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New Online Casinos 2020

In the world of iGaming, new online casinos pop up on a regular basis. However few of these make the cut in competing with the big boys; those well-established brands that boast years of experience and the trusted reputation that comes with being a household name. So why play at new online casinos at all? At, we believe there are many advantages to choosing a newly-emerged and fast-growing online casino over a bigger brand. Below, we’ve listed those fresh new casino sites that do make the cut in having impressed us with their modern range of excellent games, slick software, user-friendly design and attention to player security.

Choosing to register at a classic, big-name casino site has its benefits - convenience being the foremost one of them, but for those who crave a little more than than traditional slots and regular roulette, a new online casino will be far more appealing.  Amazingly, there emerges - on average - one new online casino per day. There's no end to the number of entrepreneurs, small businesses and game developers who want to play a part in the exciting and fast-developing online casino boom. While the wealth of innovation, experimentation and ambitious endeavors are fantastic news for the iGaming sector, it does present a confusing and sometimes frustrating experience for those players navigating the vast sea of new online casino sites. Enter - the casino gamer's best friend. After evaluating a range of important online casino qualities, we've compiled a list of those sites we think most warrant your attention. Whether a long-time online casino connoisseur or a casual and infrequent player, these online casinos tick all the boxes in terms of providing an immensely enjoyable gamer experience. 


Below, we've also outlined those important features you should take into consideration when choosing the best new online casino for your player preference. 

Why Play at New Online Casinos?

  •   New casinos are more likely to offer alternative and innovative games that you won't find on the traditional casino site;
  •   You're likely to find exciting offers and irresistibly good bonuses when signing up to a new casino site eager to attract its first players;
  •   Being among the first to discover a hot new casino means you're helping popularize a smaller business in the iGaming industry;
  •   Going outside of your comfort zone will help you discover new ways to enjoy online casino games!

What to Consider When Picking a New Online Casino

Sign-Up Process & Privacy

new online casinoThe registration at online casinos can seem unnecessarily burdensome at times. We promote casino sites that ask only information that is absolutely needed when signing up, meaning you only part with those details that are legally required of you before making an account at an online casino. Furthermore, we only recommend casinos that keep your personal information totally secure. It’s important, when signing up at a new online casino, to conduct research beforehand on whether the site in question can be trusted. An online casino which does not value your privacy could sell your information to third parties or use your email for frequent and spammy promotions. In the worst case scenario, an online casino could use your personal data for illegal purposes such as scam and fraud. These extreme scenarios are easily avoided by sticking with vetted casinos. At, we ensure our guide to new online casinos feature only those sites that respect your privacy and safeguard the information you provide during sign-up. The list of regulations by which online casinos must abide in safeguarding online player information is extensive. To keep their license, they casino sites have a responsibility to keep your information confidential. Providing you read the terms and services before registration at a vetted casino site then you can trust that your data will be handled with care.

Payment Options & Security

It would be a mistake to assume that all modern online casinos offer the latest and most convenient payment options. Only the most progressive of new casinos will allow players to deposit and/or withdraw using some of the more alternative payment services out there. If it’s important that your casino of choice allows you to pay with Bitcoin or readily accepts PayPal then you might want to check out our categorization of casinos by accepted payment method. A lot of the new online casinos listed above will provide many options for depositing and withdrawing money, but to be extra sure you can look at our casino payment options guide. Regardless of which payment system you use in your online casino banking, you should never transfer money to a site that does not guarantee secure transactions. Choosing a new online casino from our selection of vetted sites ensures that you don't have to worry about your unsecured transactions.

Deposits & Withdrawals

New casinos looking to attract new players and establish their authority in the iGaming industry might offer perks such as the option to sign-up without providing card details or placing a deposit. If you prefer a casino which asks no monetary commitment and lets you play for free, we advise you to take a look at our list of free online casinos which includes both older and newer casinos. At, we also offer a number of our own free casino games for those players who’d like to practice their skills before playing online for real money. When you start playing with real money at a new online casino, you'll also want to make sure that you have easy access to your winnings. Most modern online casinos allow instant payouts and withdrawals, so you shouldn't have any annoying delays from the majority of new online casinos we recommend. We nonetheless suggest that you double check the payout policy of each respective casino. 

Game Availability

While some online casino fans like to specialize in one or two particular games, it’s always a good idea to pick an online casino which offers a number of different casino games and variants thereof. Trying a different game every so often provides a satisfying change to the norm - so why not play at a casino that provides the option of testing something new every once in a while? Our list of new online casinos has compiled those sites that provide a broader range of games as well as ones which are more specialized in a certain type of casino game. Take your pick!

