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Bitcoin Casinos 2020 - Using The Cryptocurrency at Online Casinos

Although the digital currency, Bitcoin, first started as an underground phenomenon, it is now widely being used by many across the globe. Indeed, not only is it being accepted at many online shops, but the sought after cryptocurrency is also being accepted at many online casinos too! If you’d like to learn all about the cryptocurrency and how it’s used at online casinos we highly suggest having a read through our comprehensive guide to Bitcoin Casinos below. Once you’re done simply go ahead and choose one to play at and get a Bitcoin bonus! 

What is Bitcoin?

bitcoin casinosAlthough the word Bitcoin is becoming increasingly used, few people actually know how the system works. Simply put, Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency in the modern world. Transactions are transfers between Bitcoin wallets that get included in ‘block chains’ which keep a piece of data (or seed) which is used to prove that they come from the owner of that particular wallet. 

What is considered the first real world transaction of Bitcoins took place in Florida in 2010. Although this wasn’t a gambling transaction (it was the ordering of two takeaway pizzas to a house in fact) the numbers of merchants accepting Bitcoin has dramatically grown ever since.


Why Play at the Bitcoin Casinos in Our list?

  •   All the Bitcoin gambling sites on desktop and mobile in our list are licensed and fully regulated;
  •   Each casino offers an a marvellous array of online casino games to enjoy playing, including Blackjack online, online Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Slots and more;
  •   By signing up through CasinoToplists, you can cash in on the best online casino bonus that's offered to Bitcoin players in the iGaming industry;
  •   By playing at a Bitcoin Casino and using Bitcoin to deposit and withdraw, you won't have to wait for eons until you get to play.

The Rise of Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Since 2010, the gambling industry has welcomed the new form of digitalized currency with open arms. Bitcoin at an early stage and many casinos started enabling Bitcoin transactions long before it had become widely accepted in mainstream culture. The anonymity was seen as a value and lacked many of the strict regulations of other currencies. With the value of Bitcoin increasing and more casinos offering cryptocurrency incentives and bonuses, Bitcoin use is growing at a rapid pace.

Gamblers Suited to Bitcoin Gambling 

Tech savvy gamblers are finding a lot of advantages to this payment method. If you have a sound understanding of the process then gamblers can open themselves up to bonuses and the chance to increase their Bitcoin balance. When understood this can be used extremely advantageously, which many players are picking up on.

For individuals concerned about fair play this system also provides a lot of reassurance. Some players worry that computer algorithms could never provide the same level of fairness as a human dealer but Bitcoin casinos eliminate this worry by using provably fair technology. These ensure that the games are randomised and involving both the casino and the player in the equation.

How to Deposit at a Bitcoin Online Casino

1) Register at a Bitcoin Casino

The first step in using the cryptocurrency at a Bitcoin Casino is to select and sign up at one in the first place. Simply take your pick from our list of ranked and reviewed casinos above and then proceed to registering by entering your details. Typically, the online casino will ask you for your name, surname and home address. And of course which payment method you prefer. Provided that you live in a particular country such as Italy you might also be asked to provide a utility bill and proof of address too. However, this varies according to the laws governing your jurisdiction.

2) Create a Bitcoin Wallet to use at your preferred BTC Casino

Once you’ve signed up at your online casino of choice, the next step is to get a Bitcoin wallet provided that you haven’t got one already. You can set one up by simply heading to Bitcoin’s site. Essentially, you’ll have to choose between two different types of wallets. These include a web-based wallet service and a desktop wallet. Provided that you choose to set up a web-based one, you won’t need to download any software. Yet, if you choose to set up a desktop wallet, you’ll have to download the software which may take up space on your computer.

3) Fill Your Wallet with Bitcoins

When you’ve set up your Bitcoin account, you’ll then have to fill your wallet with Bitcoins. Basically in order to do this, you’ll have to select one of the methods available. These include buying your Bitcoins through a wallet, using a Bitcoin exchange (if such a thing is available in your country), buying Bitcoins over the counter, acquiring Bitcoins through a Bitcoin ATM or mining Bitcoins.

