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Free Slots Online - Play Slots without spending a Cent

No matter if you’ve ever visited a casino or not before, you’ll certainly have a good idea of what a Slots machine looks and sounds like. And although you’ll find many a Slots game to play at brick and mortar casinos, there’s a plethora of Slots online games in all shapes and forms that are just waiting to be discovered. Never played before? At CasinoToplists, we’ve got the several no download Free Slots online games for you to play which you can enjoy for free without having to download anything at all. Check them out and start playing below!

Free Slots Games Online Right At Your Fingertips

Slots games have been around since 1985 and have been providing avid gamblers with great entertainment for years at land-based casinos in some of the world’s gambling meccas such as Las Vegas, Reno and Macau. And ever since the internet revolutionized the sector and many casinos took to the net to provide a gambling experience for all at the click of a button, the amount of online Slots games that can be enjoyed by keen gamblers has literally skyrocketed! Indeed, online casino software developers have created games with a plethora of different themes in order to please different types of players hailing from all over the globe.


Why play CasinoToplists's Free Slots games?

  •   Playing our Free Slots online games will help you determine whether or not you might enjoy playing for real money in the future;
  •   You’ll get the chance to learn the rules and strategies of typical slot games;
  •   When you play our Free Slots online games, you can enjoy a super fun gaming experience without any risks or need to join an online casino;
  •   There’s no need to download any software before playing any of our free Slots online games- just click and play straight in your browser!

Our Array of Free Casino Slots - No Download, No Problem!

At CasinoToplists, our online casino experts have handpicked a few Free Slots online games to host on our site which are cross-compatible for all devices. So whether you’re at home or seated on a bus commuting there, you’ll be able to play any of our Free Slots game no matter which device you choose to use. Our Free Slots online games are supported by Windows, Apple, Android and Blackberry platforms and may be played through the entire world’s leading browsers – Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Fruit Slots: A Free Slots Classic

The Fruits Slots Machine screams entertainment and suits players of any level of experience. There’s no confusion with this one; it’s as clear-cut as any other Free Slots online game out there. Essentially, it's a standard 5-reel, 3-row Slot featuring four fruit symbols, 3-letter symbols and a jolly. It offers players the chance to win big with a maximum bet of 10.00 credits coupled with a 20-line multiplier. As stated above, the cherry symbol’s the one you want to combine, as it renders a x5000 pay-out in a sequence of five. The pear is next in line (x2000), followed by the watermelon (x500). The peach and letter symbols offer the lowest pay-out (x150 for a sequence of five), which leaves us with the jolly symbol. The jolly may replace any of the other symbols to make up a winning combination.

Graphics, Audio & Gameplay for this Free Casino Slots Game

free slots onlineWe’ve gone for a straight-forwards slot design in our take on the classic slot machine. The game colorful, engaging and user-friendly. While the graphics may not hold up against flashier games you’ll find at big online casinos, the game visuals are sharp on all types of device screens and feature animations that will keep you captivated. The fruit slots game doesn’t boast advanced 3D animations you will encounter in some of the latest slots today, but every essential component of the classic game is factored into this no-download variant to ensure players get an authentic, no-frills and irresistibly fun slot gaming experience. The same may be said of the game’s audio which will mentally transport you straight to the buzzing, flashy setting of a classic casino. The sound effects are authentic but we’ve omitted the busy soundscape so that you can choose your own music when playing the online fruit slots. The game runs without a hitch too; no glitches, no annoying ghost images. It’s been thoroughly tested on smartphones, tablets and laptop computers using every major mobile operating system and every internet browser. It runs like clockwork each and every time.

How to Play The Fruits Slot Machine

Whether you’re a slots fan or a newbie, playing the Fruits Slot is fantastic fun! That’s the idea after all; for players who want to get acquainted with slots to try their hand at a free online version before staking their hard-earned cash on a real money game. Firstly, indicate the number of credits you’d like to wager on the next spin. Then select a multiplier by determining the number of lines on which you can make a winning combination. This way, you’ve established your bet on the next spin – the maximum bet is 10.00 credits with a 0.50 credit amount coupled with a 20x multiplier). Once you’ve determined your bet, simply hit the ‘spin’ button. It’s as easy as pie. To make it even easier, players get the option to push a single (Max Bet) button, which would stake a maximum of 10.00 credits and automatically spin the reels. It’s literally child’s play!


