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Three Cards Monte

Three Cards Monte

There’s an extremely high probability that you’ve played this one before. There’s an even higher probability you’ve at least seen it being played. Have you ever been to a fair and witnessed a slight-of-hand expert asking people to ‘keep an eye on the lady’? He’d then proceed to shuffle three cards, one of them being the lady (Queen), which contestants would have to keep an eye on and pinpoint once the shuffling stops and the three cards are placed face down, side by side. If the contestant uncovers the ‘lady’, he/she wins a prize.

About Free Three Cards Monte

This is an HTML 5 variant of the enduring classic, meaning that it is supported by mobile devices and may, therefore, be played on the go. So, wherever you are, at whichever time of the day, all you need for a quick and fun escape is a mobile device, such as a mobile phone or tablet, with an internet connection. That’s not to say one cannot play the game on a laptop or desktop computer, however. This game will have you captivated, trying to keep an eye, in this case, on the Ace of Hearts.


This game simply glides on mobile screens. It’s hitch-less in terms of animation and the graphics are pretty good too. It’s a very simple game, so don’t expect too much in terms of visuals. But the overall feel of the game is great, as is the uplifting background music.

Our 3 easy steps to playing Three Cards Monte:

The dealer will show 3 face-up cards; 

Look closely at where the Ace of Hearts is before the dealer places the cards face down.

Try to follow where the Ace of Hearts goes and select it from the 3 face down cards.

How to Play Three Card Monte

three card monte2Keep an eye on the Ace of Hearts. That’s pretty much it. The game is played with three Aces; the Ace of Clubs, the Ace of Spades and the Ace of Hearts. The three cards are shown to the player at the beginning of the first round and are then turned to face downwards. The player would have had to note where the Ace of Hearts is placed and then follow it while the three cards are being shuffled. Once the cards stop shuffling, the player must select the card he/she thinks is the Ace of Hearts. If the player is correct, the Ace of Hearts is uncovered, the player gets a score of 1 and the Ace of Hearts is placed facing downwards once more for the process to be repeated. With each win for the player, the shuffling gets faster and faster, until it becomes close to impossible to be sure of where the Ace of Hearts is positioned at the end of a shuffle. A box on the bottom left-hand corner of the main screen would keep a record of the player’s highest winning streak. The aim of the game is for the player to build up as high a winning streak as he/she possibly can.

Three Card Monte Rules and Strategy

The golden question that every single player asks is: Is there some way in which I can win this? Usually, the answer to this question is somewhat convoluted but with this game, there is actually an easy way to play and win. The secret to success is not to let the Ace of Hearts out of your sight. Now, obviously, in order to be able to do that you need to be very sharp and have your wits about you which means that you need to lay off the booze. The more on your game you are, the better your chances of identifying when a very fast switch has been made by a very skilled dealer.

Three Cards Monte FAQs

  What is the aim of Three Cards Monte?

Really and truly, the aim of the game is a really simple one. All the player needs to do is find the Ace of Hearts amongst the 3 cards on the table. The aim of the game is to guess correctively as many consecutive times as possible. The more you guess, the higher the number on the counter gets.

 Where can I play this game for fun? 

CasinoToplists offers its players a free version of Three Cards Monte which they can play for fun as many times as they want. If and when you feel experienced enough, you can just click on one of the casinos in the above toplist.

 Which devices can I play this game on? 

Thanks to this HTML5 version, you can play Three Cards Monte wherever and however you want as it is playable on Windows Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. It's also fully functional on Apple, Blackberry, Windows and Android software. This means that whether you're on the train or in bed at home, we at CasinoToplists have you sorted.

Three Cards Monte offers the perfect card game experience

Three Cards Monte is one of those games which you can play completely solo and if you're the kind of person who enjoys challenging yourself, you can keep playing to gain experience whilst competing with yourself to beat your own personal bests. Not only is this game extremely easy to play and able to give you hours and hours of entertainment, however, thanks to the fact that this game is governed by a Random Number Generator, you can be sure that one game outcome is independent of another. Of course, once you've played our version a few times, you can play with the big boys for real money by signing up to one of the fabulous casinos in our toplist. So, can you concentrate hard enough to keep an eye on the coveted Ace of Hearts? Try it; it’s fun, absorbing and as your streak progresses and the shuffling gets quicker, it’s not as easy as you may think.