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Card Counting Trainer

Card Counting Trainer

Card Counting has acquired much fame over the years. And whilst keen gamblers often view the art of card counting as fantastic, it leaves casino operators in fear of the losses they might experience as a result of the strategy’s use. However, card counting is not illegal and gamblers are able to use it at the Blackjack table to increase their chances of winning. At CasinoToplists’s we’re more than aware of how much Blackjack players all over the globe want to learn how to count cards. So, we’ve decided to present you with our very one Card Counting Coach to help you learn this ever-so-desired skill. Have a look below for information about it together with a step-by-step explanation of how it’s used!

About CasinoToplists’s Free Blackjack Card Counting Trainer

In the same way that CasinoToplist's Blackjack Trainer was made to familiarize you with all the rules of becoming a bona fide Blackjack player, CasinoToplists’s Blackjack Card Counting Coach was designed to teach all you avid Blackjack players the art of card counting. Despite the fact that there are several methods you can use to count cards, such as ‘Back-Counting’, ‘True Count’ amongst other useful systems, the Card Counting Coach at CasinoToplists’s uses the simplest one which is known as the ‘High-Low’ method to teach you all about Blackjack card counting.

Here’s How to Practice Counting Cards by Yourself:

Learn the High Low Method Count Values for each card on this page;

Use our online Card Counting Trainer to practice counting cards.

The High-Low Method

There’s absolutely no doubt about it, the ‘High-Low’ method of card counting is by far one of the simplest methods out there that card counters in brick and mortar casinos use worldwide to lower the house edge associated with the classic game of luck and chance, Blackjack. The method was birthed by Harvey Dubner, a retired engineer and mathematician from New Jersey, and has been the subject of many a debate in the online casino world.

Although the system is quite easy to understand and employ whilst playing Blackjack, the High Low system does take some time to master before you can start using it to better your game whilst playing Blackjack online. The first thing you need to do is learnt the counting values that the system uses. Once you’ve learnt them, you’ll need to practice counting to become a Blackjack Pro. Below are the card values for the High Low Method:

Card Rank


A +1
K +1
Q +1
J +1
10 +1
9 0
8 0
7 0
6 -1
5 -1
4 -1
3 -1
2 -1

How to Use the Card Counting Trainer App in 7 Easy Steps

1) Launch the Card Counting Trainer

Once you’ve landed on this page, all you need to do is launch the trainer to get started by clicking on the ‘Try it For Free’ button. The card counting trainer app will load within a few seconds.

2) Select Your Level of difficulty

Upon loading our Card Counting Trainer, you’ll have to select your level of play. CasinoToplists’s trainer has 3 different options you can choose from. These are ‘Easy’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Pro’. We recommend starting off by choosing the easy mode at first. When you feel completely comfortable that you’ve managed to master Easy mode, build up to ‘Medium’ and then eventually ‘Pro’ mode.

3) Read the Instructions in the Window

Once you’ve selected your level of difficulty, the trainer will instruct you to count cards using the following counts:

a) -1 for High Cards (10-A)
b) +1 for Low cards (2-6)
c) 0 for Neutral cards (7-9)

An important thing to bear in mind before you start counting is that the count doesn’t stop until the whole deck has been dealt out throughout the game. So in essence, you should always remember to keep your count in your head till the next round.

4) Press Start Counting

card counting software

Once you’ve selected the ‘Start Counting’ button on the card counting trainer, you’ll be able to start counting. All you’ll need to do prior to this is wait for the cards to be dealt out. Provided that you’ve never counted cards before, we recommend that you keep a pen and paper handy for you to write your counts. The app will give you some time to count your cards.

5) Answer the Question Displayed

blackjack card counting trainer

When the time is up, a box will appear in the card counting trainer and you’ll have to answer the question ‘What is the current count?’ You’ll need to indicate the count by typing in a – or + sign and a number. Provided that you get the count correct the counter will indicate this. However, if you get it wrong the counter will indicate that it’s wrong and provide the correct count.

6) Hit the ‘OK’ Button to See The Correct Answer

free online card counting

After you’ve entered the count value that you think is correct, you’ll be able the correct answer will display itself in the window. Once you’ve seen it, you can go ahead and click the ‘OK’ button. A box will appear and inform you whether your count is ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’. If your answer happens to be wrong, the correct answer will be displayed in the box.

7) Remember your counts until the end of the game

When counting cards you must remember to take a running count of all the hands you’re dealt out from start to finish until the whole deck is dealt out from start to finish. You cannot start counting during any round. The card counting strategy will only work, provided that you start counting cards from the very first hand that’s dealt.

Provided that the running count keeps on increasing, this means that the house edge is decreasing. Hence, this would favor the player. Yet, provided that the count decreases this would mean that the house advantage is increasing more.

Try Our Free Card Counting Trainer & Become a Blackjack Pro!

The art of counting cards has long been used by avid Blackjack players from all over the globe in an attempt to thwart blackjack dealers from winning and pocketing all the money on the casino’s behalf. Although it’s not possible to use card counting whilst playing regular Blackjack online casino games, you can card count whilst playing Live Blackjack or the casino classic at a brick-and-mortar casino if you wish to.