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Blackjack Online Guide 2020 - The Card Game Explained

Blackjack Online Guide 2020 - The Card Game Explained

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Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games. Playing it online lets you experience the exact same thrills and potential to win big money as if you were sitting in a Las Vegas casino - minus the smoke and having to tip the dealer and cocktail waitress. Here you'll find a complete guide to playing online blackjack, including strategy guides, tips, and rules.

Token Best Blackjack Casinos 2020
Chumba Casino

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Gambino Slots

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Luckyland Slots

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Finding Blackjack Casinos to Play the Game for Real Money

The internet is peppered with a mélange of wonderful online casino sites to play at. Sadly, not all of them provide the necessary safety and security standards that are expected by the world’s reputable gambling authorities. And sometimes even if the online casinos do, there’s always the issue of whether the casinos provide a good enough array of Blackjack online games to play.

As gamblers looking for a Blackjack casino to play at, it can be a total drag just looking for a good one to play at which can take hours if you’re lucky and sometimes even days. Yet, rather than going through several sites by yourself in your quest to find a great one to play at, you can always have a look at our list of ranked and reviewed ‘Best Blackjack Casinos’ to help you find a great one to play at. Our insider knowledge that can be found in our online casino reviews can save you both loads of time as well as the whole hassle of investigating whether or not it meets several criteria. Here’s a bit about what we judge our online casinos by and the two main types of Blackjack casinos you’ll find below.


Our Blackjack experts rank Blackjack casinos by:

  •   Safety and security features;
  •   The array of Blackjack online games that are found at the casino;
  •   The type of online casino i.e. whether it’s for mobile or desktop;
  •   The variety of online casino payment options available for Blackjack players to deposit real money into their account.

Types of Blackjack Online Casinos

1. Online Blackjack Real Money Casinos for Desktop

Blackjack casinos for the desktop are the most popular Blackjack casinos out there. The reason behind it is that when the online casino industry was still in its infancy in the 90s, mobile technology was not so widely adopted by many and smartphones weren’t even in existence yet. So basically, all online gambling sites to play Blackjack online for real money focused on providing online Blackjack games using the downloadable software at first. Nowadays, however, you’ll find that many Blackjack online casinos offer browser-based games instead thanks to rapid advancements in technology.

2. Online Mobile Blackjack Casinos

As it stands, most online casinos on the web are aimed at those who enjoy playing at Blackjack casinos which have been built for desktop computers. However, due to the massive improvements in smartphone technology, which have led many online gamblers to play at mobile casinos, you’ll be able to find that most casinos have adapted to mobile gambling.

Online Blackjack vs. Blackjack at Land-based Casinos - What's the Difference?

blackjack online

If you’ve ever spent at least 5 minutes talking to a seasoned Blackjack player about the classic table game over a drink, there’s no doubt that you’ve probably heard the phrase, ‘I love playing Blackjack no matter where I am, but nothing beats playing Blackjack at a brick and mortar casino’ at least a handful of times. Yet, our Blackjack aficionados at CasinoToplists can’t completely agree to this rather sweeping statement. ‘Why?’ you ask. Well, to put it plainly we’ve experienced playing the casino game at both land-based casinos and online casinos for many years now. So, we’ve come to know the differences between the two like the back of our hand (please pardon the pun).

Ok, so for many gamblers traveling to one of the world’s gambling meccas means tons of excitement whilst enjoying all the casino has to offer in terms of atmosphere. Yes, it’s true when you’re in the likes of Sin City, you can enjoy hitting, splitting and doubling at the Blackjack table over a cheeky drink whilst taking in the sights, sounds, smells and character. However, one thing has to be said above everything else - not all that glitters is gold.

To your average modern-day Blackjack devotee, simply being at a brick-and-mortar casino may serve as a sheer distraction. For those of you out there who enjoy having a whiskey on the rocks or a nice cold cocktail, you may often feel tempted to tip the hostess (and sacrifice part of your bankroll) to keep getting you more. For others, getting distracted by the shady-looking player playing Slots in the corner whilst you’re in the process of selecting which move to make may lead to your downfall. Yes, being at the casino may seem great and all; however, the question is why spend money to travel to your destination and play there at all when you can simply play online and not succumb to any distractions nowadays?


Why Should You Play Blackjack Online?

