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Jacks or Better

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Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is a fun Poker variation available to you in an HTML 5 version. Enjoy it at any time, from anywhere through your mobile device. It’s compatible with all of the most popular mobile Operating Systems and playable through Firefox, Chrome, Explorer and Safari. Accessibility is definitely no issue with this one! Also, did we mention it’s extremely fun and addictive to play? Oh yeah, and you can win big too.

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Jacks or Better General Info

It’s Poker, the casino card game everyone loves to play and watch, only with a twist. The game is played with a standard 52-card deck containing no jolly, wild or joker cards. With Jacks or Better, the difference to classic Poker, as the name implies, is that single pairs are of no value unless they are Jack pairs or better (Queens, Kings and Aces). Otherwise, all of the classic Poker winning hands remain true to the classic version.

Looks and Sounds

Again, this is a poker game, and it’s a straight up one at that. Don’t expect superfluities when it comes to the graphics; don’t expect extravagance. It’s an unadorned Poker game for the resolute Poker lover. And who doesn’t love poker? The interface is extremely simple to navigate and get habituated in. There are no complications and the animations are quite standard, as one would expect of any serious Poker game. The background music is jazzy and elevating and the sound effects really do complement the gameplay. No complaints from us as far as sights and sounds are concerned.

How is the game played?

If you’ve played Poker at least once in your life, you will definitely have no trouble with playing Jacks or Better. But that’s not to say the game’s not a good place to start either. Firstly, determine the bet for the ensuing hand through a combination of the dollar amount you wish to pot and the multiplier. The maximum dollar amount one can stake is $5 and the highest possible multiplier is also 5, making the maximum bet for each hand $25. The ‘Bet One’ button increases the multiplier in increments of 1, while the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons control the dollar amount at stake. Once your bet is determined, hit the ‘Deal’ button to expose five cards facing upwards. At this point, the player has the option to ‘hold’ or keep any or all of the five cards dealt. Choose the cards you would like to hold and hit the ‘draw’ button to replace the unselected cards. If you end up with any standard Poker hand other than a single pair, you win. If it’s a single pair you end up with, you win if it’s Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces and loose if it’s anything else. The higher the multiplier, and the stronger the hand, the higher the pay-out. Child’s play! You can also always revise the general video poker rules and video poker strategy.

Closing Remarks

Jacks or Better is an extremely fun variant of the timeless classic. It’s for everyone, not just Poker buffs, as it doesn’t require any obscure knowledge or skills. There are no mathematics involved either. So whether you’re a Poker star or completely new to the game, you’ll definitely enjoy a game of Jacks or Better if you enjoy poker at all. It’s just a great way to occupy idle hands. 

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