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No Download Casinos 2019 - Play Games without Downloading

No Download Casinos have hit the internet and taken the online casino world by storm in recent years. They offer the opportunity for gamblers to play without the pesky software download taking up valuable space on your device. Have a look below and learn.

What is a No Download Casino?

A no download casino is an online casino website that you can play a variety of casino games at for real money, without having to download any additional online casino software in order to play. No download casinos run directly through your web browser. Why would you prefer playing casino games in a no-download version instead of the regular downloadable software? One reason may be that you’re not allowed to download the software where you play right now, or perhaps you play on many different computers and want to quickly access your favorite casino site. Whatever reason you may have, many casinos today offer you the option to play instant casino games. Here at CasinoToplists, we go through exactly how they work and outline all the information you need to know.


What should you know about No Download Casinos?

  •   No Download Casinos are casinos which do not require players to download their casino software;
  •   These types of Casinos typically have a fantastic array of games which is constantly increasing.;
  •   No Download Casinos offer spectacular Bonuses to encourage players to play on their site;
  •   These types of online casinos often have free casino games to play ranging from Free Slots to Free Keno.

Why Play at a No Download Casino?

There are many different reasons why a player might want to opt for the no download casino game version over the download casino game version. It saves computer space, you can play your favorite online casino game on any device with internet connection or Wi-Fi available, you may want a bit more privacy surrounding your hobby, or you just might not be a frequent player so having the software on your computer or mobile doesn’t make much sense. Read the pros and cons of playing at a no download casino below to help you make up your mind as to whether no download casinos are right for you.

How to Play for Money at a No Download Casino

no download casinos It could not be easier to start winning money at a browser casino. All you need to do is go to your favorite online casino, or if you don’t have one take a pick from one of the no download casinos featured in our toplist. If you already have login details then put it your username and password, then top up your account if need be using one of the allowed payment options. If you have not yet signed up to any online casino, then follow the prompts to set up a new account. Remember that if you already have an online casino account, the account details and funds within the account are one and the same for both no download and download casino games. Depending on the payment option that you want to use, you can either start topping up your account immediately or you may have to wait a few days for the transfer to appear in your account to use. 

So now that you are logged in and have money to play in your account, all that’s left is to go to the no download game section of the online casino, select which game you want to play, and the game will appear automatically in your internet browser and you can start playing without any delay at all.

If you had any bonuses that you still need to use, or won money from download versions of a game, you can use this as it’s all saved within the one account if you are playing in the one online casino. 

Advantages of Playing at a No Download Casino vs. Download Casino

The advantages of using a no download casino are pretty obvious, as it means you simply need a web browser to connect and play your favorite games. This is especially important for Mac fans, as not every online site dedicates the resources necessary for offering a downloadable casino game for Mac users, so the no download option is the only way for some Mac users to play. Below we outline all the pros.

Quick and Easy: Going the no download route saves you from having to go through the process of downloading and installing more software; you’ll save space on your hard drive and will never have to worry about later needing to uninstall the software or have to remember the casino software on a computer you share with someone else or use at work.

Switch Casino Whenever You Want: Here's another advantage to no download casino: not having to download anything means you can surf from casino to casino as if you were mingling on the Las Vegas strip. That's a much better world for someone who loves to gamble than having one Indian casino nearby. And if you want to download your favorite casino, or your favorite poker site, you can still jet around the rest of the Internet not needing to download anything to get your Blackjack fix. Another benefit is that if you haven’t quite decided which online casino to play at, you can get a good idea of the feel of their games by opting for the no download version before taking the time to download software onto your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Easier to Play on the Go: It's perfect if you're travelling and find yourself in an unfamiliar city, or an incredibly small town with nothing to do. Grab that internet connection and enjoy any number of no download casinos at your fingertips – you will only need your login details and a topped up account and you can start playing immediately regardless of your location.

Save Computer Space: We all know how precious space is on our computer or mobile device. I think everyone knows the dilemma of trying to take a photo with your phone only for it to tell you that you have no more space, and then have to frantically delete photos in a rush so you can still take the photo. With all the apps you need to download as well, not having to add your favorite online casino software to the mix can be a real blessing as no download casinos require absolutely none of your computer or mobile data storage space, also meaning your computer or device can work at optimal performance.

