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Free Scratch Cards

It's a captivating and appealing little idea, isn't it? Hidden under that dull grey silicone wax covering of one of those ubiquitous scratch cards could be three little symbols that can change your financial future.

And all you have to do is scratch it away with a little coin. Or, online, scratch your mouse over a tiny, digital square.

The Thrill of Scratch Cards


Why Play Free Scratch Cards?

  •   Incredibly easy to play and win;
  •   Play free scratch cards for real money by signing up for new online casino accounts;
  •   Enjoy the thrill of scratch cards without risking any of your own money!

Who hasn't had a go at scratch cards at some point, right? No matter your financial situation virtually everyone has popped around to the corner store and picked up a few scratch cards on a whim.

The odds of winning a huge jackpot? Well, we all know they're pretty low. But that doesn't make punting about with some free scratch cards any less fun.

It's about the mystery of the reveal. The skip in your heartbeat when you think you're scratching off a third winning symbol. And the neverending appeal of winning real money for doing next to nothing.

It'll never get old and scratch cards will likely be around until the end of days. So why not dive in and have a little fun with our very own free scratch card game above?

Online scratch cards offer the same thrills of excitement and anticipation you get with real scratch cards (almost). Only without having to leave the house! 

Are you Looking for Free Scratch Cards to Win Real Money?


So let's be frank about free scratch cards. Chances are if you've landed on this page from an online search you're looking for a chance to play or find some free scratch cards where you can win some real money.

If so, we have some good news for you. Online casinos looking to sign-up new customers will sometimes give away some free online scratch cards of a set value if you create a new account. Most will likely expect you to make a deposit in return but some will, in fact, offer you some free online scratch cards with no deposit required.

Your best bet for finding a free scratch card deal like that is to peruse our online casino reviews and see if any of them currently have a deal like that.

Truthfully, the odds are low that even if you do find a good scratch card deal they'll end up being ones with prizes of much value. And if you did win some money with them that  you'd be able to straight up withdraw it without a playthrough requirement.

That being said, free scratch card offers do exist and you're welcome to take any online casino up on them. And who knows - you may even win a few bucks to play around online with!

IF you're looking for more official scratch card offerings, like those from the UK lottery for example, you'll need to visit the official Lottery sites online to see what scratch cards they might offer for play.

What Kinds of Free Scratch Cards Are There?

If you've ever been to a proper lotto store and seen the range of scratch card games you can now find, you're in for a surprise. There are literally thousands of different scratch card variations you can now play from the standard 3x3 'slot machine" style to popular favorites like Bingo, Wheel of Fortune, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Top Trumps and more.

The variety of scratch cards you can find online is equally - if not more - diverse and you can be sure you'll find something to suit your fancy pretty much anywhere scratch cards are offered.

There are even 3D scratch cards to be found online these days so the playing experience is quite heightened from the standard coin scratchie. Again, check the list of casino above to see which offer scratch cards for this customers, free or real money.

Play Our Free Scratch Card Online!


If, on the other hand, you've found this page because you're actually looking to PLAY a free scratch card online, you're also in the right place! Our "Scratch Fruit" game above is a quick and easy way to get a taste of what an online scratch card is like without having to go through any casino sign-up process.

Simply click the 'Play Now" button above and the Scratch Fruit pop-up window will appear in your browser. Just click play and you'll be taken to the scratch game window where you can start revealing the symbols.

Press and hold your cursor down and then swipe across the grey squares to reveal the fruit underneath. Get three consecutive fruit symbols in any row and you'll "win" the corresponding amount as listed in the payout table above the scratch card.

The top prize of 3 banana symbols pays out $60,000 - a nice fantasy to pretend hitting on a rainy afternoon at home.

Simply click the X in the top right corner to close each card and start again.

Secret Playing Hint: If you just scratch off the middle of each respective square you'll be able to see what each symbol is before scratching it off fully. You can then pick the row you want to fully scratch off pretty easily.

Why Play Free Scratch Cards Online?

So if you can't actually win any real money playing this free scratch card online, why play it at all?

Good question. 

One of the most alluring features of scratch cards is the player never has to learn any rules or strategy. You just scratch, and win. Or lose. But the joy of potentially winning a large sum of money comes with a catch - you can slowly whittle away quite a bit of money searching for that winning card.

It might only cost you a few cents or a buck or two at a time but scratch cards play fast. And you can be in quite a hole in a short period of time without even realizing it.

Our free scratch card game is just a simple, free way to scratch a bit of that itch. Or get your feet wet before you try out the real thing online. 

It's not the most scintillating game you'll find online. But it does give you a quick glimpse of what a real scratch card will look and play like. And maybe just kill a bit of time.

Our online Scratch Fruits game also offers better odds to win than your standard physical scratch cards so you will get a chance to taste victory a bit more often, too.


This HTML 5 version called Scratch Fruit is supported by all the latest devices and mobile Operating systems so if you actually would like the leave the house and poke around on the scratch card, you can.

We’ve tested Scratch Fruits on smartphone, tablet and desktop. No objections as far as efficiency’s concerned. The graphics are nothing grand, but it’s a scratch card game for Pete’s sake, so blasting the game for a lack of animatronics is just unfair.

The visuals are decent and live up to expectations. There’s no music in the background as you play the game, which might have served to add something to the game, seeing as the sound effects do so much for immersion (scratching the card sounds out a scratching sound that gives the feeling of physical scratching).

Whether you’re having a quick punt in between more tedious daily tasks or you’re scratching away at cards for hours at a time, you'll find that you can have heaps of fun with Scratch Fruit without the need for experience, expertise, skills, knowledge or your own money at risk.

Even better - Scratch Fruit is suitable for anyone of legal age to play!

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