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Bank Wire Transfer Casinos 2018 Review

Bank Wire Transfer Casinos 2018 Review

Bank Wire (a.k.a wire transfer or credit transfer) is a method of transferring funds from one person or organisation to another. It may be executed by handing instructions to a bank or by transferring cash using a cash office. Bank wire transferring has been around for time immemorial and if you’re looking for a viable, easy and ultra-safe way to deposit and withdraw funds to and from an online casino account, you may want to consider this option. Wire transfers are becoming more and more popular and one of the reasons for this is speed. We’re not talking about a standard bank transfer here; a wire transfer works somewhat differently and is a particular way of transferring funds through a bank.


Bankwire supported casinos

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How Bank Wire Works

It is recommended that players intending to use wire transfers inquire as to whether the casino of their choice allows this option for both deposits and withdrawals. Some tend to allow bank wire transfers for deposits exclusively. Once a player has registered with a bank wire casino, affecting a transfer is easy. Different banks have different processes for conducting this type of transfer but it’s never a complicated process. It’s simply a matter of informing the casino that you intend to use wire transfers, gaining the information required by your bank and passing that information on to your bank. The casino may require information such as your bank’s routing number as well as your account number for cashing-out purposes. Players ought to note that there are always fees involved when using bank wire, which always depends on the bank, as well as the casino of choice. Always inquire about the fees involved prior to executing a transfer of funds.

Transfer Times

If transfer time is an issue for you, then you may want to consider an alternative method to wire transferring. Yes, it’s quicker than a traditional bank-to-bank money transfer, due to established banking protocols pertaining to wire transfers, but when comparing the method to the use of credit cards for example, transfer times are quite long. It may take up to 7 days for a transfer to clear when using wire transfers and this is an eternity when compared to credit card transfer times, which take place in real time.

Customer Support

Customer support is no issue here. Bank wire transfers are conducted through your bank, meaning that gaining customer assistance is as easy as paying your local branch a visit. Many people already have a strong professional relationship with a bank representative and banks tend to take any client’s issues with money transferring very seriously.

Bank Wire is Best!

Bank wire is a perfectly suitable banking method for online gamers that are not overly fussed about the time it takes for fund transferring processes to clear. Bank wire deposits allow players to refrain from passing on their banking and personal information to third parties, making this a very safe deposit option. They are also available as a banking option at most casinos, giving players who choose to use them a lot of freedom to choose a casino they enjoy. Bank wire transfers also come with many welcome and reload bonuses attached to their use at several casinos, so players are advised to look out for this when making their casino choice. And finally, you may certainly want to consider wire transferring if you intend to bet big. High rollers benefit exceptionally from using wire transfers due to the fact that many casinos will allow higher amounts to be deposited through bank wire than they would through alternative methods. As long as you take all of the above into account, we have no qualms about recommending bank wire transfers as a perfectly viable option for online casino banking.