High Roller Casinos 2017 - Gamble BIG, Win BIGGER

High Roller Casinos 2017 - Gamble BIG, Win BIGGER

On this high roller casino page you will find all the details about casinos which provide the best service for the wealthiest players who have an eye and a taste for the finer things in life. Make sure to take a good look around and get your bonus!

Rank Casino Bonus Amount High Roller Requirements Play Now
1 $1000

Deposit a minimum of £2,000 and you will receive an additional Bonus up to £1,000 + 25 Free Spins!

Min Deposit$2000
Min Wager75000
Min Wager Explanation25 x Deposit & Bonus
Play Now
2 $25000

500% bonus on the first 5 deposits of 1000 USD.
(Deposit 1000 $ get 5000 $.)

Min Deposit$25
Min Wager150000
Min Wager Explanation25 x Deposit & Bonus
Play Now
3 $1000

Deposit between €1,000 to €1,499 to enjoy a €300 bonus
Deposit between €1,500 and €2,999 and you’ll receive a €500 bonus
Deposit more than €3,000 you will receive an amazing bonus of €1,000!
You can take advantage of this High Rollers Bonus Plan on four consecutive deposits.

Min Deposit$1000
Min Wager100000
Min Wager Explanation25 x Deposit & Bonus
Play Now
4 $2000
Min Deposit$800
Min Wager84000
Min Wager Explanation30 times your deposit and bonus
Play Now
Terms and conditions might apply to these offers.

Finding the Best High Roller Casino out there!

Links to terms and conditions of the high roller bonus offers plus additional casino information from the reviews of the high roller casinos can all be found in the top list.Of course, in order to make the best possible decision for yourself, it is somewhat necessary to put in the ground work and ask yourself which casino games you like best and what aspects of an online casino are most important to you. It’s not only of tantamount importance to read the reviews and discover what collections of games particular casinos have in their arson, what their graphic quality is and how user-friendly they are, but you must also consider whether or not these characteristics match your wishes and desires.

What should you know about High Roller Casinos? 

High Roller Casinos are for players who would like to invest large sums of money. 

These types of casinos feature exclusive bonuses, tables and game rooms for high rollers.

The more money you deposit at a High Roller Casino, the greater your profits could potentially be. 

Exclusive Bonus Offers

highroller casinosIf you like to gamble, and you like to gamble big, welcome to the “high roller” lifestyle where you'll enjoy plenty of perks and special offers. Online casinos will do almost anything in their reach to attract you as a customer, which means that will receive special treatment by casinos and will often be eligible for special high roller bonuses and promotions that are not offered to other players just for being a big spender.

Indeed, if you’re one of the biggest fish in the pond, not only will you enjoy the kind of red carpet treatment meant for people as special as you, but since you’re considered to be nothing short of a superstar, you'll be assigned a casino host, just like in Vegas! Your casino host will not only be assigned to you to help with deposits and withdrawals, but he or she will also tell you about special bonuses and other deals as soon as they come out - if it’s exclusive perks and offers you’re after, there truly is nothing better than being a VIP.

Always Check the Terms and Conditions

highroller casinos terms and conditionsAlthough all the bonus deals you'll find on our site are solid offers which have been handpicked and filtered just for you, there are some important differences to bear in mind. Many players only focus on how big the bonus offer is, ignoring some of the very important terms and conditions which might actually make a smaller bonus more profitable than a larger one.

At some high roller casinos, you have to wager your initial deposit and bonus more times than at others and at some casinos the bonus is restricted to certain types of casino games. Other casinos have time restrictions on their bonus programs, yet most high roller casinos apply a mixture of the above mentioned terms and conditions.

The Thrill of Gambling

Gambling is about letting loose and having a good time whilst feeling the exhilarating rush of adrenaline and pleasure. As any high roller worth his salt knows, part of the excitement of gambling is in betting a sizeable amount of money that will be missed, because if you’re not going to go big, you might as well stay at home for all the difference it will make! The bottom line is, if you don't care whether you win or lose, you won't enjoy the playing of the game itself and you might as well just give away your money!

Work hard, play harder!

It would seem that even when it comes to their free time business men are savvy as the undisputed high roller favourite is Baccarat followed by Blackjack due to the fact that both games offer a low casino edge. Although many high rollers do play Roulette, Craps and Pai Gow (one of the greatest high rollers of them all, the Sultan of Brunei once placed $250,000 chips all over a roulette table on each spin during one of his sojourns at a Las Vegas Casino), the real action usually goes down in private no-limit Baccarat rooms. Furthermore, because high rollers are usually also frequent travellers, they often employ the “hit and run” tactic whereby they are allowed to take their money as soon as they win it.

Discover High Roller Casinos and Get Ready to Win A Fortune

There’s little to no doubt that high rollers are usually hard workers who want to play mean out of the boardroom too - our packages have been formulated with this in mind and ensure that players get royal treatment all the way to the bank and beyond!

Terms and conditions might apply to these offers.