Scratch Fruit

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Scratch Fruit

Are you daring enough to scratch away at a game of pure chance? We’ve all scratched away at a solid card surface in the hope of uncovering a prize underneath. Yep, we’ve all played a scratch card at least once in our life. Well, Scratch Fruit is just that, a scratch card game. The difference is that it’s a digital, online scratch card game. The popularity of solid, hard-copy scratch cards is indisputable. Online scratch cards offer the exact same feelings of excitement and anticipation without one having to leave the house. And this HTML 5 version is supported by all the latest devices and mobile OSs, so if you actually would like the leave the house, you can too.

General game info

One of the most alluring features of the game is the lack of need for the player to learn any rules or strategy, coupled with the possibility to win large sums of cash. That’s the beauty of scratch cards and perhaps the reason they’re so much in demand. And being an online scratch card game, Scratch Fruits offers better odds to win than your standard physical scratch cards, as these are based on computer algorithms generated as you play rather than being predetermined at the point of printing and distribution. Scratch Fruits consists of nine different fruits of which the player must uncover three in a row to win. Each fruit type carries with it a different cash prize and cash prizes vary widely. Three bananas deliver winnings of $60,000 while three lemons deliver a mere $2. Prize money increases exponentially as the uncovered fruit increases in value.

Gameplay / Graphics / Sounds

We’ve tested Scratch Fruits on smartphone, tablet and desktop. No objections as far as efficiency’s concerned. We witnessed no hiccups; no malfunctions of any sort. The graphics are nothing grand, but it’s a scratch card game for Pete’s sake, so blasting the game for a lack of animatronics is just unfair. The visuals are decent and live up to expectations – they’re bright, colourful and attractive. There’s no music in the background as you play the game, which might have served to add something to the game, seeing as the sound effects do so much for immersion (scratching the card sounds out a scratching sound that gives the feeling of physical scratching).

How to play Scratch Fruit

Explaining this is superfluous really, but here it goes… scratch away at the opaque surface to reveal the pictures. If you get three of a kind in a horizontal row, you win. That’s just about it. Seeing as a card is made up of a three by three grid of nine tiles, the player gets three chances to win with every card. Nothing to it!

Conclusive Remarks

Whether you’re placing a quick wager in between more tedious daily tasks or you’re scratching away at cards for hours at a time, you will find that you may potentially reap significant rewards and have heaps of fun with Scratch Fruits without the need for experience, expertise, skills, knowledge or any other quality. Scratch Fruits is a simple way for one to enjoy him/herself while having a punt and is suitable to anyone of legal age to play.