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EziPay Casinos 2020

EziPay is the online payments processor that allows its customers' interest-free payment plans in order to make purchases at online stores and businesses. EziPay is subsidiary of Flexigroup, based in Sydney Australia, with additional offices in Ireland and New Zealand.

EziPay Overview

EziPay is a payment provider of no interest payment plans for customers to purchase from a network of different retailers. You need to make an initial deposit, and then the rest of the amount will be direct debited on a fortnightly basis.


Why Should You Play at EziPay Online Casinos?

  •   You can make your deposits now, the pay off the payment plan later;
  •   Your available credit increases when you start making repayments;
  •   Make deposits using credit without a credit card.

Register for EziPay

ezipay casinosNormally you would first go the website of a payment processor and hit the "sign me up" button. Getting started at an EziPay casino works a little bit different. It is required that you go to one of the EziPay casinos listed below here and head over to the cashier. When you click EziPay you will be automatically redirected to start the registration process.

As EziPay isn’t your run of the mill payment option, the registration is a little bit different as you are essentially borrowing money from them. What is similar with most other online payment methods is that signing up for an EziPay account is free of charge.

What you need to do is fill in the payment plan details, such as how much you want to borrow, and what you will use the money for. Then you need to enter your personal details such as your address, full name, date of birth, etc. Then you need to enter some of your financial details such as your income and financial assets, then your payment details, and finally submit your application. As you can see it’s requires you to submit a bit of information, but they need to know that those who borrow from them can actually pay back the money.

Depositing and Withdrawing with EziPay

Making a deposit through EziPay is quite straightforward once you have an account, all you need to do is click on EziPay as a payment method when you want to make a deposit and enter the amount that has been approved by EziPay for you to use as credit. If you have not yet asked for a loan then you will not have credit to use. You get more credit when you start making repayments.

As this payment method is purely in the form of credit, you cannot withdraw your winnings to EziPay. However there are many other payment methods to choose from to withdraw.

Fees at EziPay Casinos

EziPay Casinos FeesThere are different fees associated with paying with credit from EziPay, however you’ll be happy to know that none of those fees are interest fees. Your credit payment plan should outline all the fees and charges associated with your loan in detail, however in order to set up an account to begin with will you between $35 and $90, which you can pay to EziPay over the course of your payment plan for the first purchase you make through them.

Additionally, you will be charged $2.50 for a processing fee to process every repayment, and your account at EziPay costs $3.50 each month as well.

Customer Assistance

Unfortunately, the customer support system is quite limited. There is no live chat function to quickly solve your issues online. And the only phone number they have is quite tricky to find. You need to scroll down to the end of their contact form and click on ‘telephone enquiry’ for the number to appear. They do not indicate when their phone line is actually available to call, or which countries can access the number. What they do have is an online form you can fill out in case you have an issue and you can write out your problem. They do not have an email address for you to send them a message from your personal account. 

Advantages of Using EziPay Casinos

 Get around credit card limitations to make an online casino deposit

Everyone knows it can be very difficult for a payment to be approved to an online casino by the major credit card companies. With EziPay you can still make a credit deposit and not have to worry.

 Play Now, Pay Later

The great part about using EziPay as a payment method is that you can use credit in order to fund your online casino account. We all know that feeling when you get to the end of the month but don’t want to wait until your next pay comes in before making a purchase. EziPay comes to the rescue here and allows players to pay them back and earn higher credit limits.

 Loans with No Interest Rates

One of the worst parts about receiving a loan is getting hit by the interest rates. EziPay doesn’t have any interest rates on its loans so you pay back only what you borrowed. You won’t see the amount you owe slowly creep upwards instead of down, as it’s supposed to.

Disadvantages of Using EziPay Casinos

 You Cannot Withdraw Funds

As EziPay is solely a credit loan company, you cannot withdraw funds back into your account.  

EziPay Casinos - FAQs

  What are EziPay casinos?

EziPay casinos are casinos that accept EziPay as a payment method in order to make deposits.  

  What online casino accept EziPay as a payment method?

If you want to know the best online casinos that accept EziPay then look no further than our toplist, featured on this page. We have reviewed all the online casinos personally and have recommended the very best ones, and feature the top casinos that will accept EziPay on this page. 

  Is it possible to withdraw money using EziPay?

No, it is not possible to withdraw using EziPay as a payment method as it functions on giving customers credit to use to pay for items. You will have to find another payment method to withdraw your funds.

Play With EziPay Today!

If you don’t want to pay upfront but want to play immediately, then EziPay is a great option is you have credit available to you. Just like with all matters regarding credit and gambling, only do this if you are well on top of your finances and are able to control how you spend. If you miss repayments EziPay, just like regular credit cards, can take action against you. Having said that, if you feel like you are on top of how you spend on online casino games then EziPay is a fantastic option.


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