Switch Between Devices: In this day and age many players have multiple devices, such as desktop, laptop, tablet, to mobile device. Opting for the download version of a game means you will need the software on all of your devices. If you don’t want to do this you can now swiftly change between your devices throughout your day and continue playing.

Play on Any Computer: If you are at your partner’s house, at a cybercafé, borrowing a friend’s tablet, or at a public library, you will still be able to play your favorite online casino games as you don’t need to have the software downloaded on the device. You can just click and start playing pretty much anywhere on any computer.

Available on All Browsers: All popular internet browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome will allow no download casinos to play. So if you are restricted to only one or two particular browsers on the device you are using to play you won’t have any accessibility issues.

Increased Privacy: If you normally share the computer that you want to play a casino game on and want to keep your online gambling private, playing on a no download casino is a really great alternative to having to delete the software after every use and re-download to avoid suspicion and questioning. Your playing history will be completely private and nobody has to know about your hobby of playing online casino games.

Disadvantages of No Download Casino Sites

Less Game Variety: In some cases not every game is offered in the no download casino; while all the major games are there you might not have as many options when it comes to different varieties of slots and video poker as the download casino option. However, there are still some very good selections for practically every online casino game.

Slightly Slower Speed: The speed of play is also slightly slower at times when playing at a no download casino due to the fact you are playing within your browser - although for the most part it’s barely noticeable.

A Small Number of Online Casinos Don’t Offer It: Even though all the main online casinos will offer a selection of no download casino games, you may still come across some that don’t yet have this option. If you look at the online casinos featured in our toplist, all of them will have no download casino games available.

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Getting the Most Out of the Huge Variety of Games

With no software to install, no download casinos are one of the best ways to experience all the different casino options available to you. You have the option to play for free as well as for real money, so it’s very easy to try out different games and betting strategies as all you need is a web browser to enjoy the action. You can play slots, Blackjack online, video poker, online craps, and more.

Playing at a No Download Casino on Your Favorite Mobile Device

If you own an Android phone or tablet you’ll also be able to enjoy online gambling on the go in many cases, as you can access no download casinos via a browser just as you would at home; Apple’s lack of support for Flash means iPhone and iPad owners are a bit out of luck here, however, there have been significant improvements in recent years due to the large amount of iPhone sales and subsequent development of HTML 5 software which is compatible will all mobile devices (read more below). So check with your favorite online casino as it’s a bit of a case of hit and miss – some do have it, and some don’t. Read more about mobile casinos.

How to Find the Best Mac No Download Casino Site

One big reason for you to choose a no-download casino is that you want to play on Mac. In fact, casino sites haven’t been very quick to understand how popular Mac computers have become over the last few years. They still offer their download casinos to a majority of PC owners only. Due to the fast uptake of HTML 5 software technology, Mac users are no longer being left behind. We’ll guide you to the best sites where you can access games in no-download format in our toplist.

Sound and Graphic Quality Playing at No Download Casinos

As a result of improved technology and developers working hard to bring the no download casino version up to speed with the download casino version, you won’t have to compromise on sound or graphic quality if you choose to play at a no browser casino. Particularly with the increase of HTML5 casino games, you will be as impressed with the quality of the game as if you had actually downloaded the game software onto your device.

Your Online Security & Privacy Playing at No Download Casinos

Playing at a no download casino offers the player high levels of privacy due to the fact that no software needs to be downloaded onto your computer or device. If you have a nosy partner, or you share your home computer with many people, or you have children who might pick up your tablet to play with, you most certainly won’t want the casino software available at the fingertips and eyes of others. Not only will your activity be less visible, but your login details will be more secure as well. All you need to do is clear not only your browsing history on the browser you used to play the game, but also clear all saved passwords in case you accidentally agreed for the browser to save your login details. This is all you will need to do and all traces will be deleted.

All online casinos reviewed by CasinoToplists have state of the art security measures for their players, so you don’t need to worry about your personal details. It offers the same level of security as the download version of the game as it is using the same security technology.

