Visa Electron Casinos 2017

Visa Electron Casinos 2017

Visa’s Electron is a debit card acting as the main competitor to MasterCard’s Maestro series. It is available across the globe, but in four countries, namely Australia, Canada Ireland and the USA, it is offered under a different name. It is an immensely popular debit card, which makes its provision as a banking option appealing to online casinos. The Visa Electron is very similar to the standard Visa Debit card, with the difference being that Visa Debit cards may sometimes be overdrawn to a minor extent while this is never an option with Electron, making it an ideal banking option for online gamers who wish to manage a gaming budget.


How Visa Electron Works

Visa Electron is easy to use for online casino banking; it’s just like purchasing any other product or service online by means of a bank card. Once a player has registered at a Visa Electron casino, he/she must select Visa Electron as a banking option through the casino’s cashier. The player will be asked to hand that casino his/her card details, which would include the 16-digit number on the front of the card, the card’s expiry date, the 3-digit CVV code, the cardholder’s name and a valid billing address. Visa Electron would require the player to confirm or authorise the transaction before it is processed (this happens with every transaction made through Visa Electron) but once this is done, the player’s deposit is complete. Casinos that offer Visa Electron as a banking option will, more often than not, permit cash-outs through Visa Electron, conveniently allowing users to use a single method for deposits and withdrawals.

Transfer Times

Transfer times are very short with Visa Electron. Once the player has authorised the transaction for processing, the funds should appear within his/her online casino account in no time at all and casino gaming may begin within minutes of the transaction taking place. Withdrawals are also relatively quick. Upon withdrawing, the player’s casino account is updated instantaneously, even though the withdrawn funds may take up to five working days to appear within the player’s bank account (depending on the casino in question).


The terms and conditions for any Visa Electron’s use are not set centrally (by Visa) but by the financial institution that is authorised by Visa to issue the card. Therefore, it is advisable to seek any required assistance at whichever organisation would have issued the Visa Electron on Visa’s behalf. Nonetheless, Visa does offer direct customer support through its official website.

You'll go far with Visa Electron!

Casino Toplists recommends Visa Electron for online casino banking without hesitation. Not only may it be used as a banking option for making both deposits and withdrawals, but it is also safe – due to the verification processes involved with every transaction as well as the spending limits imposed – fast, accepted by most casinos and benefits users by means of deposit and reload bonuses at a vast number of online casinos. Additionally, few are the casinos that charge fees for using Visa Electron and because the Visa Electron cannot be overdrawn, there are never any interest charges for users to pay.