previous wins and losses from session to session. If you want to play it only one or two times, the free version is just fine, but if you’d like to see how you do over time, we recommend the paid game.

You can play by yourself or with one or two virtual players by your side. The game follows standard blackjack rules with six decks and you can do everything you can do in real casino blackjack: Double down, split, take insurance etc.

This is a fun, simple and enjoyable game.

Price: $0.99 or Free
Current Rating in Android Market: 3.4/5

Real BlackJack by

android casino apps blackjackAs you know, blackjack is a game where your decisions have a huge impact on the end result. 

If you play randomly and stand when you should’ve hit and double when you just should’ve taken an additional card, the house advantage becomes astronomical.

If you follow the basic strategy, on the other hand, blackjack is very player friendly.

With the Android app Real BlackJack, you will learn how to play perfect blackjack – in a very educational and fun way. If you’re unsure of what the perfect move is in any given situation, the in-game coaching system will guide you in the right direction.

Also, Real BlackJack provides a card-counting tool. You can always check how the shoe is stacked and if it’s profitable for you, as a player, to raise the stakes. If you want to learn how to play good blackjack or become a skilled card counter, this is a highly recommended app.

Price: Free
Current Rating in Android Market: 4.3/5

Video Poker Tutor by Don Smolen

 android casino apps video pokerDo you know why many experienced gamblers walk by the slots and head for video-poker machines when they’re in a casino?

The reason is simple.

If you choose a high-payoff video poker game and learn the perfect strategy, the house advantage is virtually zero.

This app – Video Poker Tutor created by Don Smolen – teaches you the perfect strategy in the two most popular video poker games both online and offline: Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild.

So if you’re going to a casino or want to play Video Poker on the Net, this is a great tool to use before you start playing. In doing so, you will be able to enjoy perhaps the most player-friendly game the casino has to offer.

Price: $0.99
Current Rating in Android Market: 4.0/5



My Roulette by Borce Trajkovski

android casino apps my rouletteRoulette might be the most classic casino game – surrounded with a lot of legends, myths and people claiming to have the skills to predict the next number.

In this game, you’ll get the chance to play a simulation of the most legendary roulette game in the world: Monte Carlo Roulette.

With nice graphics and sounds, My Roulette gives you the chance to kill some time with proper roulette action. And even though you only play with fun money, you really want to open the app and get your bankroll to grow.

The only thing we’d like to see added is a record of the previous numbers, but then again, what happened in the past doesn’t affect the next spin. That we know.  

So if you look for a fun, simple roulette game, this one is recommended.

Price: Free
Current Rating in Android Market: 4.0/5

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