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Betting Systems

Many serious players can’t live without them and truth be told, no player should. Indeed, there are few things more wonderful than the high of walking away from a casino with wads of cash and the only way to do this is if you know your game and the best betting system to win it with. Both Blackjack Betting Systems and Roulette Betting Systems are the icing to the cake of the casino world and this full guide below will help you have your cake and eat it too!

What are betting systems?

You’ve all heard the line the house always wins and well, it’s as self-explanatory as it is true. Betting systems are as old as the hills and the games they seek to conquer; their sole reason for existence is to help players understand games better and win bigger. Simply put, betting systems not only help you apply a strategy to your gameplay but they also keep you engaged in the game. Each game has its own particular system – the trick is to learn it well enough to be able to apply it proficiently.


Facts about Betting Systems:

  •   Most betting systems are easy to use;
  •   There are two types of betting systems; negative progressive betting systems and positive progressive betting systems;
  •   There aren’t foolproof ways of winning;
  •   When using betting strategies, you must always consider the size of your bankroll.

Positive and Negative Progressive Systems

Both positive and negative progressive systems function by the player adjusting his or her bet size according to whether they win or lose the previous bet. The quantity by which one must adjust their previous bet size is dependent on which progressive system is being used to bet with. Illustrated below we have a table of factors which can help distinguish between the two.


Positive Progressive Betting Systems

Negative Progressive Betting Systems

 Increase stake when you win the previous bet.

 Increase stake when you lose the previous bet.

 Decrease stake when you lose the previous bet.

 Decrease stake when you win the previous bet.

Positive Progressive System

A positive betting strategy requires the player to raise their wager every time they win and decrease their wager when they lose. Positive progressive betting systems are considered to be relatively harmless which is probably why so many people choose them over negative systems, however, a system is just that and a win is not guaranteed however good your system is. What a positive betting system does do is allow you to make the most of your profits if you’re already riding a winning streak. In addition to this, positive progressive betting systems will also help you cut your losses when you’re experiencing a losing streak. It’s pretty much positive by name, positive by nature. Should you place an ante of $10 in Blackjack and lose it, you’ll need to decrease your bet rather than increase it in you want to play the positive way. On the other hand, if you manage to get a win, if you are following a positive betting strategy you would be required to raise your bet. These are some examples of positive betting systems:

  • Reverse Martingale /Paroli 
  • Reverse Labouchere
  • Reverse D’Alembert

Negative Progressive Methods of Betting

As you can imagine, a negative progression betting system is pretty much the direct opposite of a positive one. If you choose to go down the negative betting system route, you’ll basically be required to raise your stakes when you lose and decrease your bets when Lady Luck has turned her face in your direction. For example, if you place an ante of $10 whilst playing Blackjack and you happen to lose, you’ll have to raise your wager. Should you win, you’ll need to decrease your bets.

betting-systemsSo why would one use a negative progressive betting system?

The use of a negative progressive system finds its roots in the premise that you will eventually get a win and in doing so, with the winnings you will receive you will be able to garner a great amount of profit. Despite the fact that some people may favour this method, the truth is that we at CasinoToplists are not really in love with it and we don’t make this statement lightly. One of the best known Roulette Betting Systems is the Martingale and we can’t even count the number of times that this negative progressive betting system has been suggested and used but like it or not, on analysis, we discovered that you’d make better use of your money if you threw it in the air like confetti than lose it all and then some at the roulette table.

A good betting system is a system which at the very least doesn’t have obvious flaws, however, when if one were to look closely at negative progressive betting systems, they would realise that they are fundamentally flawed. This flaw stems from the fact that players realistically have no way of knowing when they are going to get their next bout of luck, after all, a losing streak can go on and on and on and if it remains unchecked, you would end up losing all of your bankroll on one game. Let’s say that you’re playing a game of Roulette and that the ball has landed on the red 6 times already, you might think to yourself that it’s impossible that it will land on red another time and decide to bet on black. Though it’s true that the ball has already landed on red an inordinate number of times, it doesn’t mean that this will not happen again. The thing is that because Roulette is nothing more than a game of chance, outcomes simply cannot be predicted according to probability and supposed pattern. No amount of good betting systems can change that. Unless you have an infinite bankroll and money that you’re comfortable burning, stay away from this one!

Can negative progressive betting systems ever be betting systems that work?

So despite what we’ve said above, you’re deadset on making use of negative progressive betting systems – can it ever work out for you? Even if it looks like Lady Luck herself has made an appearance at your table for the night, the problem with negative progressive betting systems is the fact that they won’t allow you to win much money. In the heat of the moment, a lot of people forget that they are competing with a house edge that will either make it easier for them to lose all their allotted bankroll or put them on the road to breaking even.

Here are some examples of negative betting systems:

Are there good casino betting systems that work?

betting systems moneyLearnt well, casino betting systems can contribute to making your casino life infinitely easier, however, whether we are talking about blackjack betting systems, roulette betting systems or even nfl betting systems there’s not much that the system itself can do to turn the odds in your favour. It’s important to keep in mind that most games are heavily if not completely dependent on luck and incorporate very little skill and strategy. Good betting systems can only be used as guide books or manuals to improve your chances but they are probably little match compared to the Random Number Generator. Your ball may have landed on red twenty times on the roulette will and your dice may have hit the same number five times in a row but given that neither have any memory, there’s little use in holding onto the belief that your luck is scheduled to come in because you haven’t been lucky so far.

What can be said about casino betting systems is that they are pretty great systematic methods of betting for gamblers who take their game seriously and like a more structured approach of playing. Casino betting systems also help players to better manage their bankroll, however, they can only work truly effectively if the player’s bankroll is infinite. In fact, we do suggest that people with very small bankrolls not play using negative betting systems. Unless you’re a huge high roller, you probably won’t be able to keep placing high bets as well as being able to cover all your losses. What’s more, if you do manage to make some money, it would serve you well to simply stop once you’ve made a tidy sum. Fate doesn’t like to be challenged!

Why do people use systematic modes of betting?

People like systems and patterns and well, it’s also easier to remember things if there is an established format for people to follow. Of course, gamblers who usually use Betting Systems are almost certainly under the belief that using one will aid them on their road to becoming millionaires and whilst it can be entirely possible to make some money and beat the house using good betting systems, the element of luck in the matter can’t be ignored. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our explanation of ‘The Gambler’s Fallacy’ phenomenon below to understand what we’re talking about.

The Gambler’s Fallacy

In a lot of situations in life, we are able to trace someone or something’s behaviour based on how they have acted in the past. There are hundreds of examples of this reflected in expressions such as: “Once bitten, twice shy” or “Those who do not remember the past are destined to repeat it.” However, sadly, this rule does not apply to the casino world and The Gambler’s Fallacy, which is also known as the Monte Carlo fallacy, is truly one of the greatest myths of the gambling world.

The background behind the fallacy

The main theory behind The Gambler’s Fallacy is that random chance outcomes which are dependent on nothing except cold, hard luck can be influenced by previous results. If you believe this, then you will obviously make decisions based on this premise. Thus, if things have gone a certain way in your game for some time, you would feel obliged to bet in an opposing manner in order to influence your possibility of winning. The best example one can give is of a coin being flipped. Let us say for arguments sake that you have flipped a coin seven times and in all seven cases, the coin landed on heads. The average person would find that extraordinary but simply stop at that thought. On the other hand, someone who believes in The Gambler’s Fallacy would bet that the next coin flip would produce a tails simply because they do not believe that another heads will come up.

Is there any basis for this reasoning?

Really and truly, no. Although the coin has landed on heads for seven consecutive times, players need to understand that there was a fifty per cent chance of the coin landing on tails every single time that it was flipped and this odd is independent of the consecutive outcome. Lady Luck doesn’t care that the coin has already landed on heads seven times and neither should you. Many gamblers have tried and mostly failed in designing a betting system which aims at taking advantage of the Gambler’s Fallacy.

Place your real money bets on the casino game that you love

There is no substitute for playing the game you love and definitely no betting system good enough for you to forfeit that right. While the gift that is the internet keeps giving all us books and videos about strategies that could potentially work, you’re better off playing games that you actually love instead of making half-hearted attempts to win money on games that you despise. If your bankroll is fat enough, you could win a large wad of cash eventually at online casinos, but it will take you a long time to do that and cover all your losses. Our advice to you is to pick a game you love and learn it inside and out. If you want to take the online casino route, why not choose a site from our ranked and reviewed casinos. Not only are they totally secure and trusted, but you can benefit from big bonuses just by signing up with us. So what are you waiting for?

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