Odds & Payouts

Any player knows that a game’s odds and house edge will hugely effect the likelihood of coming away from a casino game with more cash than you started with. Different online casinos have different payout rates, and calculating the chances of winning at each one is no easy task. We've omitted casino sites with low payouts or unfair odds, and focused instead on showcasing those new online casinos that offer as competitive payout rates as some of the larger brands. If you're curious as to which specific casino games have the best odds, you'll find that Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps and Roulette are known for their higher likelihood of decent payouts. Serious online casino operators will also commission regular reports from neutral testing organisations (an example would be Gaming Laboratories International). The organisations publish publicly accessible results that show the average returns to the online casino's players. By looking at this report, you can decipher how much money wagered by players gets distributed back to winners. This report tends to be available in the footer of the casino site in question, or on one of its information and help pages.  

Software Quality

The quality of casino software should naturally be one of the top priorities for players. At times, smaller start-ups or less established casino brands might not boast the slickest graphics or most impressive immersion experience in their games. That’s not to say that their games aren't nonetheless fantastically fun and worthwhile. A user-friendly presentation, engaging theme and smooth HTML5 design can be enough to translate a good idea into an entertaining gaming experience.

Bonuses and Special Offers

Sick of comparing promotions? That's why we do it for you! Maximize your winnings and increase your odds through picking those online casinos that offer the best sign-up bonuses, progressive jackpots and special offers! New online casinos are known for promoting competitive benefits to attract as many new players as possible and prove that they are one of the more advantageous online casinos at which to play. aims to keep you updated on the hottest new bonuses and freshest special offers straight from all casinos, newly-emerged or otherwise! 

gamingAccount Management

These days, any decent online casino is expected to provide straight-forward and convenient account management. New casino sites are judged by the same standards, and all of those endorsed by offer easy access to a number of features and settings that will help you keep close track of how much you spend and how much you win. Monitoring your spending and earnings is vital for effective casino bankroll management. In your account settings, you may also want the ability to access information such as the amount of time spent on site, or how many gaming achievements you have unlocked. Keep in mind that different online casinos will vary in how much of this information they make available to players. Most new casinos will try to offer comprehensive account information and adjustable settings for player convenience and comfort.

Customer Service

Even the most reliable and famous of online casinos can from time to time cause some unintentional trouble for players. From games crashing to mistakes in your account details, you’ll want to make sure that any errors can be rectified as quickly as possible. This is why we place great value on the quality of customer service when rating the best sites in our list of new online casinos.

mobile gamingMobile Compatibility

These days, an online casino which hasn't optimized its site and games for a mobile user experience has no chance of staying relevant. As of last year, around 52.99% of global internet traffic derived from mobile devices. You might also be among those who prefer the convenience of gaming on the go, which is why the majority of new online casinos endorsed by are mobile friendly, running smoothly on any device. Whether you're commuting home on the bus or waiting in line at the supermarket - your favorite game should only ever be just a few screen taps away. 

Location Availability

At, we try to show you only those casino sites available in your area, however we also encourage each player to take responsibility in ensuring that their preferred online casino can operate legally within their country or state. Sometimes, a new online casino site that has recently launched might take longer to acquire all the necessary licenses for operating in different countries and states. For example, not all new online casinos available in Canada will also be instantly available in Australia. The best new online casinos which succeed in attracting players and revenue will always seek to expand their international scope, however - so rest assured that the hottest new casino sites may eventually hit your market.

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New Online Casinos FAQs
How many new online casinos are launched each year?

The online casino business is the fastest growing sector in the gambling industry. By 2020, the USA’s online gambling industry is predicted to have become worth $59.79 billion. It’s difficult to keep track of how many new casino sites are founded each year, but some figures suggest that a new online casino is launched everyday. Of course, only a select few of these new casinos survive the competitive world of iGaming. We vouch for the ones we think will succeed in the long-run.

What regulations exist for those looking to start an online casino business?

Creating and maintaining an online casino is extremely difficult. There are quite a few legal hoops to jump through - not to mention a great deal of organisation required - before one can launch their own casino site. Founders must obtain an online casino license or sub-license for each country in which they want the site to operate, which involves paying the required fees and meeting the necessary criterion. Separate regulations will also apply to the way in which a new online casino collects data and secures payment transactions. A casino site will also need to enter in a contract with a B2B games provider, or else create its own casino game software. In other words, it’s uncommon for an online casino to get past the initial establishment process and then flourish if its founders are not serious and professional.

How can I tell if a new online casino is safe?

Unfortunately, the iGaming industry does attract its share of scammers. As an online casino player, it is important to take steps in protecting yourself against fake and fraudulent sites. This is especially important when you are looking to sign-up at a new online casino. The best way to stay safe when navigating the world of online casinos is to check reputable and trustworthy casino review sites such as We specialize in vetting and reviewing new casinos so that you don’t have to - and we always aim to keep our guides as thoroughly informative and up-to-date as possible. If safety is your number one concern, we totally recommend having a look at our safe online casinos page which delves into all you need to know about security and safety online.

Can you play free casino games at new online casinos?

Yes, sometimes new online casinos will have their own variety of free casino games to play in demo mode. Typically, the casino games on offer include Free Slots online, Free Blackjack, Free Roulette, Free Keno, and other table games. 

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