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Soccer Slots

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Soccer Slots

Wherever in the world one travels, (s)he is sure to come across fans of the beautiful game. And the same could be said for slots aficionados. Well, if you happen to fall within both of these categories, you’re sure to love this one! Ultimate Soccer is a soccer-themed, 5-reel, 3-row slot that offers players the chance to win big with a wild/jolly symbol and a 20x multiplier. Of note is that this is an HTML 5 slot supported by the latest devices and mobile OSs. It’s also playable through Windows Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

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About Ultimate Soccer

The game does not feature any scatter symbols or bonus rounds. It’s a clear-cut, well designed slot that may be enjoyed by players of any level of experience. Ultimate Soccer will not have you confused or lost, regardless of your level of slot expertise. The game features eight different soccer-themed symbols. Seven of these are standard slot symbols, each rendering different cash winnings when sequenced in two, three, four or five in a row at the end of a spin. More specifically, the Trophy and the Soccer Jersey render the biggest wins and only pay out when sequenced in three or more in a row. The soccer boots and four team crests however, also render winnings when sequenced in twos. The eighth symbol depicts a soccer ball with the word ‘wild’ at the bottom. Yep, you guessed it; this is a jolly, which may replace any of the other symbols to make up a combination.

How does Ultimate Soccer play?

Ultimate Soccer plays very slickly. We didn’t encounter any gameplay hiccups. It ran well on desktop, laptop, phone and tablet. We’ve tried and tested this game on several devices. It plays very well indeed.

How does it look and how does it sound?

The game looks pretty good. It’s not going to wow you with superb animatronics and graphic illustrations, but it’s colourful, vibrant and easy on the eye. The visuals are pretty busy at times, helping to keep the player alert and engaged. The audio is as candid as the visuals, consisting of sound effects that complement the player’s in-game actions such as spinning the reels. The game contains no background music. An option to play in silence is also available at the touch of a button. The interface is extremely simple and quick to get acquainted with.

How is the game played?

The first step is for the player to choose how much coin (s)he would like to stake on the next spin. The minimum amount of coin one can wager is 0.05, while the maximum is 0.50. The next step is for the player to choose the amount of possible pay lines by which (s)he could make winning combinations.  The pay line number acts as a multiplier on the amount of coin chosen to make up the bet. So, for example, if a player chooses to stake 0.25 in coin and selects a 10 pay lines for the next spin, the total bet for the next spin would be of 2.50. The subsequent step is for the player to hit the spin button, sit back and watch the reels go round. It’s as simple as that. What’s more is that if the player wants to bypass these three steps and bet big, hitting a ‘max bet’ button would bet the maximum amount of 10.00 (0.50 with a maximum 20x multiplier) and spin the reels automatically.


It’s fun, quick to play and pretty amusing. Ultimate Soccer slot may not be the most advanced slot online, but it’s amusing, adaptable to all levels and a great way to pass time in moments of boredom. Travelling? Commuting? Stuck in a long and tedious queue? Give Ultimate soccer a try; you can certainly win big with this one. 

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