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Slot Machines with Bonus Games

Slot Machines with Bonus Games

Over the last few years, Slot machines with bonus games have become increasingly popular with avid Slots players all over the globe. The reason? Well, everybody loves a bonus when playing games of chance! No? Want to learn more and how you can benefit from these bonuses? If so, have a look at our guide to Bonus Slots to discover how they work and the best online casinos to play them at!

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There’s Just Something Special about Slot Machines with Bonus Games

slots machines with bonus gamesTo play on Slots machine with bonus games or not to play Slots games at all, that is indeed the question. Well, the probability is that if you’ve never played them before, you might actually be thinking there’s a catch. Yet, you’re actually quite wrong.

Unlike the Slots online bonuses that are offered to you at an online casino on sign-up, the bonus games that are available whilst playing slots online have just been created to keep players engaged and give them something back to them to keep them playing.

Generally, the bonus games are triggered when certain groups of symbols. These bonuses can give you the opportunity of winning and pocketing the prize.



Why Play Slots Games with Bonuses online?

  •   These games of luck are tones of fun and also enable you to get a bonus;
  •   Each game has its own different theme;
  •   These types of casino bonuses are only available is you play on Slot machines with bonus games.

How to Identify Slots Games with Bonuses

Back in the mid-20th century when Slots machines first became a reality, the games of luck merely had 3 spinning reels with a total of 10 symbols on each one. And as technology got better and better, these eventually became 5-reel Slots games and then multi-reel ones. Eventually when Slots games were launched online in the ‘90s, Video slot machines with bonus games were introduced. 

Although there are actually 3-reeled Slots games with in-game bonuses, most Slots machines with bonuses often come in the form of 5-reeled Video Slots. Besides graphics and themes, each game typically has its own rules and bonus features. Hence, in essence you’ll only be able to identify Slot machines with bonus games by reading the individual rules of the particular game you’re interested in playing, viewing the pay lines etc. 

How do Slots Machines with Bonuses Work?

As most of you Slots players out there know, the symbols you manage to hit when the Slots reels finally come to a halt determines how much you manage to win. Each Slots game that’s found online has been created using a Random Number Generator which allows outcomes to be generated at random. In regards to Slot machines with bonus games, bonuses are typically triggered by a combination of symbols. However, each bonus game is quite different. So, it’s always best to read up on the particular Slots game you choose to play. 

Common Types of Slots Bonuses

Many video Slots that are found in the online realm now contain slots bonus rounds. However, not all of the Slot machines with bonus games have the same type of bonuses in their games. Whilst some games offer Free Spins, others offer Scratch Cards or a Pick a Box bonuses and more. 

Free Spins 

Much of the time when playing on Slot machines with bonus games, players can earn Free Spins bonuses on striking the correct combination of symbols. Typically, players are rewarded with a free spin or a few spins after having earned a certain number of coins. Sometimes the free spin feature is activated when certain symbols are struck whilst playing the game of chance. 

Free For All 

Unlike other games, Slots games offer multiple free-for-all opportunities. When this type of bonus event occurs, players are able to choose from various hidden bonuses within a specific time limit. 

Cascade Bonuses

Cascade bonuses are perhaps the most common types of bonuses present in Slot Machines with bonus games. In games which have them, different symbols fall from the screen which in effect replace other symbols present on the screen. The new symbols that appear generally act as wild symbols. They multiple winnings and boost your payout. Cascade bonuses can be based on both line by line bonus or multiplier bonuses that are given after various rounds have been played. 

Hold n’ Spin

Unlike the spinning reels bonuses which generate a completely random outcome, Hold n’ Spin bonuses allow players to manipulate the game in order to generate a desired outcome. Whilst playing these kinds of mini-games, you’ll be able to hold certain reels and control the other reels to spin faster. 


Some Slot machines with bonus games contain multi-level bonuses that allow players to allow players to get more bonuses when they play. Players who play on these types of Slots games and do well during a bonus round are usually allowed to continue to the next level until they lose. 

