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EziPay Casinos 2018

EziPay Casinos 2018

EziPay is the online payments processor that was formerly known as Payspark. EziPay works in two ways, it functions as an e-Wallet but customers can also use the EziPay ATM card to withdraw funds and buy stuff at points of sale. EziPay is based on the island of Cyprus and it is regulated by the central bank of Cyprus. Two major advantages of playing at EziPay casinos are the high spending limit ($3000 a day) and the good supply of deposit options. A big disadvantage is the fact that Americans can't make payments to and from EziPay casinos. Note: US players cannot use EziPay to make online casino payments.


Normally you would first go the website of a payment processor and hit the "sign me up" button. Getting started at an EziPay casino works a little bit different. It is required that you go to one of the EziPay casinos listed below here and head over to the cashier. When you click EziPay you will be automatically redirected to start the registration process. There's nothing new under the sun here. Fill in your basic personal information, pick your password, and verify your account details. Like is the case with most other online payment methods, signing up for an EziPay account is free of charge. 

Once your EziPay account is live you are ready to fund it. This can be done by credit card, a bank wire transfer, or a Western Union transfer. Unfortunately there is basically no information on the EziPay website itself, but last time we checked EziPay didn't charge any fees for deposits nor withdrawals. What we do know is that EziPay is very popular among online casino high rollers because it operates a very high spending limit of $3,000 per day.

When you try to cash your winnings made at one of the EziPay casinos listed below here, the EziPay ATM Card is the way to go. It is best to apply for this card directly after you registered and successfully activated your EziPay account. With the EziPay ATM Card you can buy stuff at any of the 12 million points of sale where Maestro is accepted. You can also choose to withdraw cash at one of the many Maestro supported ATMs. 

EziPay dominates Casino Ville 

As online casinos and games continue to mushroom across the internet, so are suppliers of safe and secure payment options. Among them is EziPay, the online payment processing system that is fast monopolising the online casino market because of its versatility and dual functionality as both an e-wallet/virtual debit card and a bank account of sorts. The lastest brainchild of that also developed PaySpark, EziPay is actually an extension of PaySpark and is designed to enable merchants to accept payments from PaySpark cards to prevent the loss of patronage among existing PaySpark customers. It is based in Cyprus regulated by the central bank of Cyprus.

EzipPay Global

The popularity and uptake of EziPay as a payment method among casino players is not confined to the UK as it is now accessible in most countries, *with the exception of the US which is still bound by very stringent gambling laws. As a result of its accessibility to casino players worldwide* most online casinos now accept deposits via EziPay.

Why use EziPay

Using EziPay has a number of advantages because of its dual functionality. Being a widely accepted payment method among online casinos, it can be used as a virtual debit card or e-wallet it enables users to instantly deposit funds to the casino so they can play for real money. It also has a high spending limit ($3000 a day) which is great for the gutsy gamblers and offers players a range of deposit options which include:

And that’s not all. EziPay also provides its account holders with a physical debit card that can be used to cash in their winnings at all ATM machines across the globe that accept Maestro cards. So if you win a jackpot online while you’re sunning yourself by the pool, you could be out spending it later that day! Extra holiday cash, how about that? In fact, you don’t even need to physically withdraw your winnings in cash if you’re shopping at one of the 12 million points of sale worldwide where Maestro is accepted.

In addition to its benefits, EziPay is also an extremely user friendly system, designed to make every step from sign up to withdrawal seamless and simple. Unlike other payment options you don’t need to go searching for its registration form. Instead all you have to do is head of to the virtual cashier at the online casino you’re at. Here you will be given the option to select EziPay and once you’ve clicked/selected this option you will automatically be redirected to the registration page. Here you will be prompted to fill in your personal information, create a secure password and verify your account details. And it’s free. There is no charge for setting up an EziPay account – if you are being prompted to pay a fee for this then you have not been redirected to a legitimate destination url and should notify the casino immediately.

Below is a list of all online casinos that accept EziPay as a payment option: