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Online Casinos Guide 2019 - A Guide to Gambling Websites & Games

There are online casinos, and then there’s CasinoToplists – a comprehensive guide about online gambling sites, casino games and much more. What makes us stand out from the oversaturated industry? Well simply put, ‘Everything’. Unlike the other kids on the block, we have spent many years dedicated to our industry. As a team, we don’t just work in the casino industry; we eat, sleep, breathe and sometimes even dream about it. And this is ultimately the reason we have all the information you could possibly desire right here at your very fingertips ladies and gentlemen.

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Our Online Gambling Experts Link You to the Casino World

online casinoThe world of casino is doubtlessly full of glitz and glam. While at brick and mortar casinos around the globe, it’s common to see beautiful women clad in gorgeous silk dresses and handsome gentlemen throwing their hard-earned cash on the table as other casino players walk out with cash in their pockets. And while it might all seem like glitter and gold for the most part, it definitely isn’t always the case. That’s right folks, the solid image of the experience at land-based casinos that we often see in movies like ‘Casino’, ‘Casino Royale’ and other movies is not all its cut out to be. In reality, gamblers don’t always manage to twist the odds in their favor and very often the house pockets any bets made. In truth, there many seedy brick-and-mortar casinos the world over with grumpy guards that would make even the meanest of uncle’s look like your best friend. So when out and about in Vegas, Reno or any one of the world’s gambling meccas, you’ve definitely got to keep your eyes peeled for obscurities.

Casinos Online - The Old, the Ugly & the Wonderful

Now you might be asking yourself, ‘Would I get a better experience if I play online instead?’ Well, the answer to this ultimately lies in what type of gambler you are and what your preferences are; whether you prefer gambling at land-based casinos where you can have a chat whilst playing your favorite casino game or whether you’re prefer gambling online whilst in the tranquility of your own home. Provided that you prefer the second, you should be well-aware that the online realm is, very much like the land-based casino realm, riddled with the old, the ugly and the shady. Or as we commonly call them in our field – rogue online casinos.

A large part of what has made our site so successful over the years is the bridge between the online gambling world and you as players that has been created over the last few years. Ours is a varied team which collectively has over half a century of knowledge about the ins and outs of the online casino world. Our committed team of writers, designers, developers, and editors are not only dedicated to providing you with all the information you could ever need about the best online casinos, but they are avid players themselves so they know what YOU want.

Our Mission is to Help You Find the Best Online Casinos to Suit You

Our aim here amongst our staff at CasinoToplists was very clear from the inception of this site. We had a dream and a goal in mind – a mission, if you will. As you can decipher on your own just browsing through a few pages of this site, our mission was to set up a site which delivers a product that’s both free and unique for a wide spectrum of online gamblers. And a few years down the line, here we are with our very own online casino guide for all you avid online gamblers to browse through, use daily and help you in getting the best insight into the online casino realm. Yes, it’s an exciting time my friends – for both us and you.

A Comprehensive Guide to Online Gambling Sites, Games & More

At CasinoToplists, we’ve tried to create an in-depth guide to online casino gaming. We want to cover everything from the best casino destinations on the web to the optimal strategies in casino games online. To reach this goal, we have tons of articles on how to play the games, tools and Free Casino Games which allow you to practice for free, comprehensive Casino Reviews and different toplists which help you find the best site for you – whatever criteria you have when comparing casino rooms. We hope that the sections below will answer all questions you might have about gambling online.

Our website has the latest, hottest and most up-to-date online casinos, game reviews and inside information on the best online casino bonus available along with the greatest best promotions from casinos. If you’re not sure how to get started, we have an unparalleled range of game guides which will teach you everything you need to know about the fantastic world of online casinos. Once you’re at the top of your game, sample the plethora of tried and tested flash games which have been specially selected to give you an unforgettable experience every time you play.

If all this wasn’t already enough, we have an entertainment section which will give you, our gaming connoisseur, the latest news and industry updates fresh off the press. Our blogs will keep you informed and our feature articles will expose every corner of the online casino world. Even if you’re just looking for a laugh, our columns and videos will make sure that every day comes with a happy ending!

Our Guides Cater to Online Casino Enthusiasts of All Ages & Bankrolls

casinotoplists homeOur guides cater to online gambling enthusiasts of all ages, nationalities and bankrolls. At CasinoToplists’s, we’ve got a plethora of different online casino guides that cover everything from online gambling sites for people of different nationalities, online casino games guides to help you find out all you need to know about playing games, comprehensive guides on betting strategies and online casino payment options. Here are all the types of guides we provide you our readers who are interested in online casinos at CasinoToplists:


 Casino Sites Online for Different People All Over the Globe

There’s no doubt about it; where you live definitely affects your choice of online casino. The best casino for US players, for instance, is normally not the best one for UK players. Different countries have different laws when it comes to gambling over the internet and it’s important to have this in mind when signing up to a site. However, laws aren’t everything. For a casino to climb higher on our country-specific toplist, it needs to offer games in your currency provide the most popular games for your countrymen and have a good selection of online casino payment options which work where you live. To make this easier for you, we have unique pages dedicated to players living in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and more. Head to our individual online casinos by country guides below:

Online Casino USA | Online Casinos UK | Online Casinos Canada | Online Casinos Australia | NZ Online Casinos | Online Casinos India

 Guides to Different Types of Online Casinos

Online gambling has become immensely popular during the last few years. And it’s perhaps due to this fact that many online casino operators have opted to provide different types of online casinos in for the plethora of players that enjoy gambling online. Amongst the different and most popular online casinos out there are regular download casinos, which were extremely popular during the first few years when online casinos came into existence, and no download online casinos which have come about thanks to profound developments in technology. Moreover, apart from desktop casinos, you’ll also be able to find an array of Mobile Casinos to play at if you’re a huge fan of gambling on the go!

 Fantastic Guides to the Best Bonuses Online

Other than easy accessibility, the silver lining to play casino games online has definitely got to be the online casino bonuses available for players to use whilst playing their favorite casino game. Yet, some are definitely much better than others. At CasinoToplists, we’ve got a comprehensive guide to online casino bonuses which delves into the different types of casino bonuses available online, tips on how to get the best bonus around and what to watch out for when trying to claim a bonus. And to further ice the cake, our players-turned-experts have also scoured the net to find the best online casino bonuses out there for all you online gambling connoisseurs and placed them in a comprehensive list according to which ones are best.

 Complete Online Casino Guides on Your Favorite Casino Games

At CasinoToplists, you’ll find a list of the most popular online casino games you can play on the net. So no matter if your game of choice is Slots online, Blackjack online, Roulette, Video Poker, Craps (or anything else you can imagine), we have it all! Whichever category you choose to click on, we have articles covering the rules and strategies tied to that particular game, and trust us, you will benefit from learning the strategy before you wager any real money at a land-based casino or one of the online casinos in our list. Even though the casino always has an edge – that’s how casino games are designed – your chance of making a profit grows considerably if you make educated bets. On each of our guides, you’ll also be able to find a list of online casinos that are most suitable to play your favorite game together with any bonuses that the online casinos are offering.

 Comprehensive Guides to Betting Systems Online to Use at Internet Casinos

The vast majority of casino players deposit say $50 to play Slots, Video Poker, online Roulette, or online Blackjack entertainment. They want to win, of course, but they play because they like it. And when they win, the sums are often quite moderate. That being said, there is another type of gambler: the player looking for that big score by using betting systems. If you consider yourself to be one of these players, we recommend learning more about them before you start applying them when playing your favorite casino game. Head to our Betting Systems guide to find out all you need to know.

 Guides to Payment Options at Online Casinos for Real Money

It doesn’t matter how good an online casino is if you can’t make a deposit and withdraw your winnings. The casino can have all the Slots in the world and pay you 20 to 1 for Blackjack – it’s still a bad site if it’s impossible to get real money into your gaming account. Again, where you live affects this greatly. Different countries have different regulations when it comes to online-payment options. To make this easier for you, we have a page with the most common payment solutions. There you can see which sites have what options, which allows you to make an educated decision about where to sign up and begin playing.

 Online Casino News & Entertainment

The landscape of gambling constantly changes. New laws are implemented – something that most US players are well aware of since it’s frequently in the news– and there’s always the hot debate about whether or not gambling should be allowed – both online and at land-based casinos. In our news section, we follow these discussions closely to keep you well informed and aware of what’s going on in the gambling world. We also cover more online-gambling specific subjects. If there’s a new, amazing game released somewhere, if a jackpot is accumulating huge amounts of money, or if there’s a tournament with good value coming up, you can rest assured that we will write about it.

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Here at CasinoToplists our players-turned-experts provide you with as much information as possible in order for you to compare online gambling sites. We want you to reach a safe and secure gambling destination with fair payout policies. And on top of that, we want the site to provide the online casino games you like and offer a good bonus for signing up and making a first deposit. When you start playing, we want you to have all the information about how the games work so you avoid making costly mistakes, which most beginner casino players make.