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Visa Electron Casinos 2020 - Using the Debit Card at Casinos

Visa Electron is a debit card service that is widely offered at a number of online casinos found on the net. Similarly, to other cards out there, the payment option is extremely convenient and easy to use. However, it functions slightly differently to a credit card. Learn how to use it through our Visa Electron Casinos guide below. Then find one to play at and get your bonus!

What is Visa Electron?

visa electron casinosVisa Electron is a sister card to the Visa Debit card and serves as the main competitor to the MasterCard Maestro, an immensely popular version of the standard debit card because it's very easy to get approved for and even easier to use than the standard Visa debit card. Visa Electron is very similar to the standard Visa Debit card with the difference being that Visa Debit cards can sometimes be overdrawn to a minor extent while this is never an option with Electron. That means you can only load it up with the exact amount you want to play with and no more.

Online Casinos that Accept Visa Electron

Visa Electron is almost universally available and usable at most online casinos that are found on the web to make deposits and sometimes withdrawals too. So if the card at hand you happen to have is this, you’re in luck as you’ll be able to play your favorite casino game in no time! On heading to a Visa Electron Casino, you’ll typically find that most internet casinos mainly host a plethora of online Slots, Video Poker and table games including Blackjack online, Roulette, Craps online and many more which are all available to play for real money.


Why Play at Visa Electron Online Casinos?

  •   Transactions are fast, secure and in your account within minutes using Visa Electron;
  •   There is no overdrawing possible so you can keep tight control of your budget;
  •   All Visa Electron Casinos have a wide selection of online casino games available;
  •   You can cash in on the best online casino bonus possible to boost your bankroll;
  •   Deposit and withdrawal option for both desktop and mobile.

How to make a Visa Electron Deposit

1) Obtain a Visa Electron Card

The first step, obviously, is to sign up for a Visa Electron card via the Visa site itself. That should only take a few minutes and is much easier than applying for an actual Visa credit or debit card. That's simply because the Visa Electron card is not a credit card. You have to load up the card with a balance before you can use it and no 'credit' is actually extended.

2) Find a Visa Electron Casino to Play at 

Once you’ve managed to acquire a Visa Electron card, you’ll then have to find an online casino to play at. In order to do so, you can go about it two ways; either do the research yourself or use our list of ranked and reviewed casinos above. The first option is definitely more time consuming than the second. Hence, we recommend that you have a look at the online gambling sites in our list instead.

3) Go to the Deposit Page

Once you’ve found a Visa Electron Casino to play at and registered your details, simply head to the deposit page where you can find options to use in order to transfer your bankroll and select Visa Electron as your desired payment method.

4) Fill in the Payment Form

After you’ve done so, you’ll then be navigated to the Visa Electron page where you’ll need to fill in the payment form by giving in your details. The details needed include name, surname, debit card number and deposit amount. The player will be asked for his/her Visa Electron card details which would include the 16-digit number on the front of the card, the card’s expiry date, the 3-digit CVV code, the cardholder’s name, and a valid billing address.

5) Submit & Wait for Your Bankroll to Show Up in Your Account

After you’ve filled in your form, hit the submit button and wait for your bankroll to show up in your online casino account. Visa Electron requires the player to confirm or authorize the transaction before it is processed (this happens with every transaction made through Visa Electron) but once this is done, the player’s deposit is complete.

As long as you have the required funds loaded on your Visa Electron card the transaction will be approved immediately. There's no need for any further credit check or- approval from the card company. When you’ve completed all the steps above, all you need to do is wait for your bankroll to show up in your online casino account, so you can start playing your favorite online casino games immediately.

How to make a withdrawal using Visa Electron Casino

1) Head to the online casino’s withdrawals page

Provided that you’ve won some money while playing your favorite online casino game, you’ll definitely want to cash out your winnings. Well, if this is indeed the case, all you’ll need to do is head to the online casino’s withdrawal page and select Visa Electron as your withdrawal option.

2) Fill in the Form

Once you’ve performed the previous step, you’ll then be taken to the Visa Electron withdrawal page where you’ll be required to fill in a form. Simply fill in the details required including your card number, name and surname along with the deposit amount and go on and enter the amount you’d like to withdraw from your account. It’s important to note that the majority of online casinos actually have minimum and maximum withdrawal amount which you must take into account prior to submitting your details.

