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Free Video Poker - Learn How to Beat the Odds

Poker is a globally loved and strategically fascinating game known to all. Playing online is both fun and convenient - especially when presented in the classic arcade format known as video poker! We provide a free video poker game which allows you to practice your poker skills before heading to the tables to stake your cash. Our free game is a standard Jacks or Better variant that comes to you in HTML5 format, for enjoyment on any mobile device and on any OS.


Why play CasinoToplist's Free Video Poker Game?

  •   Find out whether free video poker games are for you!
  •   You can practice your skills before playing online poker for money;
  •   Playing video poker at means you'll enjoy an immensely fun gaming experience without any obligation to sign-up to an online casino site.

Video Poker

Video Poker refers to a digital format through which to enjoy the classic card game, traditionally played at online casinos on a computer similar in appearance to slot machines. Online, video poker games reflect what you would see on the traditional machine screen and tends to be based on the five-card draw variant of poker. Normally, video poker rules and gameplay only vary slightly between variants. The differences tends to lie in which of the standard winning hands pay-out and which do not. Our free version of video poker here at is a Jacks or Better variation, meaning that standard single pairs have no value to the player unless they are Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces – hence the name Jacks or Better. It is played using a regular 52-card deck, without jokers. Any other winning hand in a classic poker game (other than the pair of a lesser value than jacks) will equal a win for the player.   

Free Online Video Poker

This free Video Poker Jacks or Better  is as straight-up as they come; it can be described as no-frills poker that focuses solely on the gameplay. In other words, it’s perfect for the beginner who wants to practice their game void of distractions like flashy animations, as well as for the seasoned poker player who wants nothing but pure poker. The interface is extremely user-friendly, making it easy for players of all levels to quickly get familiar with the controls. The graphics are crisp and complemented by accompanying audio that truly gives you the feel of classic video poker. Best of all - the game runs smoothly on any device and OS thanks to its snazzy HTML5 design.  What more can one ask for to play free video poker online?

How is the Game Played?

free video poker

If you’ve had any experience playing poker of any type, then you’ll have no problem quickly getting acquainted with our free game. That being said, newbies to the world of poker will also find that this variant of online video poker is a great way to learn the rules and bolster your skills. Playing is simple!

1) Start by establishing how much you would like to stake on the next hand by determining your dollar amount and your multiplier. These will be combined to determine your bet amount. The maximum dollar amount you may select is $5 - just like the maximum multiplier (5), making the highest possible bet for each hand $25.

2) To select the multiplier value, use the ‘Bet One’ button. This will up your multiplier by 1 every time you click or press it. To increase or decrease your chosen dollar amount for each ensuing hand, use the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons respectively.

3) Once you’ve established your bet for the next hand, just hit the ‘deal’ button. This will make the virtual dealer deal five up cards.

4) Then, choose the cards you wish to keep as part of your hand and hit the ‘draw’ button. The unselected cards will be replaced by fresh cards from the pack.

5) If what you have at hand is any standard winning poker hand apart from a single pair, you win. If it’s a single pair that you have, as stated earlier, it must be of Jacks or Better (Q, K or A) for you to win. The better the hand ranking, the bigger the win.

Free Video Poker Play - FAQs

   What is video poker?

Video poker is a type of poker game presented in the style of slots. This twist on the classic card game, played on a computerized machine, is widely available at casinos. Based on five-card draw, this game is hugely popular because of its simplicity and favorable odds. The rules and odds in video game poker depend on the variant played. Different variants may also offer varying levels of difficulty. 

   How is video poker different from regular poker and online poker?

Video poker differs from traditional or online poker in a number of ways. Whilst poker is typically a social game (you’d play against opponents at a casino and online), in video poker you are typically playing against the computer. Video poker requires considerably less time-commitment, as several games can be played in quick succession of one another, which differs starkly from the longer games or tournaments you'd find at traditional and online casinos. Furthermore, the style of poker played is based on five-card draw - a much more simpler style of poker than Texas Hold'Em, which tends to be the variant you'd find at the average online poker room.

   How is video poker different from slots?

Many fans of video poker will point out that, though also typically played on machines, slots are an entirely different game. It’s true that the odds are more in your favor when you play video poker. There’s strategy behind most poker variants, but no way of increasing your chances of winning in your average slot game. Whilst they are presented in similar formats, video poker and slots are therefore very different in terms of how much the player involves him or herself, and what returns they could realistically make from playing.  

   What types of video poker can I play?

There are multiple types of online video poker to choose from! Try different types in determining which one you enjoy the most. You can start with the popular Jacks or Better which is available for free at Simply click on the ‘Play Now’ button above to start your free game of online video poker. Once you get a feel for online video poker, you might want to head over to our list of top online casinos offering a variety of game options.

   Which type of video poker is best?

There’s no telling which type of game you'll find most fun until you try them all! However, if you’re looking for the variant which holds the best odds in your favor then it is advisable to choose the popular variants Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and Aces or Eights. When you play Jacks or Better, look for games offering the best max payout percentages - and keep an eye out for progressive jackpots!

   Where can I play free video poker online?

If you just want to play online video poker for fun, then a free and straight-forward variant of the game is best for you! Here at, you can play online Jacks or Better for free and as much as you like - no sign-up, no download!

   How can I get better at video poker?

One of the best things about online video poker is that it is beatable! Like with any casino game, luck plays a big part - but unlike in roulette or slots, you can employ some seriously odds-increasing strategy when playing video poker. Knowing the poker hands inside out, as well as learning which combinations are valued highest in each variant of the game, will allow you to play more wisely. Only bet what you can afford to loose, and be sure to practice with fake money before you play for real money. For more tips on how to maximize your winnings, check out our video poker strategy guide!

   Which are the best online casino sites for video poker?

For the most enjoyable games, best bonuses and top deals - check out our list of top online casinos offering video poker

   What are video poker tournaments?

Video poker tournaments tend to be games that are defined to be a specific number of hands or a certain amount of time. In other worse, the tournament is up when you've played the final hand or when the time runs out. For time-sensitive tournaments, you should be confident enough to play quickly and employ the best video poker strategy that is preferable to that kind of gameplay.

   Are there any free casino games to play other than free Video Poker? 

Yes, there are lots of other free casino games to play including, Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, Free Keno and many more. 

Play Video Poker today! 

So if you’re looking to practice your poker skills without staking a single dollar, or simply wanting to occupy your time during those spare moments of the day - then here it is! You don’t have to be a poker whizz to enjoy this free game. Play a few hands of the beloved card game now and improve your poker skills today!

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