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Blackjack Surrender - A Complete Guide to Rules & Strategy

Playing the beloved table game, Blackjack, is always fun for keen players of the game. Yet, playing its classic version time after time can get old quickly. Luckily, there are a few variations of Blackjack online that provide a few interesting twists of their own that effectively serve to keep your enthusiasm to play the game alive. Blackjack Surrender is one such variation which is favored at casinos. Below we go through its differences, rules and strategy. Check them out and then decide where to play the game!

Surrender Blackjack

surrender blackjackGenerally speaking, Blackjack Surrender is not really too different from its original cousin. Fundamentally, the objective of the game is totally the same – to acquire a hand that’s better than the dealer without going bust in order to win the hand. 

Now although the objective and many of the rules of the game are the same, there are still a few differences that are absolutely worth mentioning. Essentially, the main characteristic of this Blackjack online variation is obviously that a player may surrender. For the price of half the bet, you’ll essentially have the opportunity to give up the hand altogether.

Like other Blackjack variations, such as Atlantic City Blackjack and Blackjack Switch, this version of the game just gently tweaks the rules of Blackjack. So its rules are very familiar to people who are already fans of Blackjack.

Quick facts about Blackjack Surrender:

Using the Surrender move in Blackjack, can reduce the house edge by 0.07% to 0.09%.

Allows you to minimize the losses early on in the game. 

The surrender option in this variant can be very valuable for card counters.

What is Surrender in Blackjack?

Surrender is a maneuver that’s available in a few types of variants of Blackjack which are found at both online casinos as well as brick-and-mortar casinos in Vegas, Atlantic City and other gambling meccas around the globe. Typically, the move is exercised when players feel that they have a hand which will not be worth playing out. Thus, instead of playing out his/her hand, a player will opt to choose the surrender option instead.

Basically, when a player chooses to surrender his/her hand, he/she is forfeiting half of the bet that was originally placed. Of course, this action is not recommended in every scenario and you’ll have to learn which situations to use it in. So don’t just panic and surrender at every given chance. There will be plenty of opportunities to play out your hand and win.

Early vs. Late Surrender in Blackjack Surrender

Essentially, there are two different types of surrendering in Blackjack. These are Early Surrender and Late Surrender. The only difference between one and the other is that you’re allowed to surrender prior to when the dealer checks for Blackjack. Provided that the game you’re playing offers Early Surrender, you’ll be able use the surrender option before the dealer actually peeks for a blackjack. However, if the game you’re playing offers late surrender, you’ll only be able to surrender after the dealer has checked for Blackjack. Generally speaking, its late surrender which is the most commonly found at casinos.

Blackjack Surrender Rules – The Nitty Gritty Details

blackjack surrenderAlthough the rules pertaining to Blackjack Surrender games found at casinos are predominantly the same, you will find variations of it which offer either Early Surrender or Late Surrender. Below we’re going to focus on late surrender since that is the game mostly offered online. The game is very similar to the standard Vegas Strip rules that most Blackjack games use. Have a look at the standard rules of Blackjack Surrender below.

Quick facts about Blackjack Surrender:

During a game of Blackjack Surrender, the dealer must draw on 16 and stand on 17.

Players are only given the option of taking insurance provided that the dealer has an Ace to show. 

When playing Blackjack Surrender, you can split any pair, but you won’t be able to resplit after. 

After you’ve split your Aces, you can only take one card before you have to Stand. 

Provided that one of your split Aces gets dealt a 10 point card, you’ll acquire a 21 rather than a blackjack. 

The dealer is always allowed to peek for a Blackjack.

The payout for a natural Blackjack is 3:2. 

Players are allowed to Double Down during a game of Blackjack Surrender. 

A natural Blackjack is only beat by a 7-card Charlie (a hand that consists of 7 cards). 

Late Surrender is normally allowed after the dealer peeks for a Blackjack. 

How to Play Blackjack Surrender

1) Place Your Bet in your Blackjack Surrender Game

Just like in all Blackjack online games, you’ll have to place your bet prior to starting off your Blackjack Surrender game. In order to do this, simply increase your bet by pressing on the chip you’d like to place in the betting spot.

2) Click on the Deal Button

The next thing you’ll have to do once you’ve placed your bet is to click on the deal button. When you’ve gone ahead and done this, your dealer will proceed to deal out your cards.

3) Take a Look at Your Hand to Find Out which is the Best Move to Make

Once you’ve got your hand, you’ll need to decide which move to make. In surrender, you’ll typically have the same moves that you usually have in the classic variation of Blackjack online. Namely, these are ‘Hit’, ‘Stand’ and ‘Split’. Yet, in this variant of the game, you’ll also have the choice to ‘Surrender’ too.

4) Wait & See Who’s the Winner of the Game

Once you’ve decided which move to make, simply wait for the dealer to announce who the winner is. Provided that you have a better hand than the dealer, the money will be awarded to you. However, if you don’t, the house will keep your bet. On the other hand if you choose to Surrender, you’ll be able to forfeit half of your bet and minimize losses provided that you don’t have a good hand.