  •   Playing online allows you to play from the comfort of your own home;
  •   Offers you a better chance to experience playing at Blackjack tables with minimum and maximum bets which suit your bankroll;
  •   Like when played at brick-and-mortar Casinos, Blackjack online involves both luck as well as a strategy;
  •   Fundamentally, the aim of playing this online casino game is the same - to beat the dealer by obtaining a Blackjack, 21 or at least obtaining a score which is close to 21;
  •   You'll find many different online variants of Blackjack on both desktop as well as mobile casinos other than the game in its classic form;
  •   Playing online allows you to increase your bankroll by bagging the best online casino bonus on signing-up and offers no distractions!

Chumba Casino
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Gambino Slots
Terms and conditions might apply to these offers.
Luckyland Slots
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How to Play Blackjack Online

online blackjackNo matter if you opt to play Blackjack at a land-based casino or an online casino, your objective will always be the same – to obtain a blackjack (equivalent to a score of 21) or make the dealer go bust. Now if you’ve never played before, you’re probably feeling confused as to how this casino game is played. And we can just make a bet that you’re asking yourself questions like, ‘Will I be up against other players or just the dealer when playing blackjack online?’, ‘How do I start playing?’, ‘ How many times can I place a bet?’ and ‘What moves can I make?’

Well, provided that these are some of the questions that have come to mind at the moment, let us enlighten you as to how it’s played. It’s actually quite simple and will only take you a few minutes to learn how the game is played. Have a look below to find out exactly how it’s done and then visit our Free Blackjack page to try out your new skills!

Online Blackjack Real Money Rules 

1. Press ‘Sit Down’

Once you sign up to one of the Blackjack Casinos in our list, you’ll then have to select a Blackjack online game from the ones offered at your preferred online casino. In this case, we’ve chosen the classic version of Blackjack online.

Now on clicking on the game, your game will take a few seconds or minutes to load. Once it’s up and running, you’ll then have to press the ‘Sit Down’ button to indicate that you’d like to start playing the game.

2. Place Your Bet

Once you’ve done this, you’ll then need to place your bet. Normally the minimum and maximum bets will vary according to which game you choose to play, the casino you’re playing at and the software company that’s designed the game. So, we always advise you to choose a variant with minimum and maximum bets that will fit in well with the amount you can afford to bet.

3. Press ‘Deal’ & Wait for the Cards to be Dealt Out

Once you’ve placed your bet, go ahead and press ‘Deal’ to be dealt out your initial 2 cards.

4. Select which Maneuver to Make

Now you’ve received your 2 cards, it’s time to select which maneuver to make. These are the choices you’ll have when playing the classic variant of Blackjack online:

a) Hit: Select ‘hit’ when you’d like the dealer to give you another card totally to your score.

b) Stand: Choose ‘Stand’ when you’d like to stand pat with your cards rather than receive more.

c) Double: Choose ‘Double’ after receiving your first two cards, if you’d like to double your bet. This maneuver can only be used on the first 2 cards and is not always available to players.

d) Split: You’ll only be able to select this maneuver if you’ve managed to obtain 2 cards which are of equal value.

e) Insurance: Typically, taking insurance on your bet is usually available, if the dealer’s card is face up. It’s a side bet where a player tries to guess whether or not the game’s dealer possesses a natural blackjack. Provided that the player is right, he/she wins double the amount of his/her initial bet.

5. Choose ‘Stand’ when you’d like to stand pat

Once you think you have enough cards, you’ll have to select ‘Stand’ to stand pat and see the outcome. If you win, you’ll be given your payout depending on whether you’ve got a blackjack, a score of 21 or simply a score that beats the dealer.

Luckyland Slots
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Implement an Online Blackjack Strategy When Playing the Game

Now you’ve learned the rules, don’t give up your day job just yet! Learning how to play the game of Blackjack is the easy part, becoming a successful Blackjack player however requires more than simple knowledge of the rules. With that said, you should know that in any game of Blackjack, the strategy you choose to implement will either make or break you. Our experts at CasinoToplists’s know this for a fact.

As novices, many of us have tried playing Blackjack and just winging it, however for the most part the house has nearly always taken our money. And as newbies to the game of blackjack online, it took us quite a while to figure out that using a basic blackjack strategy can be beneficial to our overall chances of winning the pot.


