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Free Keno

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Free Keno

Since its introduction in the iGaming world, online Keno has taken the world by storm becoming an extremely popular casino game among players of all ages. And while it’s a game that’s predominantly based on luck, this doesn’t in any way mean that there’s no hope of winning the large prize on offer. Interested in playing this game of chance? If so, read our how to win Keno page and practice by playing our Free Keno game. Then simply sign up to a Keno casino, grab a bonus and play away till the wee hours to the morning! 

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Why Play CasinoToplist's Online Keno for Free?

Playing our free online keno game will allow you to decipher whether you like the game or not;

You’ll get to learn the ins and outs of the game and practice for free; 

It will enable you to introduce Keno strategy into your gameplay.

About our Free Online Keno Games

free kenoJust like other free Keno games that are found online, our casino game at CasinoToplists meshes two wonderful and renowned games of chance, Lotto and Bingo. The game bears many similarities to Bingo because it uses a grid and it also simulates an element of Lotto due to the fact that Keno players are expected to select a few numbers in order to predict the outcome. Other than the fact that the game bears many similarities to two of the most popular game of chance on the net, this glorious game is highly favoured by gamblers of all ages because it possesses incredibly easy rules for players to follow and learn. And the Keno strategy to employ is not really hard at all.

Although it’s always tons of fun to play this casino game at a brick and mortar casino where you can chat away with friends as you wait for the numbers to be drawn during each round, online Keno offers the fantastic opportunity to play the game in the comfort of your own home. Moreover, you can also choose to play multiple games at one go without any distractions if you’re strapped for time or simply would like a better shot at winning an amount of money at the casino. If you’re curious about what the game has to offer for you as a casino player, you can join in the fun and learn about what the game has to offer without losing a dime by clicking on the button above! The free play money will allow you to play as many times as you want.

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How to Play Online Keno Free

1) Load the Free Keno game

The first to playing CasinoToplist’s free Keno is to load the game by clicking ‘Play Now’. Once CasinoToplists’s Free Keno game has loaded you’ll notice that a digital card will appear on your screen. The card features a numbered grid with a range of numbers from 1-80.

2) Choose how much to bet

Prior to selecting your numbers, you’ll need to choose how much to bet. In our free Keno game, you’ll notice that the default bet is set to $0.5. However, you’ll be able to set it as you please by using the – and + signs displayed on either side of the small window at the bottom displaying the amount. Essentially, the betting amount you’ll be able to choose varies from $0.1 to $5.

3) Make your number selection

Once you’ve decided how much to bet, it’s now time to go ahead and place your bet. In our free version, you can choose to bet on 1 to a maximum of 15 numbers. The choice of which numbers to choose is entirely yours. However, one thing you should note before selecting the numbers is that the payout you’d be able to get increases according to the amount of numbers you choose. To select your numbers all you need to do is click on the numbers. Once you’ve proceeded with your selection, the numbers will be highlighted on the grid itself. Keep in mind that your selection is alterable should you change your mind about which ones to bet on. Deselecting the numbers with your mouse will enable you to do unpick them and clicking on the desired number will then leave the number highlighted in silver.

Note: In some other free Keno games you’ll be able to find online, you’ll be able to pick the ‘QuickPick’ option to enable the game to hand-pick the numbers for you instead. This option will automatically pick 10 numbers at random.

4) Decide how many rounds to play

After you’ve made your selection, you can choose to play a single round or five consecutive rounds by pressing one of the buttons marked ‘Play One’ and ‘Play Five’ respectively.
Really and truly, the choice of how many rounds you’d like to play using that particular selection of numbers and the betting amount is up to you!

5) Find out how many numbers you’ve hit and the payout

Finally, once you’ve completed all these steps the HTML5 game will draw numbers randomly and mark them colourful keno balls. The amount of numbers you’ve managed to hit along with the payout will be displayed in the side window.

Tricks & Tips When You’re Playing Keno Games Free

Even though CasinoToplists’s game is completely free of charge, you should still keep a few tactics in mind especially if you’re practising to ultimately play on a real money casino site. Below are a few tips to guide you in playing:

  • Learn how to manage your bankroll whilst playing Keno. Don’t bet on too many numbers if you haven’t got enough money to spend.
  • The higher the amount of numbers you bet on, the bigger the payout you’ll be able to get.
  • Don’t pick up the pace too quickly if you start hitting numbers as this might lead you to losing your winnings quickly.
  • Payouts normally vary according to the amount of numbers you’ve bet on, so it’s best to refer to the table which is displayed on the left side of the screen to be able to calculate if the bet you’re making is worth the payout.

Free Keno FAQs

  How does one play Free Keno games? 

Playing Free Keno games is as easy as pie and here at CasinoToplists, it couldn't be easier. All players need to do is click on the 'Play Now!' button at the top of the page and wait for the game to load.

  How does one get the best freeware Keno?

At CasinoToplits, you don't even need to download the Keno software to play, all you need to do is open the free keno page and start to play.

  What's the best way to win at Free Keno? 

The best way to better your chances when playing free keno is by playing multiple tickets at the same time. This method will ensure that you a better your chances of hitting the right numbers. After you've practised enough, you can always move to one of our exclusive toplists and start to play for real money.

  Is there a strategy that I can use when playing Free Keno?

Sadly, as I'm sure you already know, there's no real strategy to beat the house. Keno really is a game of luck through and through.

Play Free Keno Games Online, Then Play For Real Money!

Many Keno players around the globe will all agree that playing Keno is simple, fun and captivating. Not only does it provide you with a thrilling gambling experience, but it can also provide you with a lucrative payout too! Fundamentally, the keys to winning at such a game are to know the rules like the back of your hand and to employ a few Keno Strategy tips and tricks. Once you’ve practised playing our free Keno game, we highly recommend playing Keno for real money at one of our recommended Keno Casino to get in the chance of walking away with a handsome amount of money.

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