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Online Casino Software Guide 2019 - Which is Best?

Fact is that nowadays there are hundreds of different casinos available online. And consequently, there are multiple online casino software companies creating games for the online casinos peppering the web which all aim to fundamentally bring something different to the table. In our article below, our online casino experts go through the different types of software out there and list online casinos into toplists according to the software used. 

Best Software Providers

  • Parlay

    Born in 1998, Parlay Entertainment has been keeping casino game aficionados occupied for twenty years. Although it started as a humble online bingo software provider, Parlay Entertainment has kept evolving to include a medley of other casino games and now players can enjoy everything from Slots to Video Poker to Table Games. Interestingly, not only does Parlay Entertainment offer both the American and European variants of Roulette, but it has also created some versions of its own.

  • Netent

    NetEnt is perhaps one of the most experienced online software companies in the realm. The company which has been established since 1996 has been offering innovative software to various online casino companies since the inception of the ever-growing industry and has gained quite a name for itself over the years. The company has developed everything from Slots, Video Poker, table games and live casino software. Part of what makes its online casino games stand out is perhaps its bright and colorful graphics and designs.

  • Booming Games

    Despite the fact that Booming Games is relatively new to the iGaming field, its portfolio of casino games has certainly caused a stir amongst avid gamblers. And whilst the company has primarily focused on developing slots games rather than other casino games, it seems to have helped to grow their authority as casino software developers which primarily focus on Slots games.

  • Cryptologic

    There are few online casino software providers that can match the power of Cryptologic Casinos. Although the story of this software provider started in a basement in 1995, the company has gone from strength to strength and shows no sign of slowing down. With over 300 casino games to choose from and progressive jackpot games in vivid 3D, it’s little wonder that so many players go out of their way to play at a Cryptologic Casino.

  • Rival

    Although Rival Gaming’s catalogue of games is comparatively small, it feels like quite a solid selection. In fact, you can say that they’ve gone with quality instead of quantity. And with just over 100 games, everything from table games to slot machines is in place. In cooperation with Sheriff Gaming, Rival has produced amazing 3D slot machines, which are highly recommended. Since this is a smaller network compared to the giants in casino software, the jackpots won’t grow as large. But on the other hand, Rival Gaming provides a unique gaming experience.

  • TopGame

    TopGame is a comparatively new casino platform (launched in 2008,) but over the last few years, this software has become one of the most popular, especially in the United States. The design and graphics at TopGame-powered casinos are very impressive. However, the game portfolio is smaller compared to most competitors. But again, this is a fairly new piece of software, and since US players’ casino options are rather limited these days, it’s worth taking a closer look at.

  • Microgaming

    Microgaming is one of the real pioneers in online gaming. As a matter of fact, the company has been there since its inception in 1994 when the online casino industry became a reality. Since then, the company has grown steadily and is one of the largest casino software providers online to date. Their portfolio of casino games is comprised of about 600 games Slots, Video Poker and popular table games.

  • PlayTech

    Founded in Estonia, Playtech is a major mover and shaker in the online casino software world. Playtech Casinos are blessed with excellent graphics and an extremely user friendly interface. What’s more, with Playtech Software you can get different accounts for both real money games as well as free games. Playtech is such a software titan that you can easily find casinos which offer only Playtech powered casino games.

  • Real Time Gaming

    Real Time gaming was founded in 1998, which makes it one of the older pieces of casino software around. The site has continuously expanded with more games added and more casino partners using the platform. Today, RTG provide a complete gaming platform with most casino classics available. Also, many of the sites running on RTG still allow U.S. players. So for American casino enthusiasts, this is perhaps the best casino software.

Which Casino Software Provider Is the Best Out There?

As we’ve stated before, there are a number of online casino software companies out there in the digital realm that are all constantly competing against each other. And whilst they have all effectively manage to bring something or other to the ever-changing world of online gambling, there are some companies that are definitely better and more innovative than others. Of course, by reading our reviews you’ll be sure to get to clear picture of what our online casino experts think about each of the industry leaders in the field of software development for casinos. Here are a few criteria we keep in mind when reviewing these types of companies:

Our Criteria for Evaluating Online Casino Software :

game varietyGame Variety

One of the deciding factors when choosing an online casino to play at is the variety of online casino games available. And whilst you’ll find that casinos have more or less the same assortment of games to choose from, the variety of Slots online, Video Poker and table games fundamentally depends of what type of software the casino chooses to use.