Mr Chicken: A Fun Free Slots Game 

free slots games

Mr Chicken is an HTML 5 game, meaning that it is well suited for support by the latest multimedia devices and can, therefore, be enjoyed to its fullest on your mobile screen, whether smartphone or tablet. So whether you’re relaxing at home or are out and about, Mr Chicken ensures constant entertainment at arm’s length.

Graphics and Audio

Mr Chicken looks great! The graphics are clean and clear, yet they are practical and never supersede their purpose. The developers seem to have thought pragmatically when it came to the game’s visuals, yet clearly gave attention to detail. The audio adds to the game’s overall theme, which is absolutely hilarious and downright quirky. The background music gives the player a sense of being at a funfair or carnival and the sound effects complement the animation well.

How to play Mr. Chicken

Playing Mr Chicken is chicken feed! Simply select the amount of coin you wish to bet - this may vary between 0.05 to 0.50 credits and may be increased by 0.05 at a time. Then select the multiplier on your wagered amount, which also determines the number of pay lines by which it is possible to land a winning combination for the ensuing spin (the maximum number of pay lines is 5). Once this is done, simply hit the ‘spin’ button and watch the reels revolve. A mere two identical symbols in a row would render a win. The higher the sequence of identical symbols, the higher the win. Should the player’s first spin not result in a win, the player is given the option to freeze up to three of the five reels on the slot, giving the player an added element of control over the following spin. Landing at least three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels at the end of a spin would take the player to an in-game bonus game, which is as easy as bonus games get to play. Simply choose one of the chickens displayed on the screen to collect your cash prize. The cash prize corresponding to each chicken in the bonus game would be unknown to the player while he/she is choosing and is revealed once the player’s choice is made.

Space Adventure Slots: A Free Bonus Slots Game For You to Play

slots online free

Space Adventure is a free Slots online game for sci-fi fanatics the world over. Essentially, it's a futuristic, space-themed all-out sci-fi five-reel, three-row slot with scatter symbols, a bonus game, and a wild symbol too. It’s also an HTML 5 slot, so it’s well supported by any modern mobile device as well as the most widely used web browsers, including Opera, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE10 and IE11. For a non-progressive slot, the Space Adventure Bonus Slot machine has it all and could be played from the comfort of your own home as well as while you’re out and about. Sci-fi slots are in high demand and this one stands testament as to why. It’s a lot of fun and offers a favorable chance to win. 

Graphics & Sounds of the Free Slots Game for Fun 

The graphics are really something! Clear, vibrant, defined and colorful. They’re a match for most modern slots on the market and the animation is flawless. Laser beams dash across the board to reveal winning combinations. Winning symbols also glow brightly and the neon coloring over a black background serves to bring out the space-theme. The game simply looks fantastic! The audio isn’t lacking either. A futuristic tune plays in the background at all times and serves to take the player into outer space. Sound effects, also futuristic, accompany the player’s every move on the main screen too. This game looks great, sounds great and plays like an absolute charm!

How to Play Our Space Adventure Free Online Slots Machine

The player must first select the amount of coin to be wagered on the next reel spin via the ‘coin’ button. This may vary in increments of 0.05 from 0.05 to 0.50. He/she must then choose the multiplier, which corresponds to the number of pay lines along which he or she may make winning combinations on the ensuing spin. Once the coin and pay line numbers are determined by the player, he or she must simply hit the ‘spin’ button and watch the reels rotate. Should his or her first spin not result in a win, the player gets the chance to hold up to three of the five available reels and spin the rest. This gives the player an added edge. As stated earlier, landing at least three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will automatically trigger a bonus game. This is even easier than the min game to play. Simply choose one of the displayed spaceships to win a cash prize. It’s beyond easy!

Soccer Slots: A Soccer-Themed Free Online Slots Game

free slots

Wherever in the world one travels, (s)he is sure to come across fans of the beautiful game. And the same could be said for slots aficionados. Well, if you happen to fall within both of these categories, you’re sure to love this one! Ultimate Soccer is a soccer-themed, 5-reel, 3-row slot that offers players the chance to win big with a wild/jolly symbol and a 20x multiplier.

