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Mastercard Casinos 2018 - Online Casinos Accepting MasterCard

Mastercard Casinos 2018 - Online Casinos Accepting MasterCard

MasterCard was founded in 1966 and is Visa’s primary competitor in the international credit card space. It is most likely the world’s most recognized and widely accepted bank cards in the world.In fact, its reach also extends to the online casino industry.Finding an online casino that accepts MasterCard is a fairly simple search and this grants MasterCard users a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing an online casino that suits their needs and desires. 


MasterCard supported casinos

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What is MasterCard?

This is a pretty obvious question for most people but if you're never applied for a credit card before it might be a bit confusing. Essentially, a Mastercard is used to make purchases at both online and land-based stores. MasterCard’s product range is made up of credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and pre-paid cards. Banking with online casinos using any of these, however, requires more or less the same processes. In order to get one, the first thing you need to do is talk to someone either at your bank or with Mastercard itself. There are a number of different types of MasterCards you can apply for offering various perks and benefits (like free travel, for example). they also charge different fees for different cards.

You'll have to provide proof of income and other important information but the approval process is fairly simple and you should have a proper Mastercard with a minimal credit limit fairly shortly. As you prove to be a responsible user of the credit card (ie paying off some or all of your balance each month) you'll likely be offered increasing levels of credit.


Can I Use MasterCard at an Online Casino?

Online casino banking with a MasterCard credit card works in much the same way as making any purchase online with a credit card - although it will likely involve a few extra security measures to make sure the card is actually yours and no one is using your card without proper authorization.This is a good thing - you definitely want to know an online casino has your security at heart and is working in your best interest at all times.

Most online casinos in most jurisdictions accept MasterCard as a payment transfer method although you will find - for example in the US - some payment processing methods are off-limits.If you'd like to use MasterCard as your deposit (or withdrawal) method, check the cashier at the online casino you wish to play at to see if it offers MasterCard as on option.

Why Play at MasterCard online casinos?

Mastercard enables you to make online payments similarly to Visa; 

They offer top-level security and proper support protocol with universally known global brand;

Mastercard is almost universally available and accepted at most online casinos;

Mastercard is typically accepted for both deposits and withdrawals at these casinos.

How Do I Make a Deposit with a MasterCard at an Online Casino

If the casino does accept MasterCard as a payment method you'll need to go through to steps outlined by the online casino. This will involve both entering your credit card details as per any online transaction but you'll also likely need to provide some secondary forms of ID to prove your identity.

Online credit card fraud is certainly a problem so it's great that online casinos take extra measures to ensure no one is using your card illicitly.

Once a player has chosen his/her MasterCard casino and registered a profile, he/she must select MasterCard from the cashier’s list of banking options. It's advisable to check whether the casino in question accepts MasterCard for making both deposits and withdrawals.

The player then enters his/her card information, inclusive of the card number on the face of the card, the card’s expiry date, the CVC security code at the back of the card, the cardholder’s name and the holder’s billing address.


Once that information is completed a representative from the casino customer's support team will contact you to provide copies of your secondary ID and to prove card ownership. Once those have been submitted and met the approval of the casino, your deposit will be processed  - as long as it doesn't exceed your current credit available of course - and will appear in your casino account.

Charges will always apply to credit card use so it is advised that players inquire with both their bank and the online casino about any fees prior to banking. You also, of course, will be expected to pay interest charges on any outstanding balance on your MasterCard according to your credit card agreement.

MasterCard Transfer Times

MasterCard transfers are quick, both in terms of deposits and withdrawals. Once funds are deposited with an online casino and appoved, the player’s casino account is credited immediately and the player could start playing virtually within minutes.

Withdrawals are also very quick in comparison to most alternative banking methods. Depending on the casino one chooses, withdrawals may take anything between 1 to 5 working days to be officially credited back into your credit card account.

MasterCard Customer Support

As a massive and universally respected global brand MasterCard provides excellent direct support through a number of mediums including phone, email and live chat support. The phone numbers for contacting MasterCard support depending on your location can be found on MasterCard’s official website.

As most MasterCard users would have acquired their MasterCard through a financial institution they bank with, it's also advisable to seek any required support through that institution. After all, most people have existing contacts and relationships which they would have built up over years with their own bank.

Safe & Secure Transfer from Customer to Online Casino

Casino Toplists recommends the use of MasterCard as an online casino payment option for online gaming. It’s a quick and easy way to bank, its credit facility gives players financial freedom, it’s safe and secure, it’s widely accepted, and it comes with several welcome and reload bonuses attached to it at many online establishments.

Minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal terms are not uncommon when using MasterCard but this depends on the player’s chosen casino. Also, players should always keep in mind that the financial freedom that comes with the credit facility this card offers may also be a downfall. Remember to never play beyond your means. 

MasterCard Casino FAQs

  What is a MasterCard casino?

A MasterCard casino is an online casino that accepts MasterCard as a deposit and withdrawal method. Standard procedure for credit card transactions are all required including proper identification, all the supporting card numbers and documentation and a proper credit rating.

  How many online casinos accept MasterCard?

Quite a few, of course. In fact, most online casino. It does depend on which part of the world you live in but some form of MasterCard (either Debit, Credit or Pre-Paid) will be accepted at virtually all casinos. See out toplist above for the top online casinos that accept MasterCard.

  Can I withdraw my online casino winnings to a MasterCard?

It depends on the casino but many online casinos do process withdrawals to masterCards if you so choose. It's best to check with the online casino to see if they do. As with any credit card transaction there will likely be a fee involved. MasterCard withdrawals will be taken our of your casino account immediately but will likely take a few days to show up as a credit on your MasterCard.

  Can I use MasterCard in the US?

If you live in New Jersey, Nevada or Delaware, yes. As online gambling is legalized and licensed in those three states you can use MasterCard to load your online casino account just like you can do any regular online transaction. If you live in the UK, Australia, New Zealand or the EU chances are very high you can use your standard MasterCard credit or debit card to play at any online casino of your choice.

  What credit/debit card alternatives can I use instead of Mastercard at online casinos?

There are several credit/debit card alternatives you can use instead of Mastercard. Two which are quite popular are Visa and American Express which are found widely at casinos on the net. If you'd like to find online casinos which support one of the alternatives, have a look at our guides on Visa Casinos and Amex Casinos respectively to find out how to use them as well as which online casinos are best.

  Are there any offline alternatives that can be used instead of MasterCard?

Yes, there are offline alternatives to using MasterCard at online casinos. Amongst the offline casino payment methods is Bank Wire. If you'd like to learn more about it head to our Bank Wire Casinos page where we delve into all you need to know about the offline payment option and how it's used to transfer money to online casinos.

Terms and conditions might apply to these offers.