Pick a Box

Another interesting bonus game that’s present in some Slots online game is the bonus game Pick a Box. Like most of the other in-game bonus games, this mini game is typically triggered when a certain combination of symbols is struck. Each box holds a different prize some of which are small and some of which are much larger. The prize you’ll be able to get fundamentally depends on which box you select whilst playing the mini game. Some Slot machines with bonus games online also have multi-level Pick-a-Box games for players to enjoy. 

Pick ‘Em Bonuses

Pick’em bonuses present in some Video Slots are board-game bonus rounds. During these bonus rounds, players spin a reel or a die which indicates how many places they can move along on the digital board game. The more you manage to move along the board, the bigger and better the prizes you’ll be able to get. 

Spinning Wheel Bonuses

One of the most popular in-games bonuses that are usually triggered when playing on Video Slot Machines with Bonus Games come in the form of spinning wheels. As suggested by the name of this type of bonus, you must spin the wheel in order to play. Provided that the spinner lands on the right place, you’ll be able to get your bonus. 

Scratch Cards

Some slots bonuses you’ll be able to find whilst playing games of luck take the form of another popularly played game called Scratch Cards. Once you’ve managed to strike the correct combination of symbols whilst playing the Slots bonus game, a pop will appear in the game and you’ll simply have to scratch off the panels to find out whether or not you’re a winner! 


Many video Slots games found in the galactic realm of Slots often have Wild symbols. During a game where Wild symbols appear, each symbol can be substituted for any winning combination. Hence, if these symbols are used correctly, you’ll be able to earn a fantastic payout from them. In some cases, Wilds can act as multipliers and increase the amount you win. 

X OF Y Bonus Slots Game

Some Slot Machines with Bonus Games have been created with rewards known as X of Y bonuses. Like many of the other bonuses, this type of bonus is triggered when a certain number of symbols are on the reels. Essentially, what’s different about this type of bonus and a free bonus is that the occurrence is not dependent on the reel’s potion after spinning. Instead, it’s dependent on acquiring the required number of a particular symbol in order to trigger the bonus. Generally speaking, you’ll be expected to pick one or several objects from a selection of objects that appear on the screen. Once you have, your winnings will be added up together. Sometimes you’ll find that X of Y bonus slots have several different levels. Each level should successfully be completed prior to playing the next round. 

Progressive Jackpots Slots Bonuses

Playing Progressive jackpot slots allows players to chase the massive jackpot prize that’s typically associated with Progressive Jackpot games. And each Progressive Slots machine generally has bonuses that can help enhance winnings! These types of bonus games are typically more lucrative than other bonus games out there. This is due to the fact that Progressive Jackpot games are tied together in terms of prizes.Jackpots typically run into the thousands. However, you will be able to find some games that have million dollar prizes too! If you’d like to learn more about progressive jackpot games as well as where to find them, we urge you to take a look at our Progressive Jackpots guide which has been compiled by our team of experts at CasinoToplists. 

5 of the Best Bonus Slots

Now that you’ve learnt all about the different types of Slot machines with bonus games available on the net, we can make a bet that we’ve fueled your urge to play these games more than ever. Well, if we’re right and this is indeed the case, you should take a look at the games you can possibly play below! Our list of Slot machines with bonus games features an array of captivating games for every sort of Slots player. Fundamentally, what sets them apart is mainly graphics functionality and types of Slots bonuses they offer. So go on! Have a look and you just might discover a game you’ve possibly never thought had bonuses! 

1. Starburst Slot

startburst slot gameNetEnt’s Starburst is one of the most popular Slot Machines with Bonus Games out there! The vibrant video slot meshes a mix of vibrant colors with a classic arcade theme. The visually enticing game is operated by 5 Slots reels and 10 paylines. 

Although this particular game doesn’t have a Free Spins feature, it does have Wild symbols. In fact, this is what the game is predominantly famous for! The Starburst Wild feature activated in the game will expand on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels and cover the whole reel when activated. Provided that you’ve managed to get another Starburst Wild symbol once you’ve hit the spin button, you’ll be able to play again. The bonus feature round will only finish when no Wild symbols appear during the re-spin. If Lady Luck is right by your side the whole time you’re playing, you can possibly stand to win up to £50,000! To find out where to play this game, you recommend selecting a Casino from our NetEnt Casinos page. 