4) Deposit Your Bankroll at an Online Casino & Claim Your Bitcoin Bonus

Once you’ve managed to acquire a few Bitcoins to use, you’ll then need to head over to the online casino you’ve signed up at and navigate to their online casino payment options page in order to deposit. When you’re there simply select Bitcoin as a payment option, and then proceed to selecting the amount of Bitcoins that you desire to transfer to the Bitcoin Casino that you’ve chosen and enter the Bitcoin wallet address of the online casino you’d like to transfer your bankroll to.

Claiming Your Bitcoin Bonus

Note: Provided that the online casino you’ve chosen is offering a special online casino bonus, you’ll have to state that you’d like to claim the Bitcoin bonus prior to depositing. Usually, you’ll either have to enter a bonus code or simply talk to customer support prior to receiving your bonus.

5) Wait for Your Deposit to Show Up in Your Account

The next step when it comes to gambling with Bitcoin simply involves waiting for your deposit to show up in your account. This will normally take from up to a few minutes to a few hours.

How to Withdraw from BTC Casinos

1) Login to Your BTC online casino account

If you’d like to withdraw any winnings you’ve managed to acquire by playing online casino games, the first step is logging into your Bitcoin Casino account. As per usual, you’ll need to head onto the online casino’s login page to do so and enter your username/email and your password.

2) Find the Withdrawals Page

Once you’ve logged in, it’s now time to navigate to the withdrawals page and choose Bitcoin as a withdrawal method provided that the online casino supports this method of withdrawal.

3) Select the amount you’d like to withdraw

Next once you’re on the withdrawal page, simply enter the amount you’d like to withdraw and enter your unique Bitcoin address.

4) Wait for the Transfer to occur

Next simply wait for your winnings to show up in your Bitcoin wallet. This will normally take up to 1 day.

Real Money Bitcoin Slot Machines & Casino Gamesbtc casinos

Provided that you’re concerned about the selection of games at online casinos, you’ll be glad to know that Bitcoin Casinos have got all the selection of games out there too. In fact, many a time you’ll find the same array of games that you’d typically find more of a selection of games than you’d find at land-based casinos as well as other real money online casinos out there on the net.

As you can imagine, these include a huge array of Slots, which are perhaps the most played online casino games on the net, as well as popular table games such as the casino classics Blackjack online, Roulette online, Baccarat online. Other casino games you’ll be able to find include Pai Gow Poker, Craps, Caribbean Stud Poker, Keno, Scratch Cards, Bingo and Sic Bo.

Safety & Security at BTC Casinos

If you’re concerned in regards to safety and security at BTC Casinos, you really and truly have nothing at all to worry about. Each of the Bitcoin Casinos we’ve listed at CasinoToplists is all safe and secure to play at and all have fair payouts. The casinos you’ll find here are all licensed and regulated by respectable gambling authorities. Moreover, they also all use the latest safety protocols and features such as an SSL certificate in order to safeguard their player’s personal information. In regards to using Bitcoin at an online casino, you’re always pretty safe. There’s no chance of your Bitcoins getting stolen provided that you don’t share your Bitcoin address and password to your wallet with anyone.

Transfer Times for BTC Casinos

If you’ve ever brought anything in exchange for Bitcoins, you’re probably already aware that transfers are almost instant. Typically, when transferring with Bitcoin, you’ll be able to see your funds after 10-15 mins. Yet, the transfer will initially be unconfirmed as such. So it’ll need confirmation and you’ll be able to see your funds in 1-3 hours thereafter. On the other hand, if you’re attempting to make a withdrawal your Bitcoin will usually take 24 hours until it’s in your account.

Customer Support at Bitcoin Online Casinos

On taking our pick of Bitcoin Casinos to put in our ranked and reviewed list of online casinos in our toplist, we’ve made sure that the casinos all have fantastic customer support. The majority of them have round the clock customer support by offering their services through several customer support channels including phone and email. Moreover, some even have a live chat function to respond to your queries right there and then.

Advantages of using Bitcoin at Online Casinos

 Speedy Transactions

Anyone who finds waiting for their deposit to appear in their online casino account frustrating will definitely benefit from gambline using  Bitcoin. As mentioned, the instant transactions mean that Bitcoin currency is an extremely quick and effective option to use at casinos.

 Anonymous Transactions can be Made

When transferring your bankroll using your Bitcoin wallet, you won’t need to provide any personal information. Hence, the cryptocurrency allows you to remain anonymous. This is one of the reasons that many online gamblers preform Bitcoin gambling.