No Download Casino Varieties

The main platforms that instant browser casinos run off are Java, Adobe Flash Player, and the most recent HTML 5. Many people assume that these are all simply different versions of the same thing but this is definitely not the case. They each have their pros and cons which we will go over so you can assess the no download casino games at each online casino and decide for yourself which platform you would prefer to play on.

Java No Download Casinos

no download casinos javaOut of all the different varieties of no download casinos, Java supported no download casinos are probably the least popular due to the fact it’s generally quite a bit slower than Flash and HTML 5 games. Java is a popular programming language, in fact it is one of the top three world’s leading website technologies. Java was developed by James Gosling at the then Microsystems, now owned by Oracle Corporation. What the main benefit is for developers is that it allows them the opportunity to ‘write once, run anywhere’ (WORA), meaning Java code is accepted on all kinds of platforms regardless of the device you are using. So it doesn’t matter if you have a Linux computer or Android smartphone – if the online casino you are playing at is Java supported then it will work anywhere. Java online casinos are slowly dwindling away in numbers and popularity due to the fact that Oracle no longer wishes to support the plugins post Java 9, meaning no download casino developers will most likely focus their attention on developing either Adobe Flash or HTML 5 games instead.

Adobe Flash No Download Casinos

no download casino adobe flash3The most commonly played no download casino to date is the Adobe flash player plugin. Why it’s so popular has to do with the features of the plug-in which make it ideal for online casino games. Adobe flash player offers developers the chance to build both 2D and 3D games which creates great visual no download casino games. There is full screen support which is great for players, as you can launch the game you are playing in full screen mode on all internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome), as well as on all operating systems. Adobe flash games also have very advanced mouse control, making the game far more interactive for players. Online casino players who play using the Adobe flash plugin can also benefit from playing games in HD, which is obviously a big benefit in the world of online games as the visual quality is guaranteed to be as high as the download casino version.

Many people who are not in the know assume that playing online casino games using the flash player will slow down the performance, but again this is just because they are not aware of the technologies that have been developed. Adobe gives developers technologies to create very fast and responsive games, such as the ability to speed up the manipulation of bitmaps which creates a very smooth and clean look to the online casino game.

In order to have access to the adobe flash player games you need to make sure it’s already installed on your device, which you can do for free directly on the Adobe website. Normally your browser will prompt you to update it or it will be updated when your browser is, however you also have the option to go onto the site and do the update yourself. Adobe Flash player does have some negative points to it, such as that mobile devices do not support it, so this is a desktop and laptop only option. Another downside is that it’s not an open source software, but that’s where the HTML 5 software comes in.

HTML 5 – The Future of No Download Casinos

No download casinos HTML5HTML 5 software is picking up where Java and Adobe Flash player fall short of meeting all player and also developer requirements. HTML 5 started to be developed in 2009 in order to fill the technology gap which was not allowing online gamers to play on mobile. The amazing benefit of having an HTML 5 supported online casino game is that it can be played not only on all browsers and operating systems, but also on all mobile devices, which is precisely what many players want to play on most of the time. Not only can you now play on your favorite mobile device, but you can do so with state of the art graphics and sound, and also impeccable game fluidity. If you are into playing live casino games as well then HTML 5 is your new best friend.

If you know that you will play predominantly on your tablet or mobile device, then you need to check with the online casino that you sign up for that the no download casino games are HTML 5 supported. HTML 5 does not require the player to have any plugins installed for the game to play so all you need to do is click on ‘play’ and the game will load automatically, no matter what you are playing on or where you are.

Choosing the Best No Download Casino Site to Play At

Picking the best no download casino is really just a case of picking the best casino, as there’s often very little difference between the offerings. Some casinos also offer no deposit download casino bonus codes for players who try out their no download casino. So you should be on the lookout for those as well. Bonus offers are one of the biggest reasons to gamble online as they can turn a losing session into a winning one, plus they provide a great boost to your confidence when you first start playing. All you need to do is browse through our toplist on this page to find the very best casinos to play no download casino games.


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