The game does not feature any scatter symbols or bonus rounds. It’s a clear-cut, well-designed slot that may be enjoyed by players of any level of experience. Ultimate Soccer will not have you confused or lost, regardless of your level of slot expertise. The game features eight different soccer-themed symbols. Seven of these are standard slot symbols, each rendering different cash winnings when sequenced in two, three, four or five in a row at the end of a spin. More specifically, the Trophy and the Soccer Jersey render the biggest wins and only pay out when sequenced in three or more in a row. The soccer boots and four team crests, however, also render winnings when sequenced in twos. The eighth symbol depicts a soccer ball with the word ‘wild’ at the bottom. Yep, you guessed it; this is a jolly, which may replace any of the other symbols to make up a combination.

Games & Audio of the Free Slots Online Game

The game looks pretty good. It’s not going to wow you with superb animatronics and graphic illustrations, but it’s colorful, vibrant and easy on the eye. The visuals are pretty busy at times, helping to keep the player alert and engaged. The audio is as candid as the visuals, consisting of sound effects that complement the player’s in-game actions such as spinning the reels. The game contains no background music. An option to play in silence is also available at the touch of a button. The interface is extremely simple and quick to get acquainted with.

How to Play the Free Slots Online Soccer Game

The first step is for the player to choose how many coins (s)he would like to stake on the next spin. The minimum amount of coin one can wager is 0.05, while the maximum is 0.50. The next step is for the player to choose the number of possible pay lines by which (s)he could make winning combinations. The pay line number acts as a multiplier on the amount of coin chosen to make up the bet. So, for example, if a player chooses to stake 0.25 in coin and selects a 10 pay line for the next spin, the total bet for the next spin would be of 2.50. The subsequent step is for the player to hit the spin button, sit back and watch the reels go round. It’s as simple as that. What’s more is that if the player wants to bypass these three steps and bet big, hitting a ‘max bet’ button would bet the maximum amount of 10.00 (0.50 with a maximum 20x multiplier) and spin the reels automatically.

Free Slots Machines FAQs

  What is the best free slots machine game?

There’s an endless number of different slot machine types, but most tend to be modeled after the standard five or three-reel model. Themes vary dramatically - you’ll almost definitely find a slot machine featuring your favorite pop cultural themes somewhere online. Payout rates will differ, which is naturally an important factor to consider as a player intent on winning.

  Which is the best casino which offers free online slots to play?

Plenty of online casinos specialize in a selection of free online Slots games, but not all will have the best selection. Of course, The best online casino for free Slots online games will depend to a certain extent on your player preferences. However, we are firm believers that if you want a large variation of multi-reeled games to choose from, you should head to one of the bigger casino brands.

  How do I play slots games for free?

Playing slot games for free is just like playing slot games for real money at online casinos. All you have to do is choose how much money to bet, select the number of lines you’d like to bet on and finally just click on the ‘Spin’ button. That’s all there is to it really! Visit our Free Fruits Slots Machine page to start playing for free!

  Is there strategy I can use when playing free slot machines?

Slots are luck-based games - but that’s not to say you can’t keep a few tricks in mind to improve your odds and minimize losses. The first and most obvious slot game strategy tip is to only bet what you can afford to lose, and do so intermittently so you can play regularly over a period time rather than spend all your gaming funds in one go. Secondly, choose slot machines with the best payout rates and odds in your favor.

  What other free casino games are there available to play instead of Free Slots online?

Provided that you'd like to play something else other than Free Slots, you can choose to play a range of other games including Free Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Bingo and Free Keno too.

Play Free Casino Slot machines, Then Head to a Real Money Casino!

If you’ve grown sick and tired of playing table games, like Blackjack online, Roulette and Craps, at online casinos, you might just want to explore your other options in terms of other games to play. And with such a large variety and different types of games to play (including bonus ones too!), Slots online just might prove to be your game of choice! Just try out a few of our Free Slots online games without even spending any money whatsoever and turn your moments of boredom into moments of pure fun! Fundamentally, all you need is an internet connection and some spare time on your hands – absolutely no money is needed. Once you’ve learned the ropes of how to play Free Slots online, go ahead and find an online casino to play your favorite Slots online game for real money and start winning some cash!

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