 No Limit to the Amount You Can Transfer

In terms of flexibility, without a central controlling authority, Bitcoin can easily be transferred and there is no limit to the amount, as there would be with a traditional credit card or bank.

 Zero Fees Involved

There are zero fees involved in making transactions to third-parties when playing at an online casino when using Bitcoin which is obviously particularly appealing to regular players who can make considerable savings by depositing using this method.

 Secure Transactions

On depositing with Bitcoin, you can rest assured that you’ll be making a safe and secure transaction due to the blockchain nature of Bitcoin as well as the encryption technology that’s being used at online casinos which both use high-end encryption in order to safeguard each and every user’s information.

 Can be used by gamblers hailing from all corners of the globe

One of the key benefits of using Bitcoin is that it can be used by anyone no matter where they’re located provided that the online casino accepts it of course.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin at Online Casinos

 Bitcoin's value tends to fluctuate

Bitcoin’s value tends to fluctuate from time to time due to the fact that the cryptocurrency is still in its infancy. Although it typically experiences an increase in value, it also experiences a decrease too from time to time.

 Irreversible Casino Payments

Unfortunately, when transferring your bankroll in Bitcoin to an online casino there’s no going back. Hence, it’s always best to make sure that you always enter the exact amount that you’d like to transfer as well as the right Bitcoin account number to avoid making any mistakes.

 The Controversy Surrounding Bitcoin 

Although many gamblers are embracing Bitcoin, there are those who call the system into question. Depending on the laws of your country this may, or may not be legal, and most importantly nobody is going to ask you to pay taxes for winning Bitcoin online. The regulations are less strictly adhered to with Bitcoin and companies are reluctant to embrace it fully. Some consider Bitcoins as a controversial topic and don’t recognise it as a legitimate form of payment yet.

Bitcoin Casinos FAQs

  Is Bitcoin gambling legal?

Yes, Bitcoin gambling is completely legal provided that the online casino meets the necessary requirements required by all iGaming sites present in the industry. One of the main requirements is that the online gambling site is licensed and fully regulated by a reputable gambling authority. Provided that you’d like more information on other requirements Bitcoin Casinos must have to be legal, simply head to our online casino reviews page where our experts delve into all the nitty gritty details. 

  How can I find online casinos that accept Bitcoin?

Finding online casinos that accept Bitcoin is now phenomenally easy thanks to CasinoToplists. On this very page, we list all the Bitcoin Casinos we recommend. We also rank them and provide full reviews in order to help you make your decision wisely and in a well-informed manner.

 Am I entitled to a Bitcoin Casino welcome bonus on sign up?

Yes, on signing up you’ll be able to receive a Bitcoin Casino welcome bonus provided that the one you choose to play at is offering one in the first place. Very often you’ll be able to claim this type of bonus on joining and making your first deposit at the casino. The welcome bonus you manage to cash in on can then be used to play online casino games.

  Where can I find Bitcoin casinos no deposit bonus to take advantage of?

You can find no deposit bonuses at Bitcoin Casinos by looking at the casinos on this page. Provided that the online casino is offering a no deposit bonus to gamblers depositing in Bitcoin, it will be displayed on its online casino promotions page. 

  Are there any alternative cryptocurrencies that can be used instead of Bitcoin?

If you’re not so fond of the idea of using Bitcoin at online casinos, there are other cryptocurrencies that are now being accepted at online casinos nowadays. One that is gaining popularity at online casino is none other than Ethereum. 

  What credit card options do I have instead of transferring money via Bitcoin?

Provided that you've decided against using Bitcoin at online casinos, you've got a number of alternatives to consider including Visa, Mastercard and Amex. You can find online casinos which accept these credit cards in our Visa Casinos, Mastercard Casinos and Amex Casinos guides at CasinoToplists.

Play at the Best Bitcoin Casinos in Our List

By simply looking at the amount of Bitcoin Casinos available on the web, it’s safe to say that Bitcoin gambling is steadily on the rise. Not only is the new age currency being seen as preferable in the eyes of many gamblers out there, but the payment option is also being accepted at several of the internet’s largest casino brands too. Some even operate solely using Bitcoin. With its ease of use and benefits for online gamblers, the trend is surely one to watch and is bound to keep gaining momentum as time passes. So why not get in on the action early on and benefit from a lucrative Bitcoin Bonus? Go on, sign up today!

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