Why should I implement a Basic Blackjack Strategy?

  •   Basic Strategy offers the mathematically correct way to play in order to lower the house edge;
  •   Through the sound implementation of strategy players can take advantage of reducing the house edge to <1/2% house edge the game can offer;
  •   Basic Blackjack Strategy involves following our Blackjack Cheat sheet.

It is only through a sound strategy that players may take advantage of the <1/2% house edge that the game can offer; a house edge that few other games can top. So, when playing Online Blackjack, you would want to lower the house advantage consistently. In order to help you do this, CasinoToplists has created a Blackjack Strategy page, complete with strategy charts for your convenience. We highly recommend that players unfamiliar with the game’s basic strategy study this page with a proverbial fine tooth comb; you certainly stand to gain from it. And here’s another major benefit of playing Blackjack online; until playing with a perfect strategy becomes second nature to you, you can keep our Blackjack Strategy Card open on a separate tab on your browser or print it and refer to it whilst playing the game!

Bonus Tip: Gain that extra bit of edge at casinos by learning our advanced Blackjack strategy tips.

Practice & Play Free Blackjack online For Fun! 

blackjack casinosIf you would like to try online casino blackjack without running the risk of losing your own money we recommend learning the ropes with our fun and useful Blackjack Trainer, which will guide you through the best actions to take at the table.

The online Blackjack Trainer works just as a regular game, but as soon as you make a mistake, it tells you what you should have done and how you should improve your strategy.

Once you've learned the basics you can move on to our free blackjack and try your luck with the virtual bankroll provided in the game. If you'd like to, you can also go ahead and try out a few other Free Casino Games.

Blackjack Variations – Classic, Surrender, Pontoon….. 

As stated previously there are numerous other reasons behind online Blackjack’s widespread popularity. These, of course, include the simplicity of its rules and the ability to manipulate its house edge by following a basic strategy. Yet, another reason why it’s so popular is that there are many variants of the online casino game out there too! Amongst the many different types of Blackjack out there aside from the game in its classic form are Atlantic City Blackjack, Spanish 21, Blackjack Surrender, Pontoon, Blackjack Switch and Live Blackjack. However, you’ll also be able to find many other variants out there too.

  Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch is one of the most popular unique Blackjack variations you’ll find online. The big “twist” is that players are allowed to swap top cards between the two hands they’re dealt when the game starts. To make up for this favorable rule for the player, the casino only pays 1:1 for blackjack and when the dealer gets 22, all hands are tied. However, even with these rules, the house edge is still below one percent. If you’d like to find out more about this online Blackjack variation, have a look at our Blackjack Switch page where you’ll be able to get all the nitty-gritty details on its rules, strategy and more. 

  Blackjack Surrender

Blackjack Surrender is a variant of the classic table game which allows players to ‘surrender’ their hand. Say that you get a two and a four on your first two cards while the dealer shows an ace, then the situation doesn’t look too bright. For the price of half a bet, you will then be able to take back your wager. Have a look at our detailed Blackjack Surrender guide which provides a few tips on when it can prove to be favorable to give up half your bet. 

  Atlantic City Blackjack

As you’ve probably already assumed, Atlantic City Blackjack is what’s played in AC. One of the big draws to the game is that some variations of it have the lowest house advantage of any Blackjack games at around 0.35% when played optimally. You won’t come close to a zero-sum game in any other casino game, offline or online. The big rule difference in Atlantic City blackjack is that dealer must stand on both hard and soft 17. In most blackjack games the dealer hits on soft 17, which is very advantageous of the casino. If you’d like to learn more about this variant of Blackjack online, we recommend heading to our Atlantic City Blackjack page which will delve into all the nitty-gritty details. 


Pontoon may stem from the classic table game, Blackjack, however, it has many different rules compared to the regular variant of the table game. In fact, with all its rule changes and variations, you could almost call this an entirely different game. For instance: players can double down or draw more cards after splitting aces, five card hands for the player that don’t go over 21 are winners and players must hit all point totals less than 15. These rules make Pontoon a very action-filled game and if you play it right, the house edge is comparatively low. Want to know more about Pontoon? Have a look at our Pontoon guide where you can find the rules, strategy and more. 

  Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack aims to bring the real dealer experience right to your computer or mobile screen. By playing this variant, you’ll be able to experience both the ambiance as well as the pleasure of playing the game with a real live dealer present from the comfort of your own home. Games are typically streamed in real time using state-of-the-art technology. So they’ll be absolutely no lagging.

History of Blackjack – From the Past to the Present

play blackjack onlineThe classic table game, Blackjack, has been a staple in modern casinos for a very long time and remains one of the most beloved games in the casino today. But have you ever wondered where this casino game came from? 

The Table Game's European Roots

Many historians believe that the game takes its roots from the 17th-century French game Vingt-et-Un which is also known as the game of ‘21’. Back then the rules of the table game were slightly different than they are today; the player was not allowed to double and there was also a round of betting between each of the cards dealt. Moreover, another similar game to the game of blackjack as we know it today is the Spanish "One and Thirty," with the goal of reaching 31 with at least three cards.

Blackjack in North America

In the 19th century, the popular table game followed European immigrants to North America and eventually made its way to Las Vegas, Nevada when gambling became legal in the state. At first, the game wasn't very popular, as most Americans preferred Craps and Roulette to this game of luck and strategy. However, once many brick and mortar casinos started offering different bonus schemes to make it more attractive, the table game’s popularity started to pick up. And by the 1930’s, Blackjack was the third most popular casino game in Las Vegas. Two decades later, the table game came in second in popularity with only Craps outranking it in popularity. 

Once it became even more popular, mathematically proven strategies for the game started to appear. The first notable book on blackjack strategy was Baldwin's "The Optimum Strategy in Blackjack," which was followed by several others. After this, mathematicians discovered the possibility of improving their expected value by counting cards in blackjack and even "beat the dealer," (also the title of a blackjack book by Professor Edward O. Thorpe).

Online Blackjack For Real Money Today

Today, with a multitude of online Blackjack sites to choose from, blackjack is not only one of the most popular casino card games of all time, it's also played by millions of players online on a regular basis. 

Blackjack Casinos FAQs

 What factors should I consider when trying to find Blackjack online casinos? 

When looking for a Blackjack online casino, you should always take safety and security into consideration amongst several other factors. These include whether the online gambling site is licensed by a reputable gambling authority or not, the array of Blackjack games available and the bonuses available. 

  Is it possible to play live online Blackjack?

Yes, it is possible to play live online Blackjack at many of the online gambling sites available. However, if you’d like to find a more comprehensive list of ranked and reviewed casinos with live casino games, we suggest having a look at our Live Casino page. 

 Where can I play Blackjack online for fun? 

You can play Blackjack online for fun right here on CasinoToplists by visiting our Free Blackjack page. However, if you prefer, you can also play the game for fun at various online gambling sites which offer the casino game for free. 

 Where can I get an online Blackjack Bonus? 

You can get an online Blackjack bonus at any online casinos that’s offering it. To find online casinos that are currently offering bonuses that can be used on Blackjack, have a look at our toplist above where we show the best online casino bonus that a particular casino online offers.

 How do I qualify to get a Blackjack Bonus? 

In order to qualify to get an online casino bonus, you must be of legal gambling age (18+ or 21+ depending on where you reside and the laws governing your jurisdiction), you must also be a registered player at the online casino offering the bonus and you must place a deposit. 

 Are there any Blackjack Tournaments I can play online?

From time to time online casinos organize Blackjack Tournaments. If you'd like to participate in one, we highly recommend having a look at our full guide to Blackjack Tournaments where you can find a great tracker for online tournaments. 

 AIs there a way to reduce the house edge significantly? 

Yes, you can use the house edge drastically by incorporating a combination of Basic Blackjack Strategy, Advanced Blackjack Strategy and Blackjack Card Counting

Bag a Blackjack Bonus & Start playing Blackjack for Real Money! 

As one of the most widely recognized casinos games the world over, Blackjack online has certainly seduced multitudes of people from all over the world to play the table game. Why? Well, many gamblers who are truly worth their salt know that Blackjack online is totally worth playing a) because it’s fun and b) because it can be profitable if played correctly.  So, go on and learn the rules, memorize our basic Blackjack online strategy, practice using our Free Blackjack game and when you finally feel confident enough, choose your casino and grab the best Blackjack Bonus from our comprehensive list of online casinos. 

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