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Maestro Casinos 2020

Maestro is a vastly popular debit card owned by MasterCard. In most countries around the world, it serves as the main competitor to Visa’s Electron series and works in pretty much the same manner. Within most of the European Union however, it serves as MasterCard’s main debit card and does not require PIN-verification and bank authorization for every transaction. Read through the article to learn more about Maestro casinos. 

Maestro Casinos Overview

Maestro cards are a subsidiary of MasterCard, which in turn makes online casinos prone to accepting their use as a banking option. Maestro Cards are not issued by MasterCard as such, but by associate banks that are authorised by MasterCard to supply their clients with the cards. The bank account associated with one’s Maestro card can never be overdrawn, as Maestro does not offer users a credit facility. Just like a credit card, you can use it in all shops around the world, to withdraw money, and to make online payments.


Why Should You Play at Maestro Casinos?

  •   Maestro is widely accepted and internationally recognised;
  •   Quick transfer times;
  •   No risk of getting into credit debt;
  •   Highly secure method of payment.

Register for a Maestro Card

Maestro is owned by MasterCard, and just like applying for a MasterCard credit card, you need to go through your bank if you would like a Maestro debit card and apply for the card to link with your bank account. If you don’t want to use Maestro with your current bank account, you can also apply for a prepaid Maestro card and apply directly with various Maestro card issuers approved by MasterCard.

Depositing & Withdrawing Using Maestro

Maestro casinosUsing a Maestro card to deposit funds into a casino account is quick and easy. It works just like any other debit card, except for the 4-6 digit PIN number that users are required to enter along with the standard requisite information. This may be the case with some other debit cards, but it’s not the case with all.

Once users have registered with a Maestro casino, they are to select Maestro as a banking option through the casino’s cashier. They are then required to fill in a standard form, submitting their card details as they would when making any other purchase online such as your card number, name on the card, expiry date, and the CVV (the three-digit number on the back of the card). Users must then indicate the amount they wish to deposit into their casino account. Once the transaction is authorised by the player’s bank, the deposit will be processed. Remember, whether it’s a Maestro debit card or a Maestro pre-paid card, users must use their own, pre-deposited funds to make payments.

As per regulations, players at Maestro casinos are not allowed to withdraw their winnings back into their bank account through Maestro. However there are plenty of other withdrawal methods to choose from, check with the online casino you are playing at to see which withdrawal methods they accept, and then read through the various payment options reviews on our site to gain a better understanding if you are unfamiliar with some of them.

Transfer Times

Once a user’s transaction is authorised by his/her bank, any deposit made into a casino account is processed instantly and the players' account is updated in real time. Normally, using a Maestro to deposit into a casino account would have a user playing casino games within a matter of minutes. Needless to say, withdrawals are not instantaneous; they rarely ever are. They are quick when using Maestro in comparison to other banking methods, however. Depending on your bank and casino of choice, withdrawals may take between a single and a few days to appear in your personal bank account.

Fees at Maestro Casinos

There are no fees whatsoever when using Maestro to make payments online, which is one of the biggest advantages when playing at a Maestro casino. This is because it is linked directly to your bank account and facilitates a direct debit money transfer. Maestro will not charge you anything for the use of the card, however, you need to check with the online casino you are playing at for any hidden fees such as transactional fees charged by the online casino.

Customer Support

MasterCard offers direct support through telephone services as well as e-mail. All the information pertaining to this is available on the company’s official website. Naturally, Maestro cardholders are entitled to these services as much as any other MasterCard client. As stated earlier however, Maestro cards are not issued by MasterCard per se, but by financial institutions authorised to distribute Maestro cards. Therefore, it is advisable for Maestro card users to go to their local card supplier with any problems or queries.

Safety & Security at Maestro Online Casinos

You do not need to worry much about your payments when playing at a Maestro casino, as a subsidiary of MasterCard, Maestro card users are offered the same level of security as the famous credit card. The Maestro card is covered by state-of-the-art security technology, as well as offering cardholders a MasterCard SecureCode to protect against unauthorised use of your card. When placing a payment at the Maestro casino of your choice, if you have registered for a SecureCode with your bank, then a secure window will pop up from your bank asking you to input your secure code. Only you and your bank will know what this code is. All you need to do is enter your SecureCode, the SecureCode will be confirmed, then the transaction will be completed. 

Advantages of Using Maestro Casinos

 Available the World Over

One of the best aspects of having a Maestro card is that it is accepted practically everywhere – you will be spoiled for choice when selecting an online casino to play at. Take a look at the toplist on this page for the very best maestro casinos on the web.

 Secure Payments with SecureCode

As you will be asked to provide a SecureCode with every transaction, you will know that your card details will always remain safe and that you are not at risk of any fraudulent activity happening with your card.  

 You Stick to Your Budgets

You cannot go into debt when playing with a Maestro casino as your Maestro card is linked to your bank account and you will have to have funds already there in order for your payment to be accepted.

 Instant Money Transfers

You do not need to wait for approval from either party to make a money deposit. Once you go through the process of making a payment the amount you chose to deposit will appear instantly in your online casino account. 

 No Fees

Maestro does not charge its cardholders any money for making payments as all payments are directly debited from your bank account.  

Disadvantages of Using Maestro Casinos

 Can't be Used to Withdraw Winnings

Due to restrictions on MasterCard, Maestro cardholders are not able to receive any money from winning games at online casinos through their Maestro card.

Maestro Casinos - FAQs

  What are Maestro casinos?

Maestro casinos are online casinos where players are able to use a Maestro debit card in order to make a deposit and/or a withdrawal.   

  Which casinos accept Maestro as a payment method?

If you would like to see the very best online casinos that accept Maestro, then look no further than our toplist featured on this page. All casinos have been reviewed by our experts and we display only those online casinos which we believe to be top notch.

  Can I withdraw my winnings using my Maestro card?

The Maestro card can only be used to make deposits into your online casino account, and not to withdraw any winnings.  You can select from many other payment methods to withdraw funds back into your account.

  Will I be charged additional fees to use Maestro at an online casino?

You will never be charged to use your Maestro card as Maestro is a debit card, and all payments are taken directly from your bank account. It is unusual for an online business to charge for the use of the card, but you may need to check with the online casino in question to make sure they do not have any processing fees of their own. 

Master the net with Maestro!

Recommending Maestro as a banking option with online casinos is a no brainer for Casino Toplists. The transaction verification process attached to it through the 4-6 digit PIN makes it safer than most other options, while its association with MasterCard makes it reputable and reliable. Its associated limits on spending are another plus for online gamers who need that extra reassurance that they’re not spending beyond their means. Many casinos out there will reward Maestro users with certain bonuses too and finally, it’s a very widely used debit card across the globe, meaning that it’s accepted by many online casinos. This gives players freedom of choice in terms of casinos that suit their needs. 

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