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Blackjack Variations

Most of us keen gamblers out there all know how to play the classic version of Blackjack online, in fact, here at CasinoToplists, we even offer Free Blackjack! But what about the other variants? Here you'll learn a bit of the online variants you can find on the net along with how to play them.

So, What Can You Expect from other Blackjack Variants?

Well, take blackjack switch for instance, which is one of the most popular blackjack games. Here players get two separate blackjack hands every time they play. Then they are allowed to switch the top cards between the two hands to play whichever way they want to.

This obviously increases the players’ chances of getting strong hands, but with other slight changes in the rules the casino manages to tilt the odds slightly in their favor. They always do.

This is just one example of a unique blackjack variation. There are many others.

Here we will go through the most popular, exotic blackjack games you’ll find online. We teach you the rules, strategies and show how the casinos’ advantage changes compared to regular blackjack.

So if you’re ready to try something new, these are our blackjack favorites.

Blackjack Surrender

blackjack surrender blackjack variations

As the name implies, you’re allowed to give up your hand in blackjack surrender. Say that you get a two and a four on your first two cards while the dealer shows an ace, then the situation doesn’t look too bright. For the price of half a bet you will then be able to take back your wager. Here we show you how to play blackjack surrender and provide a few tips on when it’s correct to take give up. 

Blackjack Surrender


Atlantic City Blackjack

atlantic city blackjack variantions

One of the big draws of Atlantic City blackjack is that some variations of it have the lowest house advantage of any blackjack games at around 0.35%. You won’t come closer to a zero-sum game in any other casino game, offline or online. The big rule difference in Atlantic City blackjack is that dealer must stand on both hard and soft 17. In most blackjack games the dealer hits on soft 17, which is to the advantage of the casino.


blackjack variations

Pontoon has many different rules compared to regular blackjack. You could almost call this an entirely different game. For instance: players can double down or draw more cards after splitting aces, five card hands for the player that don’t go over 21 are winners and players must hit all point totals less than 15. These rules make pontoon a very action-filled game and if you play it right, the house edge is comparatively low.



Blackjack Switch

blackjack switch

As said in the intro, blackjack switch is one of the most popular unique blackjack variations online and the big “twist” is that players are allowed to swap top cards between the two hands they’re dealt when the game starts. To make up for this favorable rule for the player, the casino only pays 1:1 for blackjack and when the dealer gets 22, all hands are tied. However, even with these rules, the house edge is still below one percent.

Blackjack Switch


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