Wirecard Casinos 2017 Review - For European Players

Wirecard is a well-known online payment processor that allows you to connect your account to a number of different credit cards or bank account.  If you have never heard of Wirecard before it used to be called Click2Pay, but was acquired by the German bank also called Wirecard. Signup is free and instantaneous, as is funding your online casino account.

Note: US Players cannot use Wirecard to make online casino payments.


Important Points about Wirecard Casinos

Completely anonymous payments.

This payment option is not available to players from the United States.

No delay in payments to your online casino account - start playing immediately!

Virtual MasterCard you can use at online merchants.

What You Need to Know About Wirecard Casinos

wirecard casinosNever heard of Wirecard but you know Click2Pay? This is because Wirecard used to be known as Click2Pay, so you may find both names in online casinos if they have not yet updated it. Wirecard casinos are mostly popular in the European Union, and unfortunately it is not available as a payment option for players from the United States. If you are playing at a European online casino as an EU citizen, then Wirecard is a fantastic choice as a payment option as it’s both quick and trustworthy.

Wirecard is issued by the parent company Wirecard AG, which has its headquarters in Munich, Germany. Although Wirecard AG offers numerous financial services, Wirecard is strictly a virtual credit card system, issuing virtual MasterCard numbers instantly which you can connect with your bank account. The beauty of this system is that your online casino transactions will simply appear in code on your bank statements and you can play online completely anonymously if you wish to keep your online casino activities completely to yourself, which most people do.

How WireCard Casinos Work – Depositing & Withdrawing Funds

To deposit money at a Wirecard casino you first have to register an account at the Mywirecard website. There is absolutely no delay whatsoever after your register to receive your card details. After you filled in all the required information – a phone number and e-mail address - you will be given the virtual MasterCard card number and CVV (the three digit number at the back of the card which allows you to make payments online).

If you wish to have a physical card as well, then you can select this option and one will be sent to you against a fee. The issuing of a virtual MasterCard number however is instantaneous and free of charge. Only one card is allowed per person.

There is no need to pre-fund your Wirecard account, however you have to link it up to a bank account or credit card. You can make payments and deposits up to the amount of your weekly spending limit. Transactions to Wirecard casinos are processed instantly.

Most, but not all, Wirecard casinos also offer Wirecard as a means to withdraw funds. You will need to check with the online casino to see if this is possible. If not, there are plenty of other payment options you can use instead to withdraw all your fun-earned winnings from your favorite online casinos games.

Player Safety & Security

Every single time you make a deposit at your favorite online casino you won’t have to worry in any way whatsoever that your private details are at risk. As part of the German bank Wirecard AG, Wirecard payment services have to meet extremely strict German banking regulations – your details and funds are being well-guarded and taken care of. In addition to this, Wirecard must comply with the Data Security Standard as set out by MasterCard, as an issuer of virtual MasterCards. 

Customer Service at a Wirecard Casinos

wirecard customer service2

It is incredibly straightforward and simple to contact customer service if you have any problems at all. All you need to do is shoot them an email or phone call within the timeframe stipulated on their website, and you can sort out whatever issue you have very quickly. Keep in mind the time zone as well if you are contacting them from outside the European Union.

How Long it Takes and How Much it Costs

As mentioned above, registration is extremely fast and you are issued card details on the spot – which means you can also start playing as quickly as possible.

Just like with any other credit card, there are small fees when making online payments and also transferring funds into the account. All these costs are detailed on the MyWirecard website which you can look at in details to decide if these costs are within your allocating budget or if you would rather use another payment option.

Once you've got your Wirecard account up and running, you are ready to make a deposit at one of the Wirecard casinos all you have to do is simply enter the desired amount at the cashier, select Wirecard, and complete the transaction, and you can start playing slots, craps online, blackjack, or any other online casino game to your heart’s desire.

Play at WireCard Casinos Today

If you are playing at an online casino as a non-US citizen then Wirecard is a great payment option choice, being cheap, very fast, and also completely anonymous. Wirecard will never share the nature of your transactions so it will only show up in code on your bank statement, and your details will also not be shared with the online casino. However if you are from the US and wish to use a similar service, check out the other available payment options for US citizens to use at online casinos.