Atlantic City Blackjack

As you’d guess by the name, Atlantic City blackjack was first offered by casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey in the US. Casinos often look for new games and variations of existing games as a way to lure in new customers, which explains many of the different variations developed over he years for Blackjack online.

Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City Blackjack Odds

One of the big draws of Atlantic City blackjack is that some variations of it have the lowest house advantage of any blackjack games at around 0.35%; you’ll need to pay close attention to the blackjack rules for the particular game you’re playing as even just one seemingly small rule change such as a blackjack paying 6:5 instead of 3:2 can substantially change the actual odds you’re facing.

Rules of the Game

Atlantic City blackjack is played with eight decks of cards and uses all of the standard blackjack rules. Unlike variations such as blackjack switch and pontoon, Atlantic City blackjack only has a few very small differences which are outlined below:

  • The dealer must stand on both hard and soft 17. In most blackjack games the dealer hits on soft 17, which is to the advantage of the casino.

  • Players can double down after splitting and can re-split up to three times in many casinos.

  • Atlantic City blackjack allows late surrender. This means the player can surrender and give up half their bet once the dealer checks for blackjack and doesn’t have it.

Atlantic City Blackjack Strategy

As far as Atlantic City blackjack strategy, it’s essentially the same as basic Blackjack strategy but with a few changes due to the above rule differences.

  • If you have a hard 16, surrender if the dealer is showing an A, 10, or 9; if you have a hard 15, surrender if the dealer is showing an A or a 10.

  • If you have 88 and the dealer is showing an A, surrender instead of splitting them as you would in a normal blackjack game.

Always be sure to check the rules for the Atlantic City blackjack game that you’re playing, as just because it’s called “Atlantic City blackjack” it doesn’t mean that it has to follow the standard rules that are outlined here.

Key rules to look at include what the blackjack payout is (with 3:2 being the best for the player), what surrender options are allowed, how many decks are used, and what the rules are as far as what cards the player is allowed to double down on.

Be sure to take advantage of our blackjack trainer when getting a feel for blackjack strategy, as it’s a free and instructional way to get used to the game and the rules.

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