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High or Low

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High or Low

We’ve all played a quick game of high or low at some point in our lives. High or Low is a super-quick, easy and amusing card game requiring no skill or knowledge on the player’s part and offering potential for big money wins. This HTML 5 version of the effortless game is playable on all major mobile OSs and through all of the most popular web browsers. It’s fun, addictive and suitable for players of any level.

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About High or Low

All you need to win at High or Low is a little bit of luck. There’s really nothing to it. It is played using a standard deck of fifty-two cards, faced down and requires the player to predict whether the next card to be uncovered will be a high card or a low card. If the player guesses, he/she wins the pot. Number cards from 2 till 7 are considered low cards while the 8, 9, 10 and picture cards are considered high cards. The Ace is considered both a high and a low card, meaning that the player always wins when an Ace is drawn. It’s fun and it’s as easy as ABC.

Gameplay, Audio and Visuals

High or Low was made to be played on mobile devices and the way the game fares on a mobile screen shows it. The gameplay is smooth and free of glitches and the game looks absolutely great! The main screen features a lush green casino table, not unlike your average Blackjack table, with casino chips and a wood finish around table’s perimeter. This gives the player a real sense of immersion, while the fine swing/jazz tunes in the background evoke a sense of real style. Players who wish to play in silence also have the option to mute the audio with a button on the main screen designed for that very purpose. The game’s sound effects are also agreeable in their subtlety. Although animations are lacking in High or Low, which is understandable considering the simple and quick nature of the game, the graphics look absolutely fantastic. The interface simply never gets old.

How to play High or Low

The first step for a player playing High or Low is to place a bet by selecting chips to be placed on the table. There is no maximum bet and the player may choose among chips of a value of $1, $5, $10, $25 and $100 to place his/her bet. The minimum bet is $1. A ‘clear bet’ button enables the player to correct any mistakes when placing chips. Once the chips are on the table, a ‘bet’ button will cause the ‘high’ and ‘low’ options on the main screen to light up. The player must simply select one of the two options, which would in turn uncover the card at the top of the deck to reveal whether the player has won or lost. An ‘all in’ button, as the name implies, will stake all of the player’s remaining chips in a single round. If the player wins, he/she would collect twice the amount he/she would have wagered for that round, meaning that wins pay out at 100% the player’s bet. Once the player is happy with his/her accumulated winnings, a ‘give up’ button at the bottom left hand corner of the main screen will end the game and enable the player to collect.


Simplicity is the name of the game here. Card games simply do not get any easier than this one. It’s as addictive as it is simple however, and with the Ace card being a wild card, the odds are slightly in the player’s favour. It’s all about grinding; all about restraint.

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