2. Adventures in Wonderland Slots

adventures in wonderland bonus slots

There are few fairytales that make us adults nostalgic for our childhood and Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland is definitely one of them! And now you can experience the whimsical mid-19th century tale by playing the exciting Slots game – Adventures in Wonderland. This particular bonus Slots game by Ash Gaming (a Playtech company) features 5-reels and 20 paylines. The exciting Slots game aims to replicate the classic fairytale through the use of memorable characters such as Alice herself, the Cheshire Cat, Caterpillar, the tardy White Rabbit, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum and also by incorporating sound effects that echo the fairytale well. 

Adventures in Wonderland Slots boasts 3 different bonus games that are triggered by specific symbols. These are the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, the Rabbit Hole Bonus and the Pocket Watch Bonus. During the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party bonus which is triggered upon hitting 3 or more Mad Hatter scatter symbols, you’ll need to choose four characters at the tea party. The Rabbit Hole Bonus is set off once there are 3 or more Rabbit Hole symbols. During this Slots bonus game Alice falls down the hole and picks up prizes on the way. The prizes can fall in the range of anywhere between 8x to 22x your stake. Lastly, the Pocket Watch Bonus is triggered by 3 or more Pocket Watch symbols. Once initiated, you’ll be able to get your free spins during this bonus round! The amount you get ranges from 7 to 20 spins depending on how many times the rabbit’s pocket watch stops. If you’d like to play this particular Slots machine with bonus games, you should take a look at our Playtech Casino.

3. Paradise Dreams

paradise dreams

RTG offers a slot game in a paradise island environment with a chance of activating a bonus game which pays 1000 times your stake. Get three paradise islands in a row to make the dream a reality. On the paradise island you'll also find a dark-haired dream girl, who doubles your winnings if she's on one of your pay lines. The bonus round is initiated when hitting a combination of symbols – one girl and 3 blue and green birds. Despite the fact that this combination of symbols is the best, there are several other desirable combinations. These include 5 birds symbols, 4 fish symbols and a combination of flower or coconut symbols with one dark-haired girl. Apart from these symbol combinations, you’ll also be able to find a scatter bonus, a free spins bonus and a bonus game featuring 12 different hibiscus flowers. Essentially, all the features present largely contribute to a very entertaining and exciting game. If you’re interested in playing this particular Slots online game, we suggest selecting a safe online casino to play at from our list of RTG Casinos

4. Cashanova Slot


Animated graphics and a twisted story greet the player in this game. Meet Roger Rooster, whose only goal is to get a date with his dream girl Henrietta. Get three keys in a row and you unlock the bonus game and a chance at the big money. There are more ways to win big, however; when the free spin feature is activated, you get 15 free spins with up to a 5 X multiplier. In all, it's a great 5-reeled game with 30 paylines and nice animated graphics. If this game has particularly piqued your interest, we suggest having a look at the Microgaming Casinos available. 

5. Cleopatra's Pyramid

cleopatras pyramid slotsIf you enjoy playing slots with a historical theme, this is the game for you. Cleopatra's Pyramid is a 20 pay line slot machine with both bonus games and possible free spins, but the most exciting feature might just be the $100,000 jackpot – available if you play the max stake. The graphics are very pleasant and this WGS Technology game is certain to entertain you on several Friday nights. 

Haven't Decided What to Play? Try out Free Casino Slot Games with Bonus Rounds First!

Our advice to the uninitiated Slots player who hasn't yet chosen a game is to open accounts at several sites and decide which is best. Most casinos let you play for free and practice, before you take on the real-money games. Alternatively, if this seems like a bit of a hassle, just head on over to our Free Slots online game page where you'll find a number of different games to play. 

Play Slots Bonus Games at Your Favorite Casino! 

There’s absolutely no doubt about it; the introduction of bonus Slots in the online realm have helped to revamp and popularize Slots even more. Why? Simply because everybody deserves a lucky break every now and again! And when it comes to Slots online, you’re lucky break comes in the form of bonuses (and possible a mammoth amount of money provided that Lady Luck is indeed on your side). If you're looking for interesting and exciting slots there are plenty on the market. The software providers compete fiercely to offer you the most entertaining slots experience which fundamentally means that you’re spoilt for choice!

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