Even if you don’t happen to be the artsy type, you can’t deny that part of the reason that you would typically choose one casino game over the other boils down to the type of visuals and sound games use. Whilst in the beginning of the online gambling revolution, there were only 2D casino games present in the realm nowadays there many companies have opted to go for 3D graphics and in some cases even VR.

music playerAudio

Without any sort of sound in the background, the vast majority of games would be considered to be rather humdrum. Luckily, online casino software companies typically also incorporate audio in order to emulate the online casino experience properly. The sound used usually ranges from classic music to sound tracks from some of the world’s most popular bands. Of course, the audios used usually mirrors the theme used.

chatLanguage Support

Provided that your mother tongue is English and you’d like to play online casino games without actually stepping foot in a brick-and-mortar casino, there are now many casinos on the net which cater to English speakers. And this is all fundamentally thanks to the language support the online casinos offer.

cross compatibiltyCross-Compatibility of games

In a digital age where smart phones have become the number one accessory for pretty much everyone to carry around, online casinos have had to adjust tremendously. And in fact many of them have done just so by making sure that the online casino software they use is cross-compatible. So in most cases, not only does this mean that casino games can be played on mobile, but it also means that they can be played on desktop too.

Types of Software

If you’ve visited a couple of casinos, you might have realized that many of them are quite similar. It’s almost as if the only thing that sets some of them apart is the color of the background and the promotional offers. Even though there are truckloads of casinos online, many of them are very similar. And essentially, the reason is simple: a lot of sites use the same casino software and therefore share games, jackpots and everything else that you – as a casino player – will find on the virtual casino floor. Two casinos using the same software tend to be quite alike. Yet, did you know that there are different types of casino software? We bet those of you who’ve only ever play casino games at a brick-and-mortar casino and never stepped foot in the virtual casino world don’t.

Which type of casino software is right for me?

Before any gambler decides to step into an online casino’s virtual doors, he/she definitely take the type of software casinos use into deep consideration. By the type of software used we don’t just mean the company who’s created the online casino games but also the type in terms of whether its instant play software, download software, live dealer software or virtual reality software. 

Now you might actually be asking yourself, ‘How do I actually decide which casino software is best for me without actually having ever played online before?’ Well, although we can honestly say that there are a few online casino software companies such as the ones present in our list above that we consider to be industry leaders, we must say that it’s fundamentally a matter of opinion as to which software company has the best games. Below you’ll find a short summary of all the different types of casino software in the glamorous world of digital casinos. Have a look below at the different types available:

Types of casino games software available

casino software

1. No Download Casino Software

Nowadays, many players who are looking to gamble online are looking for a gaming experience which is instantly accessible. And this is exactly why online casinos have started to offer their online casino games in instant play mode in order to be able to offer a No Download alternative to players. Of course, as you can imagine it’s all thanks to instant play online casino software that has been carefully designed and developed using Flash or HTML5. Whilst not all casino software companies have opted to create instant play online casino games, we can say that the majority of them have decided to swing in this direction in order to create a platform which is both convenient and accessible. If you'd like to find one to play at, we suggest visiting our No Download Casinos page. 

2. Casino Software Download

If you’ve visited online casino sites before, you’re probably aware that you’ll have to download the casino software in order to be able to play its games some of the time. And whilst instant play casino software is always very comfortable to use because of its accessibility, there’s no doubt that downloadable casino software enables the player to benefit from a far more immersive experience. “Why?” you ask. Well, this is simply due to the fact that download casinos typically offer more games than No Download Casinos do. Moreover, the graphics are also typically clearer and more immersive in comparison to their instant play counterparts due to the fact that the file size is far bigger and the resolution used for online casino games is far better as a result.

3. Live Casino software

The majority of the online casinos out there that are scattered all over the web all offer live dealer casino games in this day and age. And this is all thanks to the live casino software which powers them in this digital age! Amongst the table games you’ll be able to find at Live Casinos are the popular table games such as Blackjack online, Roulette, Baccarat, Sic Bo and Casino Hold’em. The casino software providers which make it possible for these live dealer casino games to be played by avid gamblers wanting to experience an immersive online gambling experience are none other than the online casino software giants NetEnt, Playtech and Microgaming. Through their software, table games are video streamed in real time and players are able to actually converse with live dealers too! Provided that you'd like to play these types of games, we recommend visiting our NetEnt Casinos, Playtech Casinos or Microgaming Casinos pages to find an online casino which has these types of games. 

4. Virtual Reality Casino Software

Fairly recently, the creation and refinement of VR technology paved the way for a vast change in gaming. With many affordable Virtual Reality Headsets now on the market, keen gamblers can now experience a fully immersive gambling experience which emulates gambling at brick-and-mortar casinos. Despite the fact that VR gambling is rather new, there are a few online casino software companies which have decided to hop on the train and start developing VR casino game.

Choose the Best Software Casino & Start playing!

There’s absolutely no doubt about it - gambling at one of the brick-and-mortar casinos at one of the world’s gambling Meccas is tons of fun. Yet, this is not only expensive but can also be really time consuming too. Now you’re probably wondering, is there really an alternative? Yes, there is indeed. You can gamble online instead. It’s way cheaper and emulates the casino experience that you’d typically get at a land-based casino. All you have to do is choose what type of software you prefer and head to our fantastic list of best online casinos by software type to find out which one offers the best software, games, customer support, array of languages and bonuses. Once you’ve managed to select an online casino to call your new gambling home, all you’ll need to do is deposit your bankroll choose your favorite game and start playing!