Visa Electron Transfer Times

visa electron casinoTransfer times are very short with Visa Electron. Once the player has authorized the transaction for processing the funds should appear within his/her online casino account in no time at all and casino gaming may begin within minutes of the transaction taking place.

Withdrawals are also relatively quick, although will still need to go through the proper protocol of the online casino with regards to security and withdrawal limits. Upon withdrawing, the player’s casino account is updated instantaneously even though the withdrawn funds may take up to 5 working days to appear within the player’s bank account (depending on the casino in question).

Customer Support & Assistance for Visa Electron

Should you have any problems when using Visa Electron, you will definitely not need to worry. The terms and conditions for any Visa Electron’s use are not set centrally (by Visa), but by the financial institution that is authorized by Visa to issue the card. Therefore, it's advisable to seek any required assistance at whichever organization would have issued the Visa Electron on Visa’s behalf. Nonetheless, Visa does offer direct customer support through its official website.

Advantages of Using Visa Electron at Online Casino

 Safe to Use

One of the reasons that Visa Electron is so widely used and offered is that its phenomenal safety features. On making use of Visa Electron at online casinos, you can rest assured that all your data is fully encrypted and will not be disclosed or sold to third parties.

 No Fees or Very Low Fees 

Very few casinos charge fees for using Visa Electron and, because the Visa Electron cannot be overdrawn, there are never any interest charges for users to pay.

 It’s Convenient to Use 

Visa Electron Casinos are super convenient to use. They have used in a similar fashion to credit and debit cards. 

Disadvantages of Using Visa Electron Casinos

 Can Be a Bit Limiting 

While some might find that a bit limiting, it makes for an ideal banking option for online gamblers who want to manage their gaming budgets and for gamblers who want a quick and secure method to get a few bucks online to play.

 It’s Not Available to Use in All Countries 

It's available in most countries around the world but in four countries -- Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the USA.

Visa Electron Casino FAQs

 What is a Visa Electron casino?

A Visa Electron casino is simply an online casino that accepts Visa Electron as a deposit and withdrawal method. Funds must be pre-loaded to the Visa Electron card, of course, but once there they can be moved into your online casino account within minutes.

 How many online casinos accept Visa Electron?

As Visa Electron is such a common (and trusted) means of processing payments for all kinds of online businesses, it's no surprise it's a very popular option for online casinos. Online casinos in most jurisdictions around the world accept Visa Electron and it's particularly popular in Europe and the Middle East. See out toplist above for which casinos, in particular, accept Visa Electron.

 Am I eligible to receive a Visa Electron casino bonus?

Yes, you’ll be eligible to receive the best online casino bonus you can benefit from provided that you’re of legal gambling age and also that you’ve placed the minimum deposit that’s stated in the only casino’s promotion.

 Can I withdraw my online casino winnings to Visa Electron?

Many online casinos do accept both withdrawals and deposits via Visa Electron making it a very convenient choice for making transfers to online casinos. It is best, however, to check with the online casino to see if they process withdrawals via Visa Electron and if they have fees to do so. Visa Electron withdrawals will be immediately removed from your casino account for play but may take up to 5 business days to arrive in your account.

 Can I use Visa Electron in the US, Canada, Australia, and Ireland?

Unfortunately, no. Visa Electron is not available in those four countries.

  Do Visa Electron Cards have the same safety features as credit cards?

Despite its ease of use the Visa Electron card does have the standard security features of a credit card including a PIN number and data encryption. And as your transaction must be electronically authorized before it goes through it's very secure.

 Are there any other options I can use instead of Visa Electron?

Yes, if you've decided that Visa Electron is not for you, you can always use another credit/debit card instead. Two very reputable card options are Mastercard and Amex. Find out more about them and how to use them at internet casinos by reading through our guides on Mastercard Casinos and Amex Casinos.

Choose a Visa Electron Casino & Start Playing Online!

If you’re looking for a quick and easy online casino payment method to use at online casinos, we can recommend Visa Electron without any hesitation whatsoever. Not only may it be used as a banking option for making both deposits and withdrawals, but it is also safe – due to the verification processes involved with every transaction as well as the spending limits imposed – fast, accepted by most casinos and benefits users by means of deposit and reload bonuses at a vast number of online casinos.

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