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Backgammon may be an ancient game but it's a popular offering at many online casinos, providing a similar experience to poker as far as combining luck and skill with two opponents facing off versus one another.
Backgammon is believed to have its origin in ancient Mesopotamia and can be traced back to around 3000 B.C. The game was traditionally played on wooden boards using stones as markers and dice made out of bones. Variations of Backgammon have been played in several ancient civilizations, including Egypt, Greece and Rome.


Backgammon is similar to chess in that two players always face off versus one another, with online sites hosting the games. You can play for free as well as for real money; the choice is entirely up to you. Some incorporate a ranking system so that you can find a good match with an equally skilled opponent while others simply open up the game for anyone to play.

Most sites also offer individual matches as well as tournaments, with the winners of early matches moving on into a final match between two players is held, with the victor declared the winner of the tournament. Believe it or not there even exists a WSOB and puns aside it stands for World Series Of BackGammon and its got good prize money


We've reviewed all the top backgammon sites and below you'll find our recommendations for the best sites to start out with. We weigh a wide range of factors include speed and playability of the software, the availability of bonuses, and how easy or hard it is to find a game.

Sites such as Prime Backgammon and Gammon Empire are two of the most popular sites and both receive high marks as far as bonuses for both new players and existing players, as well as daily and weekly freerolls. Gammon Empire also offers a $3 no deposit bonus similar to other  no deposit bonuses you’ll find at online casino sites, which lets players try out the real-money games and tournaments without risking a single cent of your own money.


To start the game, the two players each throw a single die. The player who throws the highest number gets to move first, and for the opening move, the number from both the player's own die and the opponent's die is used. After that, the player throws both dice when it's his or her turn to act.

At the start of a backgammon game, the checkers are spread out on the board, and your goal is to move your checkers to your own home board then remove them from the board. When all of your checkers are in the home board you can start removing them. This is called bearing off.

During the game, you can take your opponent's checkers out of play by landing on them. This can only be done when a point is occupied by a single checker. When a checker is taken out of play it's placed on the bar and it must be re-entered before the player can start moving his other checkers again. The player who is first to bear of all his or hers checkers wins the game. 

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As is the case with poker, one of the biggest appeals to playing backgammon online is that you can find a game any time of the day or night. Instead of having to wait for a certain night of the week to play with your local club or always bugging friends to play you're suddenly now able to log onto sites with thousands of other backgammon players, all looking for a game just like you are.

Aside from the fun factor, if you're a skilled player it can be profitable as well. Unlike other casino games you're never facing a house advantage; whether you profit or lose depends solely on how good a backgammon player you are.

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