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Visa Casinos 2020 - Using Visa to Deposit & Withdraw

Visa Inc. is a US-based multinational corporation specializing in financial services; it is certainly in no need of introduction!  Online casinos that do not accept Visa cards as a banking option are very uncommon and this is due to the fact that this is one of the most effortless ways for casinos to bank with customers.

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Visa Overview

Most players will know immediately what a Visa card is, but in a nutshell, Visa is an institution that gives banks Visa cards to issue to its customers. It does not process the payments itself, this is done by the banks that issue the Visa cards.


Why Should You Play at Online Visa Casinos?

  •   Payments are quick and easy;
  •   Visa is a globally recognized card, issued by banks all over the world;
  •   Transactions are safe and secure.

Register for a Visa Card

If you want to use a Visa card to make deposits and withdrawals at your favorite online casino, you need to go to your bank of choice in the city in which you live and ask them which Visa cards they issue and apply with them.

There are different visa cards you can choose, however, this will depend on which ones your bank is authorized to visit. The two most popular visa cards are the visa debit cards, which take the money directly from your account, and you can take out as much as your overdraft limit is with your bank. The visa Electron functions in much the same way, but there is no option for overdraft even if you have this option with your specific bank account. The other visa option is the regular credit card.

Visa also issues prepaid cards, but you will have to register with the organization that issues the prepaid cards in order to get one.

Visa Works Depositing & Withdrawing at Visa Casinos

visa casinosFunding an online casino account through a Visa credit card is a breeze! Once registering an account on an online casino of your choice, select visa as a banking option through the casino’s cashier. You will be required to enter your card information, including the card number on the face of the card, the card’s expiry date, the CVV number (a three-digit number at the back of the card), the cardholder’s name and the cardholder’s billing address. Then it’s simply a matter of indicating to the casino the amount you would like to deposit into your account. It’s just like making any other credit card purchase online. 

As far as cashing out using your Visa credit card is concerned, it is advisable to check whether your chosen casino allows withdrawals through Visa. Many out there do provide this option, although there are also many online establishments that allow deposits exclusively.

Fees at Visa Casinos

Users ought to note that there could be fees attached to using a visa credit card. The regular fees you pay for using your credit card online would still apply but some casinos might charge additional fees for using Visa credit cards. Many who do though would waive these when depositing over a certain amount, so it’s recommended that you inquire about fees with the casino of your choice before making a deposit.

Transfer Times

Time is no issue with Visa credit cards. In fact, if transfer time is a major concern for you, go ahead and opt for a Visa credit card as a payment method. Deposits are instantaneous and show up in your casino account in a heartbeat. The same cannot be said for withdrawals, but they are quicker than using almost any other banking method and should have funds showing up in your bank account within a three to five days at most.

Customer Assistance

Visa offers customer support through its official website and this pertains to a host of queries and problems one may face. It is advisable however for users to contact whichever financial institution would have issued the card for any support they may require. This is because the terms and conditions associated with your Visa account are typically set by the card issuer rather than Visa Inc. In fact, Visa Inc. does not actually issue cards; it authorises financial institutions to use the Visa brand. Your best bet is to contact your bank first. 

Safety & Security at Visa Casinos

Visa Inc. is a global, reputable multinational corporation which has very strict rules and procedures in place to protect its card users against any kind of fraud. The best thing you can possibly do to protect your online payments at online casinos is to make sure that the online casino you are playing at is safe and trustworthy. Untrustworthy sites will not take care of your card details properly and you will be more at risk.

In order to avoid this kind of outcome when you play, read through our online casino reviews or choose an online casino from one of our toplists. These online casinos have been reviewed and tested against various measures to ensure that CasinoTop10 players will be able to play their favorite games with peace of mind that their card details are very safe due to the measures taken and regulations in place to audit the online casinos.

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Advantages of Using Visa Casinos

 Globally recognized

This is definitely the selling point of this card. Visa cards are issued and accepted all around the world and is recognized everywhere.

 Accepted the world over

The vast majority of online casinos accept Visa cards as a payment method which means players do not have to sign up for another method just to make deposits if they already have a card issued by their bank.

 Safe payment transfers

Because of the global recognition of this card, players are guaranteed safe payment transfers of their online casino deposits. 

Disadvantages of Using Visa Casinos

 Withdrawal Limits 

Rather regrettably, using Visa to withdraw funds when you win at your favorite online casino game is not possible a lot of the times. You will have to use a separate payment method in order to retrieve your winnings.

 Not all casinos will accept VISA payments

Although Visa is accepted all around the world, you may come across restrictions when making a payment with your VISA card as it can be rejected due to your location. Check with the online casino you want to play at first.

Visa Casinos - FAQs

  What are Visa casinos?

A Visa casino is any online casino that will accept VISA cards as a payment option to make your deposits and/or withdrawals of winnings.

  Are there any online casinos that accept Visa?

Yes, there are very many as VISA is such a reputable and well-regarded global card. You can take a look at our toplist of the best VISA online casinos above and below on this page. 

  Can I make a withdrawal using my visa card? 

This will depend on the casino, but generally, VISA is not accepted in most online casinos to withdraw your winnings. You need to check the withdrawal methods of the individual casino you are playing at.

  Are money transfers safe when I use my visa card?

VISA cards are extremely safe and secure to use. You need to be more concerned with choosing the right online casino to play at and making sure it’s reputable. You can look at our toplist and online casino reviews to learn about all the different online casinos to play at.

  Can I use all my visa cards at visa casinos? Or only the debit card?  

All Visa cards are accepted, however, if you want to use the VISA debit card or prepaid cards you need to have sufficient funds in your bank account or on the prepaid card in order to make a deposit. If you are using the credit card you can go up to the limit on the card which is determined by the financial institution that issued the card. 

  Is it possible for players from the US to make a deposit with a visa card? 

Due to US legislation and the restrictions placed on financial institutions to make payments to online casinos, there are limitations for US players.

  Are there any free casino games to play at Visa Casinos?

Yes, sometimes Visa Casinos, like several other online casinos out there on the net, will offer free casino games to play in demo mode. Usually, the games you'll find include Free Slots online, Free Roulette and many other table games. 

  Are there any good payment alternatives I can use instead of Visa?

Yes, there are other credit card options you can use as well as e-wallets and prepaid cards. As other credit cards we recommend Mastercard casinos and Amex. If you're opting to use an e-wallet or prepaid card instead, we highly suggest using PayPal, Skrill or Neteller. And provided that you'd prefer not to disclose your personal details, Paysafeacard is a really great option to use too. You can find online casinos to use at our Paysafecard Casinos guide.  

Visa Casinos - Classically Convenient!

If you're looking through the dozens of online casino payment options out there in hopes of finding a great one to use to transfer money to and from an online casino, stop right there! CasinoToplists recommends Visa credit cards with no hesitation whatsoever. They are easy to use, widely accepted, quick, secure, offer higher credit limits than most competitors and come with generous deposit bonuses attached at many reputable online casinos. 

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