Free Keno Game - Play Game without spending a dime

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Free Keno Game - Play Game without spending a dime

Since its introduction into the iGambling world, online Keno has taken the world by storm becoming an extremely popular casino game amongst players of all ages. This glorified game merges Lotto and Bingo into one and possesses incredibly easy rules for players to follow and learn. So what’s the primary goal in Keno? Simply to predict the numbers which will be drawn and win the prize! What’s even better about playing it online is the fact that you can enjoy playing multiple games at one go without any distractions if you’re strapped for time. If you’re curious about what the game has to offer for you as a casino player, you can join in the fun and learn about what the game has to offer without losing a dime by clicking on the button above! The free play money will allow you to play as many times as you want.

Picking numbers and deciding on how many games to play

free keno Once CasinoToplists’s Free Keno game has loaded you’ll notice that a digital keno card will appear on your screen which comprises of a grid numbered from 1-80. In our free version, you can choose to bet on 1 to a maximum of 15 numbers. The choice of which numbers and how many numbers to bet on is entirely yours. On the other hand, if you have no clue which numbers to hand-pick out of the lot you can always just click on the ‘Quick Pick’ option to get the flash game itself to select the numbers for you. This option will automatically pick 10 numbers at random. No matter which method you choose to employ, your selection of numbers will be highlighted in yellow to make them visible to you.

Keep in mind that your selection is alterable just in case you change your mind about which ones to bet on. Deselecting the numbers with your mouse will enable you to do this and clicking on the desired number will then leave the number highlighted in yellow. One other thing you should also be aware of is the fact that it’s quite important to select between the options of $5 or $10 bets for each number you’ve selected by clicking on the red arrow. 

After you’ve made your selection, you can choose to play a single round or 5 consecutive rounds by pressing one of the bright yellow buttons marked ‘Play 1’ and ‘Play 5’. Nonetheless, if you’re feeling particularly lucky and have enough free play money to spend, you can also choose to play 10 successive rounds by clicking on the green ‘Play 10’ button. Really and truly, the choice is up to you! Finally, once you’ve completed all these steps the flash game will draw numbers randomly and mark them with a red X symbol on the grid to show which ones have been drawn by the game. The amount of numbers you manage to guess will be displayed on the right side of the screen and are shown in each round.

Tricks and Tips to keep in mind when you’re playing Keno

Even though CasinoToplists’s game is completely free of charge, you should still keep a few tactics in mind especially if you’re practicing to ultimately play on a real money casino site. Below are a few tips to guide you in playing:

1) Learn how to manage your bankroll whilst playing Keno. Don’t bet on too many numbers if you haven’t got enough money to spend.

2) The higher the amount of numbers you bet on, the bigger the payout you’ll be able to get.

3) Don’t pick up the pace too quickly if you start hitting numbers as this might lead you to losing your winnings quickly.

4) Payouts normally vary according to the amount of numbers you’ve bet on, so it’s best to refer to the table which is displayed on the left side of the screen to be able to calculate if the bet you’re making is worth the payout.

Which site should you select when playing for real money?

Playing Keno is simple, fun and captivating, hence providing you with a thrilling gambling experience. Provided that you’ve learnt how to play it through our free game, you might want to give playing Keno for real money a try! Take a look at our list of best online Keno casinos and select a site which offers you the best sign up bonuses, promotions and payouts.