Blackjack Surrender Strategy

Many Blackjack veterans who’ve often played this particular variant of the game will be able to tell you exactly when you should surrender during the game. Yet, players who are far less experience will undoubtedly have to study the hand situations in which you should do so ideally before they head to a real money casino to play the game at. Luckily for all you avid gamblers out there, our experts at CasinoToplists have summarized the hand situations for you below.

When to surrender in Blackjack

If you’re playing Blackjack Surrender, you might as well do it properly by using the correct strategy. Blackjack Surrender strategy is almost identical to basic Blackjack strategy, with just a few small changes to take into account the surrender option and the 7 Card Charlie rule.

As a player you should only surrender in the following situations:

  • If you have a hard 16 (including a pair of 8s), you should surrender provided that the dealer has an A, 10, or 9; if you have a hard 15, surrender if the dealer has an A or a 10
  • The 7 Card Charlie rule only adds a 0.01% advantage to the player, so it essentially doesn’t change the odds and has some rather complicated strategies; for a full list of how to adjust your strategy for the 7 Card Charlie rule.

Blackjack Surrender Payouts



Blackjack  3:2
7-card Charlie 1:1
Insurance 1:1

Blackjack Surrender FAQs

  How many decks of cards is Blackjack Surrender played with?

Blackjack Surrender is typically played with 4-6 decks of 52 cards each. The amount of decks used generally varies from casino to casino.

  What is surrendering in Blackjack?

Surrendering your hand involves forfeiting half of your bet when playing a Blackjack game which specifically allows this rule.  Fundamentally, there are two types of Surrender options which can be used during the game – early surrender and late surrender. 

  How do I surrender in Blackjack?

Provided that you’d like to surrender your hand during Blackjack Surrender, you’ll need to do it before you’ve performed any other move after you’ve gotten your hand. Basically, this means that you’ll have to implement your surrender move as your very first action on your hand. So you won’t be able to perform the action after you’ve pressed hit, stand or any other hands in the game. 

  What is Early Surrender? 

Early Surrender is offered in a few variations of the classic table game. Provided that you’re offered this at casinos, you’ll be able to perform the early surrender move prior to when the dealer checks for a Blackjack. 

  What is Late Surrender? 

The Late Surrender option normally only allows you to surrender your hand after the dealer has peeked for a Blackjack. 

  Which is the most common type of surrender option offered at casinos? 

The most popular type of surrender that’s offered at casinos is probably the Late Surrender option. It is actually quite rare to find the Early Surrender option at casinos. 

  How much does using surrender lower the house edge by?

Using the surrender option lowers the house edge by 0.07% or 0.09% altogether. However, the actual percentage entirely depends on the rules of the game. 

  Which is the most common type of surrender option offered at casinos? 

The most popular type of surrender that’s offered at casinos is probably the Late Surrender option. It is actually quite rare to find the Early Surrender option at casinos. 

  How do I perform the surrender hand signal in Blackjack game?

Provided that you’d like to surrender at a brick-and-mortar casino, you’ll need to verbally say ‘surrender’ and then perform the hand signal. This can be done by putting your index finger on the table and drawing a horizontal imaginary line. 

  Should I ever use Surrender during a game of Blackjack Surrender? 

The Surrender move should only be used when you think that you have a relatively weak hand during a game of Blackjack. Basically, what we’re saying is that you should only use this move when the chances of you winning are very slim. The Surrender move should only be used when you think that you have a relatively weak hand during a game of Blackjack. Basically, what we’re saying is that you should only use this move when the chances of you winning are very slim. 

  Which hand scenarios should I use the Surrender option in? 

You should only use the surrender option in the following situations: when the dealer shows a 9,10, or Ace and You have a 16 (including a pair of 8s); when the dealer shows a 9,10 or an Ace and you have a score of 15 and when the dealer shows an Ace and you have a 17. Otherwise you shouldn’t use the surrender option at all because you’ll probably be doing so for nothing.

  Where can I play Blackjack Surrender online?

The digitalized version of Blackjack Surrender is available to play at multiple online casinos nowadays which use Playtech as their online casino software provider.In order to find an online casino to play at, simply head to one of the Playtech Casinos in our list. 

  How many decks of cards are use in Playtech Blackjack Surrender?

Playtech’s Blackjack Surrender game is played with 4 decks of 52 cards each. 

Play Blackjack Surrender at One of Our Casinos Online

A large part of why gamblers are attracted to playing Blackjack Surrender at online casinos is due to the fact that the Surrender option that’s offered by this game provides an exciting twist to its original counterpart. When used correctly, this option can hold some strategic value for gamblers. Thus, once you learn how to use it in the best possible way, you can better your odds of winning the game for real money by choosing one of the Best Blackjack Surrender Casinos in our list.