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Parlay Entertainment Casinos 2020 - Full Software Review

In 1998, Parlay Entertainment established its business in Canada. Although it initially started off in the industry by offering online bingo software, it has since developed other marvelous casino games too! Our review aims to give you an insight into the Best Parlay Entertainment Casinos out there. Have a look and decide whether to sign up or not!


The casinos in our Parlay Casinos list:

  •   Are safe, secure and have a long history;
  •   Display high quality sound and graphics in their games;
  •   Provide bingo games as well as table games.

Parlay Games – Software Used for the Company’s Games

Parlay Entertainment software has a long history of providing online casinos with fantastic casino games which serve to meet gamblers’s high entertainment expectations. Although the software company was initially well-regarded as being a leading bingo games developer, the company has branched out further in recent years. In fact nowadays, they offer all sorts of casino games that other software providers do! Below we delve into what type of games the software company offers, have a read through if you’re looking for something particular.

Parlay Bingo

If you usually enjoy spending time at your local bingo hall chatting away and busily marking numbers with an X as they’re called out, you should definitely try out one of the Parlay Casinos in our list. The software company provides Bingo games which allow you to play the game from the comfort of your own home.

So, what’s behind the company’s Bingo games? Why Parlay Card Software of Course!

parlay entertainmentAs mentioned previously, Parlay Entertainment initially started in the online gaming industry by offering its bingo games. And the fact that they’ve managed to survive and thrive in such a competitive and saturated industry is proof that they’re Bingo online games are more than adequate. In fact, we must say that they’re nothing short of fantastic! Now you’re probably asking yourself, what’s so special about the games in comparison to other Bingo games on the net? Why it’s Parlay Card Software of course! Parlay Entertainment uses the latest software solutions they’ve developed to produce high-quality Bingo games. Their award-winning Bingo games predominantly come in 3 different formats. These are namely 75, 90 and 80 number variants of the game of chance.

An Array of Casino Machine Classics - Slots & Video Poker Games

Other than Bingo, Parlay Entertainment also offers other casino games too! In recent years, the company has actively moved away from the whole Bingo-games-only attitude and has opted to introduce a whole suite of casino games for online gamblers to enjoy.

The respectable software company have developed several online replicas of computerized games you’d typically find at brick and mortar casinos. As you might have already imagined these include both Slots as well as Video Poker. Amongst the most popular Slots games are ‘Trolling for Treasure’, ‘Halloween Treats’, ‘Fairground Frenzy’, the Egyptian themed ‘Serpents Riches’, ‘Pirate’s Treasure’ and a modern version of the classic Fruit Slots called ‘Fruity Frenzy’. In regards to Video Poker, Parlay Entertainment has also created many variants of these casino games. These include the ever so popular variant ‘Joker Poker’ as well as other Video Poker games such as ‘Deuces & Jokers’ as well as others.

Parlay Table Games – Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat & More

On the other hand, if you happen to be more of a fan of table games, Parlay Entertainment has plenty to offer too! Whilst they offer both Baccarat and Blackjack online like any other online casino software company out there, we must mention that their real gems are fundamentally their online Roulette games. Not only does the company offer the typical variants that you’d find at casinos – namely American and European Roulette. But they also offer variants of their own such as Double Barrel that as the name indicates puts two balls into play rather than one, Lucky Star and Golden Clover which effectively puts a whole new spin on Roulette.

Sound Effects & Graphics

In the ‘90s, Parlay Entertainment’s games were rather simplistic in form. However, the company has since come along way and their games have evolved in terms of graphics and sound quality. All their casino games have bright colorful graphics and sound to further enhance the theme of the game.

Security & Fairness at Parlay Online Casinos

All the Parlay Casinos in our list have been reviewed and ranked in terms of a variety of different factors. Yet, one of the things we consider to be most important is safety and fairness. Whilst this depends on the online casino’s policies in place and payout ratios, it also depends on how dependable the casino games being offered are. In regards to Parlay Entertainment Casinos, you can rest assured that the games available to play are both safe and fair. For one thing, they have been developed using Random Number Generators (RNG) in order to ensure that the outcomes generated are completely random. Moreover, all their online casino games are independently tested by auditors at TST on a regular basis. We are also happy to state that all the casinos in our list have earned their place because they have great payout ratios and exhibit fairness in this regard.

Are Games Cross Compatible?

parlay entertainment mobile gamesUnless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’re most certainly aware of the rapid advances in technology that have led to a profound change in our modern day lifestyle. By this we mean the paradigm shift to mobile casinos and an online everywhere mentality. And it is most certainly for this reason that Parlay Entertainment has opted to adapt their online casino games to mobile technology rather than to keep creating games in Flash format. So, amongst the most outstanding things about Parlay Entertainment is that all its games are compatible with different electronic devices typically used for entertainment. Got a Mac Book Pro and want to play Parlay games? Not a Problem! Want to play them on your android phone instead? Sure! Is the phone on your screen not large enough? Ok, no problem at all. You can play on a tablet instead. The bottom line we’re trying to stress here is that no matter if you prefer playing on your desktop, mobile or tablet, you’ll be able to play no matter what! Whilst on mobile and tablet you’ll find that casino games are available to play via browser, you’ll notice that games on desktop are available in both Download and No Download form. This of course will vary from casino to casino. So, upon signing up to one just make sure that you’re comfortable with the type of software available.

Play at Parlay Casino!

When it comes to online casinos offering Parlay’s software, Parlay Entertainment seems to tick all the right boxes in terms of selection and quality of casino games. Since the software company came into existence, Parlay Entertainment has worked exhaustively in order to provide quality casino games for each and every casino player with a keen interest in gambling online. As you can clearly see by visiting one of their casinos, Parlay Entertainment has clearly worked hard to produce modern online casino games that are indeed both captivating and wonderfully lucrative if played well. Interested in playing at a Parlay Entertainment Casino? If so, have a look at our full list of Parlay Entertainment Casinos on this page, take your pick of the lot and receive your welcome bonus to use whilst enjoying your favorite casino game!

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