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eCheck Casinos 2020 - Deposits & Withdrawals at Casinos

While there are a number of payment options used in online gaming not all casinos offer all of them. Aside from debit card, credit card, and bank transfers, there is instant banking, e-walle,t and the new and popular echeck. eCheck casinos accept digital cheque transfers from your bank. Read below to find out more about this payment method. 

eCheck Casinos Overview

For those who are not familiar with the term echeck, it is essentially the electronic version of a check, except that it’s more eco-friendly (or in other words leaves no paper trail) and processing it isn’t slowed down by the formalities and layers of red tape that are typical of traditional payment structures. It works in the same way as other electronic transfer methods like online transfers/remittances etc. It is a safe, swift and simple way to add funds to your account at an online casino. E-checks can be written out to or be received from a player’s local bank, just like with e-wallets like PayPal, which is the most commonly used e-wallet today.


Why Should You Play at eCheck Online Casinos?

  •   It's a safe method of payment;
  •   Quick transfer times.

Register for An eCheck Casino Account

As eCheck is not a separate payment company, it is a function that you can use at your own bank, the method for registering is done at whichever bank you have an account at that you want to use to make your deposits and/or withdrawals from. If your bank account already has a regular check book then you won’t have to do anything else in order to be eligible for eCheck transfers. If you don’t have one, however, then you will need to either register with your bank online or in person for a check book or echeck account, and then once that is cleared you will be able to use echeck online to make payments and withdrawals.

Depositing and Withdrawing at eCheck Casinos

eCheck casinosMaking deposits at your favorite online casino, or withdrawing your precious winnings back to your bank account, is super easy and straightforward with eCheck transfers. As mentioned above, maybe your bank account is already linked to a checking account. Once you know you have a linked account then simply click on ‘eCheck’ when you want to make a deposit at the checkout of the online casino you’re playing at, then enter your bank account details and how much you want to transfer. That’s it!

An important prerequisite for activating eChecks is an active checking or savings account. So, if you already have one you’re good to go (but it’s pretty straightforward to open one if you don’t). You can also send eChecks via PayPal, so if you don’t have a checking or savings account but have a PayPal account you’re still good to go. In this case, all you need to do is hit ‘send money’ and change the transaction type to ‘eCheck’.

Unfortunately, echecks aren’t super popular with online casinos as a withdrawal method, as they have more work to do on their end in order for the money to be transferred across. Double check with the online casino you’re playing at to make sure. It should be listed under their withdrawal methods on their website, and if you can’t find a list be sure to contact their customer service team in order to ask a representative. If it’s not available, check some of these other payment methods you can use instead.

Transfer Times at eCheck Online Casinos

If you’re wondering what the time lapse is likely to be between cashing the eCheck and receiving the credit in your account the answer is ‘negligible’ (most of the time) as most eCheck casinos don’t wait for the check to be cleared before crediting your account. The whole process happens instantly as it’s done over the internet.

Fees at eCheck Casinos

Online casinos do not charge any money for its players use of e-checks as a deposit method.

Customer Service

eCheck Casinos Customer ServiceEcheck is a service provided to you by your banking institution with which you have a checking account. If you have any issues with your transfers then you will have to contact your bank in order to solve the issue. If you find that your transfer has not been approved, take this up with your bank, not the online casino you are playing at, as it’s most likely an issue coming from them.

Safety & Security

Using an echeck is extremely safe as they utilise a digital fingerprint system as well as tracking. Payments are made directly between your online casino and your bank so you will have the added peace of mind that your payment is secured by your own banks' safety measures.

Advantages of Using eCheck Casinos

 Speedy Transfers/Instant Crediting of Your Casino Account

You don’t have to wait very long in order for your online casino account to be deposited with the funds to play. Your bank normally processes this very quickly so you can start playing.  

 Highly Secure 

As echeck transfers are made directly from your bank, they have the same level of security as all other payments made from your bank account by using an encrypted server. If safety and security is something you worry about a lot when you make online payments, then eCheck payments are the best option for you.  

 Helps Players Stick to a Gambling Budget

As eChecks are transfers from your bank account, there is no risk with going overboard like there is when playing with credit cards. You can only use what you have.

Disadvantages of Using eCheck Casinos

 You Need Approval From Your Bank

In order for the eCheck to get to your online casino of choice it first needs approval by your bank.  

 You Need Funds in Your Bank Account

As an eCheck involves making payments directly from your bank account, you need to have sufficient funds in the account before paying to play online at an eCheck casino.

eCheck Casinos - FAQs

  What are eCheck casinos?

Echeck casinos are casinos that will accept eCheck transfers from your bank. It is a function that your bank provides to transfer money. 

  What online casino accept eCheck as a payment method?

You can check our toplist above and below for the very best online casinos accepting eCheck as a payment method. 

  Can I withdraw my winnings using eCheck?

Most online casinos do not issue eChecks when you wish to withdraw your winnings. Check the website of the online casino you are playing out.

Use eCheck to Play at Your Favorite Online Casino

eCheck is as fast gaining popularity as the preferred method of deposit at online casinos because of its simplicity. For those who prefer to pay for online gambling with a bank account, eCheck payment is the ideal option. It also provides a great way to ensure a budget is always abided by!

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