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Western Union Casinos 2020 - A Guide to Using it at Casinos

Western Union is rarely a strange name to anyone; our great grandparents haven’t been around as long as the multinational money transfer titan has! But what you probably didn't know about Western Union is that it's accepted at various online casino on the net. Here we go through all you need to know about Western Union and even list the various Western Union Online Casinos available to play at. Have a look below.

What is Western Union?

Western Union was established back in 1851 and was, in the 19th century, best known for its telegram services. Today Western Union is more widely known for its person-to-person money transfers with over half-a-million agents in over 200 countries around the world. 


Why Play at Western Union Casinos?

  •   Quite literally one of the oldest and most trusted money transfer companies in history;
  •   Incredibly secure and safe to ensure payments are received;
  •   Multiple options for sending Western Union transfers including in person, via phone or online;
  •   Great option for high-rollers who work with large sums as there's no limit with Western Union.

Depositing & Withdrawing at Western Union Casinos

Western Union transfers may be made in three different ways:

  • In person
  • Via telephone
  • Online

First they can be made in person at a nearby Western Union agent. This is the most commonly used method.

Once you fill in the required paperwork at an agent you will be asked to submit a payment, using cash or a debit card, equivalent to your transfer amount and the Western Union charge. Once this is done you will be given a code by which to track your transfer. You will need to share this code with the casino of your choice for that casino to be able to cash out your transfer.

Another way to use Western Union is via telephone. Numbers differ according to your geographic location; US customers dial 1-800-CALL-CASH. A Western Union representative will walk you through the process in this case. Transfers over the phone may be made by both credit and debit cards. A tracking number is involved here too, so ensure to take note of this vital piece of information.

The third way in which you can transfer money using Western Union is online. First you need to create a quick and free profile on Western Union’s official site. The recipient’s details would have to be entered and your payment may be made through a credit or debit card.

Once again, you'll be given a tracking number that you have to pass on to the online casino for them to be able to pick up the payment from a Western Union agent.

western union casinosTransfer Times

Transfer times may or may not be an issue when using Western Union to bank with online casinos. This is because the sender has a choice to accept the payment within a few minutes or on the following day. Needless to say, the prior would cost the sender a little bit more in terms of fees, but would have the player playing within minutes.

Customer Support

Western Union offers direct customer support through a number of avenues and all the associated information is available on the company’s official website. In cases in which players choose to affect a transfer through an agent, it is always advisable to go through that same agent in the case of a problem arising.

Advantages of Using Western Union at Casinos

 It's a safe payment method 

Western Union is a highly recommendable banking method for online gamblers. It’s as safe as they come, seeing as you don’t have to reveal any of your personal or banking information to third parties, and it’s widely accepted, even though many casinos that would accept this method might not say so explicitly. In the latter’s case, players may find that the casino of their choice would state that it accepts P2P transfers, cash transfers or money transfers. A Western Union money transfer is one such transfer.

 Some casinos offer a special bonus for using it 

Users may also find that there are several casinos that offer additional bonuses for Western Union users and Western Union itself comes with an attractive in-house rewards programme. High rollers may find Western Union particularly attractive due to the high deposit amounts normally allowed by casinos through this method.

Disadvantages of Western Union at Casinos

 High fees for small transfers

If you aren't playing big at the online casino, you will find that the fees are comparatively high to make deposits and withdraw if you are only funding your account with small amounts. 

Western Union Casino FAQs

   How Can I use Western Union at an online casino? 

Similar to how you'd use Western Union to send any kind of money transfer. Fund the Western Union account in person, via phone or online with your credit card or a bank transfer and it'll likely be instantly acceptable by most online casinos. Some casino won't say they explicitly accept 'Western Union' in their list of deposit methods but if it says "cash or money transfers," that covers Western Union.

   How many online casinos accept Western Union? 

Well, let's say all of them. A Western Union money transfer is virtually equal to cash so there's likely never a scenario where it wouldn't be accepted. You may need to pay extra fees on top of the ones you've paid Western Union but it will most certainly be accepted at most online casinos. The casino support staff will ask some details about you and give you the information you need to give the Western Union agent to carry out the transfer.

   Can I withdraw my online casino winnings via Western Union? 

Yes, that's also possible. You'll need to contact the casino's support staff who will then give you a code to access the withdrawn funds at any Western Union affiliated agent.

   What are the downsides of using Western Union for casino payments? 

Time and money. If you do your Western Union transfer in person that will eat up a bit of your time. Also, if you're dealing in fairly small sums, the fees you'll pay for transferring money via Western Union will be comparatively high.

   Are there any credit card options at online casinos that are faster to use than Western Union?

Yes, there are several credit and debit card options that can be used at online casinos which take much less time to transfer your bankroll than Western Union. Three popular ones include Mastercard, Visa, and Amex. If you'd like to discover all the nitty-gritty details of using them at online casinos, have a look at our guides to Mastercard Casinos, Visa Casinos, and Amex Casinos respectively. Then find the best one to play at. 

   Are there any prepaid cards I can use at casinos instead of Western Union?

Yes, should you wish to use a prepaid card which will allow you to transfer cash in an esaier and faster way, you can opt to use Paysafecard. Our Paysafe Casinos guide lists all the online casinos which accept Paysafecard along with how to use it.

Looking for a Western Union Casino?

If so, check out our comprehensive Casino Reviews to find one that's suited to your needs! Also, if you feel confused in regards to which casino to the game to choose and how to play them, we highly recommend that you take a look at our online casino games guides where you'll find our Blackjack online Guide, Online Roulette Guide and much more! Once you feel prepared to play a game, you should definitely try playing our Free Casino Games then play for real money at a Western Union Casino from our list! 

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