PayPal Casinos 2018 Review

PayPal Casinos 2018 Review

Arguably the most recognized, trusted and widely used financial service on the web, PayPal has been helping consumers make quick and secure payments for almost two decades. The payment system’s 240 million regular users from across the world are testament to its reliability and convenience, while the countless number of online merchants accepting PayPal as a payment method points to the international respect the service enjoys as a household name. This section will show you which online casinos allow gamers to make deposits and withdrawals using PayPal. Any one of the below PayPal-accepting casinos will give you the freedom and convenience of managing your online casino banking through the secure payment system.


How PayPal Works

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Making use of Paypal to effect casino transactions is as easy as it is fast. When it comes to making deposits to your online casino account, you simply need to choose PayPal out of the cashier options at the casino site in question. This will prompt a login facility, through which you can fill in your PayPal login details and access your account to make the transaction.

Note that Paypal doesn’t charge users for making payments, but some banks might charge you for processing PayPal transactions. To avoid any surprises, discuss potential fees with your bank before making deposits through PayPal on an online casino.

While a good number of online casinos let you deposit with PayPal, not all of those same casino sites will allows you to withdraw your winnings to your PayPal account.

We recommend that players make a point of checking in advance whether PayPal casino withdrawals are available at their online casino of choice. In a lot of cases this will be dependent upon your country of residence and its respective laws. Cashing out with PayPal is as straightforward as cashing out with any other method. Select PayPal as your withdrawal option, indicate the amount you want to withdraw, and simply wait for the transaction to clear.

Advantages of PayPal

Paypal is effectively an e-wallet which simplifies and expedites the online payment process. If you choose to make a deposit through PayPal, you won’t need to surrender any personal and sensitive bank details to the online casino in question. Many find this to be a comforting benefit of using PayPal, as it theoretically reduces the risk of personal data being stolen, sold or otherwise compromised.

PayPal is great for online casino banking because it creates an instantly accessible record of transactions and withdrawals. Simply login to your PayPal account to keep a close eye on money spent and earned through your PayPal casino of choice.

An additional advantage is that PayPal allows you to link up to eight different bank cards to your account. With ease, you can switch between bank cards when choosing from which one to deposit money. Without PayPal, you’d have to manually change your financial details in your online casino account settings every time you wanted to switch cards or add a new one.

   Regrettably, gambling related transactions via PayPal are not made possible for everyone; those living in the USA, Canada and Australia, for instance, are unable to make use of the service in their online casino banking.

Why Should You Play at Online PayPal Casinos?

Transactions are quick to officiate and fast to clear

PayPal is a secure, trusted and universally recognized online payment method

The e-wallet is easily accessible and allows you to keep a close on eye on what you spend and earn

PayPal reduces the amount of sensitive information you give an online casino

You can use PayPal at online casinos whether you're on desktop or mobile

PayPal offers fantastic 24/7 customer service should any payment issues arise

Opening a PayPal Account

Opening a PayPal account only takes a few minutes. To signup, you’ll need to provide basic information such as your name and address, as well as link your PayPal account to a specific card or bank account. Once signed up, you can immediately start using your PayPal account to do online shopping, pay for services and - of course - deposit money on a PayPal casino. Your email address and PayPal password will serve as your login details. You will typically only need to provide your login to authenticate deposits and casino withdrawals through PayPal.

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Transfer Times

E-wallets are known for their fast transaction time when compared to traditional banking methods and PayPal is no exception. Players should allow 1 - 2 business days for withdrawals to appear in their personal bank accounts, whilst deposits are normally instantaneous, allowing users to play within a few minutes of the transaction being effected.

Customer Assistance

Unsurprisingly, PayPal’s customer support is second to none. If your query isn’t answered and your problem not resolved by browsing through the wealth of helpful information on the company’s official website, then you needn’t despair. PayPal offers 24/7 email and phone support from a customer service department renowned for its speed and efficiency. PayPal even priorities existing clients, and gives you the option of creating a ‘Customer Service PIN’ so that customer service agents may quickly access your customer history when addressing your concerns.


   What is a PayPal casino?

A PayPal casino simply refers to those online casinos that accept PayPal as a payment method for depositing, and sometimes withdrawing, money. Since not all casinos offer the luxury of PayPal as a payment option, gamers who have a strong preference for using the e-wallet instead of having to submit personal bank card details are advised to specifically choose those online casinos which accept PayPal.

   How many online casinos accept PayPal?

More online casinos are currently offering PayPal as a payment option than ever before. Whilst a number of the biggest names in the online casino industry still haven’t come to accept PayPal, most brands strive toward eventually including the online payment service in their list of possible payment methods. Players living in countries where PayPal is not a legally approved payment method for online casino banking (such as the USA and Canada) will unfortunately have to wait until regulation change in their country.

   Can I withdraw my online casino winnings to PayPal?

Just because a casino site allows you to make deposits through PayPal does not guarantee that the same online casino will let you withdraw your winnings to the e-wallet. Be prepared for the possibility that your PayPal casino of choice only allows for withdrawals directly to your bank account.

   Is PayPal safer than other casino payment methods?

All officially licensed online casino sites are obliged to keep your personal information private and store your sensitive data securely. If you are registering with an established and trusted casino site, you can trust that all payment methods are verified and safe. That being said, PayPal does limit the amount of personal information you give websites, which could subsequently minimize the amount of damage done in the unlikely event that there is a security breach at the website in question.

For an added sense of security, make sure that your PayPal password is strong and totally unique to your account. You may also want to invest in a PayPal Security Key -  a physical device that generates a temporary login pin and acts as a second stage of verification. Be careful to always double check that any emails sent to you from PayPal are legitimate. Do not click on any links contained within the email if you are in any doubt whatsoever as to the sender authenticity. Never access PayPal over a public network, such as in a cafe or library, and make sure that your antivirus software is always kept up-to-date. By following these tips, you should have no security issues using PayPal for your online casino banking.

Pay and Play with the World's Biggest E-Wallet! recommends PayPal as a a highly convenient and trust-worthy means through which to deposit to, and withdraw from, your online casino account. Depending on your country of residence, there are a number of PayPal casino sites that allow players to take advantage of the famous e-wallet for online casino banking purposes.